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Ok so im trying my best to finish Mike Meyers 901+902 cert book and it comes with a CD that has test questions on it. Thats good and all but it turns out the CD is just a DEMO. The real version has tests for each chapter rather than the entire 901+902 test. Fucking cheap bastard. the real ones are like $300+

Well I've looked everywhere for a torrent or download for the official paid version so I can test myself per chapter I've read, rather than just finishing the book and trying to do it all at once.
Any one able to help me out?]

Book Info:
ISBN-13: 978-1259589515
ISBN-10: 125958951X

Program Info:
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I think, even if it's not /wsr/, the spirit of this board should be helping each other.
I'm not sure what are you talking about, but have a friendly bump.
Good luck!

What does /g/ do with their old PCs, laptops, cell phones, and etc.?
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we use them anon.

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relax bruh shit's crashing
prices are already normalizing
Are you mad? I've already made over $100,000 this way

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Noticed my kid had one of these in his classroom. Pretty neat.

Thinking of getting one of these as a home entertainment centre. Anyone used one of these before?
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You can probably figure something out for less. Companies overcharge schools out the ass, so i bet its over priced.

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Ordered this keyboard.
What do you think?
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i dont think LMAO
>not having a 10-key
its like you never have to enter numbers longer than 4 digits

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How can we add temperature control (37°C), a VR headset to this, and some shit like arms and legs?


We can be millionaires, and 4chan can stay online for another 1000 years.
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>4chan can stay online for another 1000 years.
Not relevant to my interests.
Retarded frogposter.
>ywn be a sperm extractor

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He died for your sins
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literally who

>He died for your sins
Fake news.

Steve Jobs died for our sins.
What does Rivers Cuomo have to do with technology?

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"Our recommended and supported method of loading Korora is via a USB stick (a DVD will be too slow and most likely fail)."

I don't have any USB stick right now, did anybody try it out with a DVD? Please let me know what to expect.
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Is their logo actually shaded like that?

Go buy a zip diskette you luddite. How else are you going to rescue your system when it kill?

That the ROMs they downloaded from the internet are as close to the original cartridges as possible?

>Inb4 go back to /v/
This is a technological question, and not a thread discussing video games.
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I dump all my roms myself.
That is certainly an option, but I'm trying to collect as many games as possible. For archival purposes, obviously.
>He's never heard of the GoodTools

And ask them about the GoodTools or any ROM checking tools. It can make for a good general thread.

>Uk government trying to protect kids against porn by starting some vague "porn ID" project
>Record labels spending half of their budget on anti-piracy stuff
Why are people still wasting so much effort on fighting something as global as the internet? Literally everyone knows it's useless and still it's a major thing on so many agenda's. Why is no one in those companies/governments calling the boss and telling him like "hey, I know you're over 40 and this is all confusing to you but you're wasting your time on something that can't be stopped"?
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These laws are put up by people like ourselves, the reason they do this is to stay relivent, it shows they have dominace, intelligence and are active. Put yourselves in politicians shoes and ask yourself how you would stay relivant, I would pass laws that won't effect me negativly while not giving a shit about others as it only benefits me.

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I'll be in a 11 hour flight tomorrow and want to watch the new episode of game of thrones to make the flight less horrible but my laptop just went to repair and only have my phone to watch it.

How can I watch it for cheap in a bigger screen??

The solution is clearly technology related.
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No replies in the DB for this post!



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I'll be honest I never ever had any issue when it comes to pop ups, updates, forced restarts etc. It literally never happened to me. I guess brainlets exist within every OS.
Start to poo in loo, pajeet.
The irony is stunning but sadly it will be lost upon you forever.

How do you think Intel will implement the following technologies in the future, if they do at all? Also, how will it affect Intel as a company and the market as a whole?
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1. glue
2. 3d glue
3. 10nm glue molecules
why not 7nm gloo?
It's not sticky enough anymore.

I have installed Python 3.5.
It marks me that I need that package but I already have it.
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>I have installed python...

there is ur problem.
too dumb to use Linux in english, Paco?

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Talos is back, this time in cooperation with IBM
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>no RF receiver so adversaries can flash firmware over an airgap

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