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Favorite mobile browser? Mine has to be Brave. It's literally Google Chrome, but they added Brave Shield to it, which blocks ads and trackers. No shill its legit my favorite browser now for mobile im a fanboy

The desktop one is pretty good too, but I'd give chrome a 9.5/10, and compared to chrome the desktop brave is like a 9.0 or 8.9/10
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Shit tier bait. Fuck off op.
Firefox nightly
>or Firefox beta 4 cux
>Firefox nightly

is it just night theme firefox?

Wallpaper thread? Need a good one for my desktop. Pic unrelated. Prefer hd
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if only we had a board for wallpapers
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Is port scanning legal?
Like, the entire public IPv4 space
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tl;dr a port scan shouldn't be illegal, but that won't keep you from getting arrested and dragged through the courts
15% scanning
You'll get an angry letter from your ISP telling you to stop or they'll turn off your internet

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pondering nero.png
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Can software rewrite itself in very creative ways without human intervention?
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Define "rewrite."

Like: nerd writes a piece of software for solving problems in the year 2020. Same software will be able to solve stuff in the year 3000.

X37b launch is a US response to NK threat. It's payload and operations are classified but experts know it has a high degree of maneuverability compared to other systems, would already be in orbit and in theory could be easily outfitted with various weapon platforms. A 2 year test was recently concluded around the same time a nuclear warhead shoot down was performed in an exoatmospheric test using classified kinetic force methods, provided by raytheon's EKV kill vehicle.
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While the test used an Atlas V rocket for deployment the X37b would be the perfect method of delivery of the EKV. The X37b went back up on the latest spacex launch right around the time shit started hitting the fan with NK.

What better way to stress test the vehicle than to do it after 2 years versus right when it's deployed? 2 years of radiation, space dust bombardment etc and THEN do the test to make sure it still works.

Estimated X37b payload capacity = 500lbs
Raytheon EKV = 120 - 140 lbs

3 to 4 EKVs on a highly maneuverable platform, to disable multiple warheads during the easiest time to do so, prior to atmospheric reentry. Response time drastically cut down. Much safer instead of trying to deal with a PR disaster of launching tactical nuclear warheads if something fucked up (and violates 1967 treaty) or dealing with the additional fuel for traditional booster-based disarmament methods, also missiles in space are a terrible idea. Kinetic and laser are the ways to go.
it just makes sense.
Below is the white paper for what the OTV-5 mission is supposed to be about. Don't know why it couldn't be tested on a cheaper platform instead of the Air Force's most advanced and weapons capable space plane in service.
An excerpt:
"Microgravity influence on fluid flow, especially two-phase flow, is significantly different than in a terrestrial environment. This is true for steady-state operations, but is more important for transient operation. In
addition, the combined effects of the space environment (e.g. thermal Cutaway of an oscillating heat pipe (OHP) showing its microchannel pattern cycling, high vacuum, charging, vibration) are required to verify the performance of the system on orbit for long duration"
That's all fine and dandy, but it could have still been launched on anything other than the X37B. The official manifest shows "several smaller satellites" on board. Probably an EKV or two. The oscillating heat pipe wouldn't take up much space anyway.
Something else of interest, United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket (used in all prior X37B launches) uses Russian designed and manufactured RD-180 engines, while the Merlin engines on the Falcon 9 are completely in house developed....a move that NASA and the Pentagon has been dumping money into in order to wean themselves off of Russian help for putting things into orbit and beyond.
It doesn't even sound like something the Pentagon would blow money on. $62,000,000 to launch this? Nah buddy you're smoking something strong if you expect me to believe that. It's going to spend another 2 years going round and round waiting for some shit to pop off.


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Interesting post op

So /g/ have you ordered your OTON console and AyR yet? Or are you still clinging to your megachips and gigaprocessors?


Even Apple is betting big on AR and Nintendo made bank on Pokemon Go, you'd be stupid not to order one.
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I hope by AR you mean

How do i download qubes
I click on torrent put it just opens a new tab
Pic related
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You're not ready for Linux
You should not post your tech support questions here. ┬┐Have you downloaded a torrent client and linked it to .torrent files already?

