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Hey /g/ I'm trying to help a friend to make a proper setup so she can make online make up courses, what's some recommended software and hardware for it? I was thinking on Skype because normal customers should also have an account but give me recommendations
>pic unrelated
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i'd recommend her my hardware
Working on that m8, any alternatives to Skype that keep a good video and quality image?
this is one on one lesson through video call right ?
if so don't sweat it, skype is fine since most normies use it
last thing she wants is asking customers to download tox or whatever
then she probably needs some kind of microphonne since headset would probably be inconvenient to wear while doing makeup

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Never seen R mentioned here. What is your opinion?

I use it often (I am a PhD biologist) and I was wondering if I should learn another language, e.g. Python, to complement its functionalities.
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I have a hard time believing a PhD is too stupid to google a simple question.
I want to hear specifically the illuminated opinion of the /g/ community.
All I know about R is that it's unreasonably slow.

How do I go trough all these 186 windows 7 updates without having to install the genuine check and the windows 10 upgrade notification updates. Is there a quick way to do it?
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Install Gentoo
Don't update shit, dumbass
This. If you want to run a deprecated OS just run Linux.

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test it with cs go 720p, low settings.
>top crop product
>only 80 out of 84 SMs
Bravo nVidia.
If you actually have one, and bother to let use have goes at testing it, can you test a branch of ccminer I've been working on? I need to test memory performance on Volta.

Opinion ?
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A superior, premium product.
Question, how is the normal iPad 2017? I honestly don't want a pen and keyboard, would I be okay with a normal iPad?
fuck off

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My boss called in sick and asked me to conduct an interview for him. How do I make sure this guy isn't a pleb? Fizzbuzz? Ask him to install gentoo?

This is for a webdev position btw.
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See his portfolio and truthfully praise and critize it

Make sure you know he isn't throwing buzzwords around and knows what he is talking about lastly make sure he isn't black

You'll be fine
> black

also absolutely no pajeet, chinks might be alright.

statistical genius
What if I don't actually know enough to know if he's bullshitting me?

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>be asleep
>*ding ding*
>check phone
>Your Google verification code is XXXXXXX
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works on my machine
Yeah man that was me can you paste the code
You allow your phone to wake you up with random notifications?! use Do Not Disturb, anon!

A while ago, I remember some tech company discovering a specific model of a Huawei phone to have spyware preinstalled on it. How widespread is this in Chinese smartphones? Do I run risk of getting spied on if I buy the OnePlus 5?

I already enjoyed using the OnePlus 2 the past 2 years, but it died a few days ago due to liquid damage (don't ask).

Question is in the subject title. Thanks in advance, anons!
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NSA can arrest you, the chink counterpart can't/won't.
I made a typo with 'censoring'. Fuck it, it's too late to edit it in GIMP now. I'll just leave it up.
>Do I run the risk of being spyed on if I buy [a smartphone]?

/g/, circa 2017.

One plus 5?
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What about it?
is it worth it

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Is turning a PC off the same as sleeping or dying for a computer?
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look up what BIOS is
Neither metaphor is apt.

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I've been thinking of selling my gtx 980 and going for SLI 970(they cost less than 400 eur for both), i know im a fucking idiot but its bound to have better performance than a single 980, my question is can i mix and match manufacturers like lets say MSI and Gigabyte? I come from AMD where you can throw in a potato along with an rx480 and it will crossfire
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I have 2 970 in SLI, they are all as low as 150 EUR each. You can mix manufactures, no problem, but try to match base clocks to avoid a well known problem I, and others had: when running at max freq. both cards downclocks a lot.
I have 2 same cards model but their chips are different asic quality, so they are clocked slightly different. I had to OC a little one of them (12 Mhz only) to match the good one, and the problem disappeared,
SLI support has been waning the past couple of years.
Developers are slowly ditching sli support, in hidden agreements with card manufacturers, so they can sell new cards every year, in exchange for a compensation.
Maximum jewing.

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How much did you contribute, /g/?
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>No context or link
Off to page 10 you go
>Working for free

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How hard is it to hack a Facebook account through Android?
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Install Gentoo
How would this help me?
Consider idk shit about hacking
Installing Gentoo will help. It does it all for you, its fine that you know nothing about hacking.

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its been a while since i built a pc and im new to this generations stuff

can does this motherboard have dual channel ram slots enabled for 4 ram sticks or only 2 ?

this is the ram im getting would i be able to OC a i5 7600k to 5ghz with 2800mhz ram speed does it even matter
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>new to this generations stuff
I can see that, lol.
also it seems the default ram speed on the motherboard is 2133mhz does that mean i will have to manually over clock the mobo to match the ram speed
i realize all the cool kids are getting ryzen now but i was able to get a used 7600k for 110$ less than store price

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what is the next useless language i should learn /g/?
ocaml? haskell? ruby?
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