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*communists your path*
>Hey anon, have you heard of my project called System Dee? It was so good that Google picked it up
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What is system dee and how is a google search picking it up?
Is it better than MS-DOS?
>Yes, I have Lennart, it works great and thank you for buttwrangling all those undesirable spergs on my technology message board, that was really cool of you, haha, the tears are still salty and delicious

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I'm in the market for a new Android smartphone.

Currently running a rooted Galaxy S5
Will not go with Galaxy again, since they're so anti-user as to lock the bootloader.

I want a phone with an unlocked/unlockable bootloader,easy removeable battery and a microSD card slot are essential. What are my options these days?
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God damnit.
What are my options that meet as many of those requirements as possible?
Unlockable bootloader is absolutely required. MicroSD would be very nice, but I suppose with a lot of internal storage I could compromise on that point. Non-removeable batteries piss me off.
>Removable Battery
>MicroSD Slot
>Unlockable Bootloader

Pick one

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Is there a tangible evidence besides GloFo marketing slides that Zen2 will be clocked at 5ghz or higher?
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It's IBMs node, they release CPUs on said node that run over 5GHz at stock.
what's its name? can't find it here

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>email from Microsoft
>someone from Perm, Russia signed into my account
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It was nice knowing you.
I bet the Russians did th...! Er...

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Electric shavers are technology

I've been shaving myself with a manual razor all the time. I would like to switch to an electric shaver.

How does /g/ shave their neckbeards?
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I enjoy using an open razor, though most of the time I just use a over engineered twenty blade Gillette wonderfuck for eases sake
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I just trim my head, face, pits and balls once a month
>over engineered twenty blade Gillette
yes but as a middle eastener, I'm spending almost 80 $ / year on blades with those, so, I'd like to switch

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Let me first give you my greentext backstory
>be me at school
>everyone has an account with password
>using that you can log in on any school computer
>everyone also gets a few gigabyte HDD space on your individual partition that you can acces from any school computer
>I have no idea where the server is where they store all our data
>all computers have windows 7 with nearly identical setup
>found out teachers accountname and password
>all teachers have only one common account
>thier partition is basically full of old trash data (you can hide stuff there)
>neither students nor teachers are admins
>cant make any changes on c:
>theachers do not use always the same pc
>sometimes other people also log in as teacher
I thought about placing something in the teacher partition that copies two files on c: whenever someone logs in as teacher. One of these new files is scheduled task that starts the other after a week or so. The other simply force deletes system32. This should kill a third of all computers every week.

Can someone give me a step by step guide how to do this
>inb4 I do not know program
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finish your education and stop doing stupid shit, kid
Cringe worthy
It smells like summer faggotry

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I need a new monitor and i am thinking about 2k one, since 4k would be too much for my machine to gayme on, however one thing that worries me is that i heard that watching 1080p media was bad on 2k monitors, is this true or bullshit?
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just buy a 1080p monitor and brush your teeth with colgate
there aren't any good 1080p monitors right now and 1080p on 24 inch looks like doodoo
Its mostly bullshit. It'll look a bit worse than a 1080p monitor at the same physical size, but scalers are pretty good these days. The benefits of more screen real estate and higher refresh rates easily outweigh sticking with 1080.

Dear /g/,

is this the future? Will PHP and Python finally be left in the past where they belong?

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Hopefully. It's really well-engineered.
Fuck I love crystal. However, it doesn't support parallelism, which is a downside. I made a thread on this before, it's as fast as C but as easy and comfy as Ruby.
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Lisp is the one true path, all who stray are destined to suffer.

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Why does GNOME use 2 GiB?
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works on my machine (apple)
The terrible mess that is GObject.

What is your vim theme? Pic related, it's mine.
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reddit is that way
Redditors rarely use vim
>dark theme
absolutely disgusting
redditors usually use vim

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>...and here's our son's room, he's quite the technology enthusiast
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delet this
This would've been awkward 2 years ago when I was a shut in autistmo with long hair, striped polo shirts and cargo shorts but now I'm just a YouTube fuccboi looking /fa/g and a billion hair/face products instead of a mountain of pc parts
No homo tho

Is there a better bar classic phone than Sony Ericsson Elm?
I basically need wifi and facebook messenger'd be great.
I think ELM is really nice but maybe you anons know about something better
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slvr l9
>slvr l9
smaller display, smaller memory, no wifi
why do you recommend it?
third for Sony Ericsson g502

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hey /g/
how did YOU learn C++ ?
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I didn't. When I reached the 800th page I realized C++ is for autists and it's been deprecated. Then I learned D
Then you're learning older standards
yea try audio programming with D ppfffft LOL

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I was enjoying infranview as my default image viewer because the Windows 10 one sucks a long dong (and even hacking old Picture and Fax Viewer into working sucks) but then it turned out the 64bit version doesn't support unicode filenames and the 32bit version only through plugin (what is with these lazy ass faggots?) so what is a good replacement image viewer?
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Install nomacs
Try ImageGlass,


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>mfw an officemate willingly installed mackeeper on her laptop
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>mfw a grown man still posts le facebook frog maymay
were you hoping she'd kiss you to turn you into a prince?
I'd just like to interject for a moment....

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