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How come Asus can make the price of their Strixx 100 to 200 dollars more than regular cards of the same type? Just because they're clocked a little higher?

I would've bought a different card it's just that I have 3 monitors but no displayport connection so I need at least 2hdmi connections, and Asus Strixx are the only cards that have it. But is that worth the extra money?

Why is Asus so much more expensive than a similar card from MSI for example?
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You dont have to buy it if you don't want to.

I bought mine because I the price was worth the quiet fans coming from a HD 5650 with one tiny fan. Fells good men
>You dont have to buy it if you don't want to.
Yeah that seems obvious, but they are the only ones that still put 2hdmi connections on their card. But for 200$ extra, I might as well buy a new monitor that does support displayport so I wouldn't have to put up with their insane prices.
the problem is 1 have one main 27" monitor, which only has hdmi and dvi, 1 second monitor that only has dvi, and 1 tv that only has hdmi. So for those 3 monitors I need at least 2 dvi's and 1hdmi or 2hdmi and 1 dvi. And Asus are the only ones that do that.

So why are they that much more expensive?

Is an Asus 1080ti so much gonna outperform and MSI 1080ti?

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interesting new details about the raven ridge
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I want to take interest in her details
a singer from lebanon shit tier compared to haifa wehbe but good enough
He said zero new or interesting details, stop posting joker.

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People who code in Python, come here and you can talk about it.
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Does anyone use a cheat sheet when your making a program.
Trying to learn. When I have the time, I'm watching The Great Courses video on programming and trying to read some books.
It's fun.

Holy shit guys it's happening for real
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You can sperg out when it hits 10% marketshare
Mac OS faggots sper out everyday and they are not even on 10%, why should I shut up?
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>tfw i'm part of the problem

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Best anti-virus anon use is..
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/sqt/ -- Comfy Minimalism Edition
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Is gaming bad on linux? Can I find the drivers I need if I make the switch from windows to linux?
Started tooling around with Arch this week. Ran
without a display manager / environment, with i3, xterm, and xorg-xclock, following the Arch Wiki xinit advice. The result was super bare-boned, which I assumed it would happen, but the terminal emulator text was also too small to read. Is this normal without much configuration? Weird skeletal emulator windows and small text by default?
How can one determine if they're being investigate, or spied on by their local authorities?



What if modern tablets/netbooks went down this path?
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no one would buy the shit that looked like that and it would stop existing
They'd be shit. No, really. Tablets only really took off the way they did when the "overgrown iPhone" approach to them became a thing.

Netbooks and handhelds like that are just too small to really be practical for a physical keyboard. Any task or use case that needs such a small device probably doesn't get any benefit from a physical keyboard, and any that really call for a physical keyboard probably don't need a device that small.

Now don't get me wrong, I find them as interesting and fun to play with as the next /g/entleman, but in practical terms they're pretty pointless.
How i fucking wish we had something like this just now.
Heck, it could be just a phablet slapped on instead of a screen and id still buy it for the convenience of a proper keyboard instead of the meme that is touchscreen typing.

What would /g/ consider the worse anti-piracy measures a company or business has ever used? Can you name them? I'm curious to know if any we're just downright malicious in there attempts to stop people from pirating. Or if you had to go through so many hoops it wasn't worth it to get it working.
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Contemporary "anti-piracy" measures are already very malicious and, like always, they only ever punish legitimate, paying customers.

Don't modern blurays force you to be online only and don't play on older bluray players or even PS3/PS4?
A few days before Pokemon Black and White were released in Japan, a version of the ROM was leaked online and disseminated about /vp/. The entire game was playable, but you couldn't gain experience. This was eventually patched, but it was a special kind of hell.

Incidentally, there was also an anti-piracy message inserted into Pokemon FireRed that can be seen using some early emulators that weren't so perfect at pretending to be a real GBA. One of the fishermen in Vermilion City will say, "By the way, if you like this game, buy it or die."
Didn't photoshop have some very stupid anti-piracy measures?

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Poo in the loo

How much money do you think they paid to the guy who owned this domain?
>China botnet


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Is Antergos the best Linux distro?
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Gentoo is better
go away Kevin

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Is /g/ upgrading? What's the general consensus?
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The general consensus is that windows 10 is a botnet, and you should never use it in any form.
>What's the general consensus?
Install Gentoo, for sure.
Install Gentoo.

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Why can't this company do _ANYTHING_ right?
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they do pretty well at charging for ink at above oil prices and making a killing on it
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I stuck a quadro M3000M in my 8770w.
It works.
A workstation laptop worth a damn.
Too bad their current ZBook mobile workstation line is absolute garbage in addition to being ugly.

Redpill me on OpenBSD. Can I use it as my primary OS?
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its shit
literally the worst OS ever made
FBI backdoored, do not touch.

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We have an update.
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Where's Haskell?
wheres shitposting on /g instead of learning any kind of useful skill

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uTorrent 2.2.1
All memes aside is there a windows option better than qbit?

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