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Big deal, I got one of those in my PC already.
Wouldn't Ryzens be a better choice as they could use provide more cpus per unit for the same price, better power efficiency for their rendering tasks and better heat dissipation because of the soldered on heat spreader? Not to mention ecc memory support on consumer ryzens so they won't crash during long render.

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We are legion.
This is anonymous welcome we do not forgive we do not forget
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How can I play my usual .mkv .avi movies on an iPhone ?

Most of google results are about VLC which is no longer available on the App Store.
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No longer available as of when? I just downloaded this before my last flight 2 weeks ago.
VLC is still in the appstore
Set it on fire plays perfectly

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Which one of you fag/g/ots did this?
I like it, keep up the good work
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it is LITERALLY r*ddit
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That sweet irony.

I found this win98 (SE) cd while I was cleaning along with the cd key and a 20gb hard drive full of 1996-2002 vidya and midi files. I was thinking of builiding a PC to take advantage of my discovery so I wanted some tips from my dear /g/bros. I used to own a pentium III with 128mb running win98 from this cd but I got rid of it a long time ago.
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for what purpose?
Playing vidya mostly.

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*profusely interrupts with applause*
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I feel like it'd break if you connect it with your iPhone
> end up using accessibility home button BS anyway
it's not real, you retards

I got a new windows 10 tablet.

How do I do an image or a backup of its whole drive? In case I'd like to revert to the state I received it in.
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Create an image using dd™ and write it again when you want using dd™.
but also,
Creating a drive image/mirror remotely would be easy, but I'm using a device that can operate only within itself and I can't unplug it's drive, connect it to a running linux device mirror, replug it back.

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How feasible it is to buy broken iphones to fix and resell?
I feel I will fall behind if I keep limiting myself to repairing desktops and laptops, when the market is shifting to mobile. So I'm considering getting broken phones to learn to work on, and hopefully afterwards resell for a profit. Obviously the high resale value of iphones does interest me, but all the tyrone threads of locked iphones leave me thinking how likely am I to get buttfucked into buying a locked phone, especially if I can't turn it on or see what comes up on the screen.
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Give it back Jamal

Yes, usually that's what happens after you repair it.
It isn't very feasible since most normies prefer to just buy the newest model instead of fixing an old one.
You'd just be catering to poorfags who will want a lower price anyways for the repair.

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>spend $18 buy new battery for my phone on amazon
>it arrives, spend 30 minutes taking apart phone to replace battery
>almost think i broke phone at least twice during procedure (fuck those tiny lcd ribbon cables)
>test out phone by browsing & playing vids for 20 minutes
>battery still at 100%

oh yes, i forgot how this feels
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Next time buy a phone with a replaceable battery.
no thanks, i'm not poor
I doubt that. Somehow you can afford to spend 30mins tinkering with a phone.

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Anyone know some good resources for learning to program on your free time? I've got way too much free time were I don't do shit, so I figured I'd learn something useful. If anyone knows a good place to start, please let me know.

Please and thanks.
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Bumping for interests
Thanks I'll check it out

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I have the choice between two PC's. One has an I7-7700, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a GTX 1060, 1 TB HDD and 120 GB SSD. The other one has and I5 7400, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, a GTX 1060, no SSD, and a 1 TB HDD. I know the 1st one is better, but the second one comes with a free gaming monitor and a $120 gift card for games.
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Duly noted
OP here again. I can't build a PC because i don't want to, so don't tell me to just build one
You will never know the joy of building a pc if you remain such a faggot. It's so fucking easy like playing with legos.

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Is android ever going to be more Windows/Linux like and get good support for updates? At least on those pure Android phones it should be like this.
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>good support for updates
MS the fucking reason why we can't have nice things.
They were the first to have to do updates, and they fucked it up, now normal people are afraid of updates.
You get constant security updates. Android phones get security patches for a year if even that on some models.
the major device makers would have to say to the people making the SoCs and other bits of the phone "Fuck off with your binary-only drivers that you only supply for some ancient kernel, upstream it or we won't buy from you". They won't do this because they don't really care, after they've sold the device they've made all the money they'll ever make from it.

Google could try and force their hands through play services licensing or something. "We'll only allow you to use the app store if you're at least so recent". But then device manufacturers would just use it as a tool to say to users "Hey goy, time to buy a new phone! this one's out of date!"

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Will firefox every be this good again? Why is it so hard for Mozilla to under stand that we want customization? Their own addon Personas Plus that allows you to make a custom theme, that should be built in, was almost entirely scrapped.
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this is eye cancer anon
how do you get firefox to look like that
Please make sure to always ignore and hide macfags posts.

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does anyone in here have a free windows 10 key i can get
cause im poor and im not giving any money to microsoft
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Tech preview is free
Get a job
Install Windows 7.
Use daz loader.
Google W10 for handicapped people / assistive technology upgrade.

So how much will the Ryzen price drop when Intel releases the i7-8700k?
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~20-30 usd maybe
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8th generation of gentoo
Knowing Intel they're just gonna price this thing higher than the 7700K, just because. Retards will buy it anyway.

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