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American technology company, Apple, don show with new Smartphone.
Dis one na iPhone X and di phone get "corner-to-corner" screen wey be say e no get physical button for di front face.
Na ten years since iPhone enter market with phone, and dem say "X" wey be ten for Roman number, be like birthday present.
Di iPhone X go use use face to remember di owner as dem don remove fingerprint for di phone.

Dis new phone go be di phone wey cost pass for Apple - e get two type - 64 gig go cost $999, while di 256 gig own go cost $1,149.
Person go fit ask for am online from October 23 but di phone go enter market well-well from November 3.
As Apple talk dis tori, dem use di opportunity to still say dem dey add other phones join for inside market.
Di company dey plan to release iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and dem be di first phones for world wey go use wireless to charge battery.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus go dey different from di other phones wey come before dem with some things like:
Glass dey for di back, instead of metal
Di processor go dey faster
Camera wey go fit take picture for dark place
Dem go get two type for memory size - di one wey be 64 gig and di oda one wey be 256 gig.
As Apple use mouth talk today, di cost go start from $699 for iPhone 8 and $799 for iPhone 8 Plus.

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the English no longer speak it
What the fuck did you just say nigger
news about the latest apple product

Your employer assigns you to a team of Pajeets for the next week or two for your next few projects. Failure to comply working together with your fellow Pajeet teammates will get you fired and the Pajeets will replace you at your job

So what's it gonna be /g/?
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It's almost cricket season. It's easy to work with indians who are not working.
>implying the legacy code isn't complete shit already so who really cares

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>tfw I sold at $103
In what ways do Apple's profits and success alter the quality of the product they already designed?

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I hate my fucking job!!!!

Why does cobol still exist!!

I want to quit but don't know what else I can find. I'm highly skilled but have shit references because I've only been in the field for two years
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I hate this fucking jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

How do I tell my manager in a nice way that I want more work without sounding like a bitch asking for more work
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Post your github anon

>can be setup to emulate two monitors so can game and watch videos/browse web like it is two monitors
>about 100 dollars less than i had planned to spend

why shouldn't i get this monitor instead of two 1440p it has to use less power than two and less cables ran everywhere give me one good reason

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at that price you can almost get 2 4k monitors
t. guy with 2 4k monitors
>emulate two monitors

if you don't want two monitors I guess

I never understood the point of these though, they're just larger monitors cut off, why not get a 4K display? It's the same thing but without nearly half the top missing.
>any 4k monitors
>on a 1070

ya great idea

>just run your games at 1440p on a monitor with a much higher native res

yua that wont look like shit or anything

Namaste, /g/.

Would anyone be kind enough to point out some quality websites where I can learn the basics of programming for free?

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>What is Google?

What does /g/ think of the Screenshot ability in Firefox?
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the windows snip tool lets me draw and highlight stuff
Was typing "screenshot -options " to hard?
Can I scroll while I am taking the screenshot?

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Is there a way for one to get an entry-level position in cyber security without joining the government/contractor or being in the military?

Let's assume that I have a very strong engineering background from several internships and have a very, very good resume/GPA/soft skillset.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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You don't have any security skills though, otherwise you'd know the answer to this question already
Nobody is going to let you do VR when you can't exploit a basic buffer overflow

I talked with engineers in the corporate side of things, and they're mostly interested in people with strong engineering backgrounds who they can teach from the ground up. But I couldn't find many people who were hiring.

Teaching/learnability. My background is very well-rounded and many companies are trying to get in contact for standard development work, but learning cyber security interests me way more.
Wanna add, by the way, thanks. It does seem like this is a tough thing for me to do.

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How do i delete my skype account if the email address i used for its been deleted by google?
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nvm figured it out
Not me faggot
Try using google next time

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>What is the largest storage capacity available on a commercially available USB drive (that is at Walmart, Best Buy, etc. - not just online)?

>Which USB is commercially available that has 60 GB or more for as far under $20 as possible?
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Google.com faggot
Calm down folks, $1,500 for a flashdrive isn't that much.

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>"Why, yes, I do hinder my computing experience by exclusively using FOSS garbage and CuckCuckGo under the false pretence that not only do I matter, but I matter so much that the machine built for convenience should be as inconvenient as possible to protect muh privatez, thanks for asking"
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hello botnet shill
Hey daily fedora poster, have you automated your post yet?
I use a litany of proprietary microsoft systems at work every single day
Never would I ever dream of using them for personal use

I don't give a shit if they spy on the company or I don't know what's happening under the hood.
I do give a shit if they spy on me.

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Have you heard the good news about the forth meme?

irc: #forth @freenode
discord: https://discord.gg/sBaeG2a
Trying forth: https://skilldrick.github.io/easyforth/
Learning forth:
getting forth in ubuntu:
sudo apt-get install gforth

The forth meme is alive folks. It's tremendous. I am amazed how great forth is. Simply incredible.
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Look at this forth I wrote you guys

: true? cr if ." true" else ." false" then cr ;
variable end-of-list
variable recycled-lists here 2 cells allot dup end-of-list swap cell + ! recycled-lists !
: link recycled-lists @ dup cell + @ end-of-list =
drop here 2 cells allot
dup cell + @ recycled-lists !
then ;
: list link dup end-of-list swap cell + ! ;
: push link tuck cell + ! tuck ! ;
: spool list swap 0 do push loop ;
: recycle-cell dup 0 swap ! dup recycled-lists @ swap cell + ! recycled-lists ! ;
: safe-pop dup @ swap cell + @ ;
: pop safe-pop swap recycle-cell ;
: unspool begin pop dup cell + @ end-of-list = until recycle-cell ;
: safe-pop dup @ swap cell + @ ;
: copy-spool begin safe-pop dup cell + @ end-of-list = until drop ;

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Any reason not to use LSD?
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you shouldn't use LSD if you're not in a good set and setting (mentally and phisically)
also if you don't have a trustworthy dealer.

Using LTS is alright is you don't want the latest packages and shit.
People recommend Debian and Fedora for stability but their stable support is shorter than Ubuntu. What gives?
Debian is simpler than ubuntu. I don't know about fedora.
Dealing with unity is a pain in the ass.

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>flushing sound
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>>flushing sound
never heard it
>designated street starts playing
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Sleep tight, street shitter. Don't shit on the door on your way out.

She's using Linux!
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Care god damn it.!
No it's MacOS

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