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Forth is the most ultimate programming language, I think nobody would deny that, but tell me do you think forth is possible to understand for casuals or do you think it is only relegated to the most autistic of autistics?
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First time hearing about Forth
can you give me a quick rundown?
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dup swap drop rot swap sawp dup swap rot 2 2 + 2 + 2 + drop swap rot kill yourself

You can make a program in forth where when you do that string of commands it installs git and then updates your packages.
Forth is the natural programming language for computers. People might prefer to program in c or python but computers prefer to be programmed in forth. Implementing a programming language usually involves all kinds of work with a parser a compiler a runtime system.. for forth you just have one dictionary, a couple tools to work with the dictionary and a loop that reads in a word then executes it, from there forth csn extend itself to become a more powerful language.

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Why am I so weak and get memed into buying things I don't need? I'm sitting on a GTX1080 that gets its most usage probably out of decoding VP9 and HEVC because I thought I will play Skyrim and BF1 but as it turns out I hate AAA games and only play the odd round of League of cancer which I could probably do with an 8800GT
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I don't know bud, you tell me.
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because you're a gullible consumerist gud goy now shut up and buy
advantage of being broke: could only afford a g4560 and rx 560 and i still dont even use it to its full potential

When will shitskins stop making video tutorial on Youtube? They are fucking everywhere.
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when you stop looking for baby tier introduction videos
Just avoid them, I filter them out until I find a Western/Northern European one..

I don't. FInd me some advanced golang or rust tutorials on youtube without shitskins,

cheese burger or regular one?

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GTX 1080
> GDDR5X: 484 GB/s

RX Vega 64
> HBM2: 484 GB/s

not a video card trolling thread. memory question: can somebody please explain the point of HBM? i thought it's advantage was higher bandwidth?
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to look cool and edgy while underperforming

>gtx 1080
>484 GB/s memory

Are you kidding?
bro just wait

Chrome for Android will now ship with an adblocker.

Reminder that Firefox has less than 1% of marketshare on mobile, the only platform that matters in 2017+.
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>mobile, the only platform that matters
Where did everything go so wrong? Why do consumers value convenience over all else?

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Speccy thread
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top spooky
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Looking at buying a couple new monitors to replace this one. Otherwise it's fast and runs cool
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Why can't we use VRAM as system RAM? Why do we need DDR4?
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The question is, why can't we use L3 cache instead of DDR4?
Because GDDR is meant for large continuous transfers and regular for all situations.

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>100 word essay due tomorrow
>can't stop ricing linux
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essay is a jewish trick
>have to sum the primes below 2 million by wednesday
>haven't even started
>tfw intro to programming with javascript assignment due in two weeks
>its fizzbuzz
just kill me now

>People will spend over $1000 on custom water cooling using hard tubing and a fuckton of fittings.
>For the same price you could just fucking get a phase change cooler

Where do these aspies get their money?
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>extra power draw and heat
>refrigerator noise
>only cools the CPU

If you spend $1k on water cooling, you're getting a full loop with CPU and GPUs in it. It doesn't use a lot of extra power, generates little extra heat (just <15W for the pump), and can give you good performance for the CPU and GPU(s) while keeping noise down (with enough rad). It also looks better than phase change, and you don't have to deal with condensation. For 99% of people, water cooling is the better deal.
But now you gotta get another one for your GPU

Thoughts on the Asus ROG 27 inch IPS, 165hz, GSync, 4ms vs the Acer Predator with the same stats?

Are these things worth their price?
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Small chips are very expensive goy, pay up.
4ms, nuff said
Is that really gonna matter for a non-professional level gamer tho?

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someone told me that chrome is better than firefox because firefox has memory leaks
are they right? have I been living a lie this entire time?
I don't know what to believe anymore
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nice badger
>firefox in 2017
yes no maybe can you repeat the question

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Hello again /g/ and retro enthusiasts. This was my thread from the other day: >>61632364

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to take more pictures that day. However, tonight I am starting to organize things in preparation for my move. I'll be taking pictures throughout the evening of some of the legacy/retro stuff I have and posting them.

Pic related are some old ISA sound cards I just packaged up. 1/2
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we don't need another fucking general for literally trash
fuck off
Electronics recycling general?

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread - >>61648494
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What is the second best headphone behind the HD600?
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Say my name

I am a digital art hobbyist , would you guys happen to have any good tablet suggestions?
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iPad Pro with Retina Display
go back to tumblr
wacom bamboo or connect or whatever the fuck they call it now. it works just fine and you're deluding yourself if you think you deserve anything better.

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Why have I never heard of this distro before? Is it any good?

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it's Ubuntu with a forked Gnome (which is very recource heavy). So it is as good as Ubuntu. And Ubuntu IS good. So if you like your Ubuntu DE to be bloated - Zorin is a good choice.
>based on Ubuntu
>"linux doesn't get viruses"
You've "never heard of it before" because you're a shill and it's shit. Install [spoiler]manjaro[/spoiler].
Should have phrased my question differently, I mean this is obviously directed at normies and looks pretty sleek so why have I not heard of it until today? Apparently it's been around since 2008.

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