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>"the reason our CPU is so expensive and shitty is because it's open!!! it's open!!! it's open source hardware guyz it's open!!!!!"
>do some DEEP DEEP digging into the hardware, uses powervr gpu
Never trust the Germans.
Do you think their "modular SOC" implementation could eventually allow one to just pop something sane into it?
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This shit is literally a scam
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Don't shit on Germans just because one retarded transvestite.
Also original OpenPandora was a great idea, not well executed though but it was good hardware for the time, this thing however is even worse executed and a failure, if it even get's into production stage at all.
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>Do you think their "modular SOC" implementation could eventually allow one to just pop something sane into it?
EvilDragon told me that "You could literally put a better Intel Atom SoC then the GPD Win inside it!".
But after I asked how, because the GPD Win already has the best Atom SoC and requires active cooling, something Pyra SoC modules don't account for, he never got back to me.

Is it the future?
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It's just a Chromium reskin like Opera.
its even more botnet than chrome
how can anyone trust chromium to be free of goolags faggy hands?

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Are people who don't like Windows 10 the same people who didn't like the change from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95?
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Every person I personally know that hates Windows 10, hated 3.1 more than 95.
No, Win10 is just shit. We camped out for Win95 on launch day.
trash bait

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Grow a brain.
don't use it then >>62187015

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It's official: linux will never support desktop.
It's too expensive for hardware vendors to maintain drivers, because linux ofter refactors driver api. And opensource developer can't do it, because they introduce regressions, because they don't test the code, because they don't have all the assorted hardware.
Kernel won't provide stable driver api because it's a security hazard and encourages poor support.
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ganoo linux have not games lul

Linux is going to win in the end. Im running linux right now with vms for anything and everything. Hell put your browser in its own vm and there goers most virus vectors.

Windows and mac are fucked because you will need to get control of your operating system from them. Between VR and the new windows 10 attitude its inevitable.
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> linux will never support desktop.

Domain registrar that isn't jewish, just works and accepts Bitcoin?
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icann doesn't allow non jewish registrars
Sry but try namecoin

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>open GNOME/Unity menu/app drawer
>lags for 5 seconds
>displays last used programs
>doesn't sort by category
>complete wastes of space with more slide menus
>moving to next slides lags

Why can't they make a fucking functioning and fast program drawer?
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may be you need to upgrade your toaster
>install android on my netbook
>app drawer is fluid as fuck

>do a minimal install of l00nix distro with gnome
>app drawer shits itself
Gnome is becoming Windows (Vista first edition) and Windows 10 is becoming more lightweight and fluid than fucking xfce at this point.
But seriously, windows 10 runs perfectly fine on 10 year old desktops and laptops. Don't trust me, try it for yourself.
Gnome is killing linux and itself. There is no hope for freetards.

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Do you run a website? Let's see it!
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Fuck you CIA
Who is this?

What do I do with an iPhone?
Got bored and had a 4s laying around at work.
I installed ios 6.1.3 and jailbroke it, but ehh.
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Return it immediately to its rightful owner, Jarone
Don't worry, I have taken legal possession of it.
I asked the guy the latter runs all the phones at work. Which is myself. And I said it was trash and I could have it if I wanted.
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Tried an 4chan app, it don't work

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Is it safe to use the last four digits of my account number +2 as my PIN number?

For example if my account number was 47826514 my PIN would be 8736

That way each of my accounts would have a different PIN with no connection to birthdays or whatever and I wouldn't have to remember them because I'd just calculate them on the fly.
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Come up with a 4-digit PIN which you add to last four digits (and if it goes past 9, subtract 10).

Also, PINs are a last-effort security measure, so it doesn't really matter,and you can make all your PINs the same.

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skeumorphism looks better, but its not in anymore.. you have to wait for people to get bored with flat shit

It's simple and plain while holding an artistic flair at the same time. Much easier to swipe through multiple apps and determine which you're looking for. It's also more uniform. Skeumorphism on the other hand looks like a 1995 concept design of the future. That's why even apple decided to adopt the more flat style even though they'll never admit it.
skeuomorphism only looks good in a limited context. Skeuomorphism allows so much freedom in design that at a larger level (like the icons on your desktop or whatever) are all inconsistent and clash with each other's style. Everyone uses his own visual style and specific details, and it's never the same. Nothing that ends up put together actually goes well together.

Flat is better for that reason: it doesn't allow so much variation, thereby ensuring there's less clashing.

Is it time we break up Google?
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Fuck off fag
fuck off larry page
You know what the problem with Google is? It's not big enough.

This is the future that Republicans want.
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>block reddit
wtf im a republican now
I don't see a problem
>implying a world without reddit is a bad thing

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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon starts making his own headphones with a batch of headphone drivers and shells he bought of Taobao >>62172394 >>62172518
• Anon posts from his new Jumper EZbook 3 Pro >>62173247
• Anon bought two retractable braided micro usb cables >>62173334 >>62174896
• Anon can't stop buying lewd toys >>62179867
• Anon got two packages, one a Orico bluetooth adapter and a USB 2.0 backplate bracket >>62180507
• Anon shows of his new Xiaomi Smart Running shoes >>62181411
• Anon gets a chinky scope >>62183827 >>62183852

Previous thread >>62171973
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OP, I got your back:

>Telegram group
Second for there's nothing wrong with Mediatek devices
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WiFi security camera recommendations?
I want to protect all my chink shit remotely.

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i have some problem in create a initial chart with xp, there is a simple templetate
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Have you read the sticky? If so you must know that /g/ is NOT your personal tech support. Also you need to be at least 18 to post on this website.

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