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so i have been looking and looking and cant find any decent monitors that dont seem to have a huge downside to them so what pair of monitors should i get if i mostly play games watch videos and browse webages? only real restriction is i wont go smaller than 27 inches and if i must get 60 hz i would prefer that at 1440p
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>go to online shopping site of choice
>search for computer monitor
>filter by
>min size 27 inch
>refresh rate 60hz
>resolution 1440p
i have done that but i never seem to find that perfect monitor or it seems to show me nothing but acer pixio and msi of all things tjat like going motherboard shopping and being offered asrock biostar amd msi as your only options

The tech industry is dropping the ball, the meritocracy that attracted the world's top talent is now GONE. What will replace it? Finance.

Elite STEM grads are now heading in droves to New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. New software and mathematical models are maximizing profits, exotic new derivative products are being created daily, extreme volatility has been ironed out. This is creating a boom in the american economy, GDP growth will be 5% in 2018, and 7% by 2020. An explosion in credit lending will ensure even minimum wage earners can afford quality homes and vehicles.

The stereotype of the greedy, well connected, wall street trust fund baby is no longer relevant, it is now PURE meritocracy run by the MOST INTELLIGENT people in the world. What does silicon valley contribute to the world? Mass surveillance, petty narcissism, time wasting phone apps? What does the financial industry contribute to the world? Providing people with homes, vehicles, growing retirement savings, loans to open businesses... why anybody would still want to work in silicon valley is beyond me.
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t. itoddler
Finance is gay. I had an offer from Goldman Sachs for only 140k a year, when Google and Facebook were offering 200k in a state with no income tax.
What about the bonus?

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>10:00 AM-12:00 PM
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oh man are we gonna learn about properly cooked pork shoulders?
>fourth keynote that is nothing but memes in a fucking row
But why.
You don't do that when you have nothing to show.
Intel killed IDF because of that.

>colors are now in Edition
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how is this technology
Wow that's fucking garbage. You need to go to /w/ or /wg/ and learn how to make a home screen.

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I have a spare 3570k but no mobo.

Should I use it in a light gaming TV media center build or just buy something new?
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>Phone want to upgrade to Android 8

I don't want to it already downloaded it. What benefit will this provide me. I don't have a lot of space on this thing.
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the major benefit of android 8 is worse emojis
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I want to breathe new life to my Tab E 9.6 but I doubt it'll even officially get 8.0 OTA or even unofficial ports/ROMS

Still waiting on that supposed Nougat OTA they're supposed to roll out to my Tab E 9.6, sure is taking SamSHIT forever to roll out the OTA.............

I'll be God damn happy if OTA Oreo or ROM does come to my tablet though

So I have used auto-block in the Flash era when I used Linux. Because on Linux, Flash ate up your computer.
But on Windows, it had produced no load really, it had a very low CPU usage.

Well, then came HTML5. The previous Youtube interface already made my CPU sweaty (all the JS + the video), but the new one?
Holy fuck. My i7 4770hq has like 40% load from a 1080p video. Ridiculous. The autoplay thing is also annoying, I just want to open new vids on tabs for example on Youtube/Liveleak, then watch them later.

How do I disable auto-play in each browser? If there is a browser that can do it, I will just switch to that browser. Worth the hassle.
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Set media.autoplay.enabled to false in about:config
Nevermind, found it:

Now, which Firefox Fork shall I use?
Currently using Waterfox, but if it also throws out extensions I might have to run Cyberfox until it reaches EOL.
Any other good forks out there?

(I mean they literally just need to use various compilers and keep publishing ESR builds.)

Yeah, just found it, ty. Bretty gud.
Well I hate the current state of web. Firefox is just extremely slow, but on Chrome I have the autoplay. FML.

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>you need OOP to write real software in the industry
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Are you implying that the linux kernels doesn't use object oriented principles? Because it does. Just not in the braindead copy paste boilerplate way. The original GoF book was attempting to enshrine actual effective industry practice. Sure that got subverted pretty early on by people thinking that if it wasn't a clear design pattern it was BAD CODE. Browse the kernel source and you will see heavy reliance on encapsulation and composability and even some visitor patterns. Probably more but it has been a decade since I took that class and I don't rememebr any more OO memes.

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