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>update SJWfox
>notice some of my add-ons aren't working
>open about:addons

What botnet browser do I switch to now?
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Get better addons dumb anime poster
>browser breaks addons
>lol its cause ur addons suk cock like I do

You're part of the problem.
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>want to keep using legacy addons
>insists on using bleeding edge version

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>the website has a loading screen
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>website loads to a blank page
>disable adblocker and refresh
>still loads to a blank page
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You are a good person right?
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>It has visitors who post racism frogs.

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Guts thread.
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Ok here is your free bump.
I am afraid of opening my computer.
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Proud 1080ti owner!

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I want to learn backend web development /g/ so I can get a career in the future, is Java a good starting place? Why or why not?
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Yes. Start building shit in Spring Boot. Another popular option is play framework.
Yes, nodejs w/ express and mongodb is also hot in some circles. But java remains bread and butter for mid-large corporations. And I don't meant small businesses and startups, I mean companies that have been around for a while and employ at least 1000 people.




>Performance wise we are looking at slightly worse experience than fully overclocked reference RX Vega
>9.1% higher power consumption
>no availability
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>A quick word on overclocking. We managed to run the Asus Radeon RX Vega 64 at 1,980MHz core and 1,000MHz


>Hexus in charge of not being retarded
How can these guys even call themselves reviewers?

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I want to stop using all Google products, and the next on the list is Gmail. Could you recommend a email service that supports free speech, and won't track me?
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Stupid Questions Thread.
Use an internet search engine before posting ITT.
You're not always gonna get smart answers for stupid questions, it's still 4chan.
Not kosher or halal.
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Any reason why this script can't pick up any signals from the 433.92MHz controller I have for controlling outlets?

This is the rf receiver I have connected to my raspberry pi.
Might as well go with a large SSD drive then. In my use case it made sense to have a separate boot drive (ZFS setup) anyway. Your use case might differ. Often times it's better to have a spacious boot drive to have everything on.
How do i get AppChan for sea monkey?

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Any recommendation on hw for running pfsense as a home router? Hard mode: without the Intel backdoor.
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What kind of throughput do you want, and do what packages enabled.
100 Mbps wan, gigabit LAN.
Basic stuff and maybe vpn.
>without the Intel backdoor.

Is Yandex a good alternative to Chrome and Google search?
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I'd rather give my data to Russians than USA
I'm new
Can I get a list of things that AREN'T botnets?

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I wanna make a pc build that will last me a while and i'm unsure as to whether it is worth the wait for next-gen. My worry is that their enthusiast TI card won't come out till nearly a year after volta launches.

R5 1600(OC)
AM4 Crosshair hero VI
Noctua dh-15
4 * 8 GB Flare X Ram 3200mhz.
Case: Define R5. (Already have this)

Also anyone recommend a better board for Overclocking that can save me a bit of money.
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those already good, d15 kinda overkill for 1600
I'm still in comfy i7-37xx + 780Ti land for now.

Waiting for the 7nm Zen2/3 cpu's to arrive, then I'll pick the GPU to go with it.. Volta or Navi or whatever the next thing is called.
Nvidia is releasing the next gen somewhere after march next year. TI's are usually around 6-9 months later. Decide for yourself.

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JS won
>runnable on gpu.js
just finish the circle, compile Linux kernel and userspace in browser and run normal operating system through canvas. Than use whatever language inside it.
maybe it did but why do you need some many frameworks for?

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which kernel is better for gnu operating system? linux or bsd?
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BSD is a respectable project, but it's simply the case that Linux is the big thing that runs the show from embedded over smartphone to servers.

BSD and Linux considered harmful.
>using anything from the biggest botnet company

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Why do 1980's technology look so much better than today? Is it because of Japan?
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Why do you think that looks good?
dumb weeb
I think it's the color combination rather than the design itself. But that box looks so comfy.

Have we reached the point yet where smartphone cameras are good enough for serious professional photographers?
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Ask /p/

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Well shit what now
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I'm still gonna use it for years to come since it has the best interface afaic
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