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Building my first Ryzen build for my fathers friend. Is there any differences between the build/set up of the computer? I usually build Intel, but figured i should use Ryzen for this cheaper build.
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I usually post helpful replies, but I decided to shit in your thread just this one time.
Nope. Just a different socket but its nothing substantial.
If you can get faster ram for $5 more, do it

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What I did so far is, clean install of Windows Enterprise LTSB 2016 (Lite 700mb edition from Piratebay), delete a lot of Windows shit like Windows defender off my drive completely, disable all services that don't break internet when disabled, and do a shit ton of registry and group policy changes that I found on the internet.
I also completely disabled all services relating to updates, activation and store and used registry to get it to stop saying my Windows is not legitimate. Also used Microsoft Toolkit to activate.
Installed TinyWall firewall (which is just an interface for Windows firewall) and I can still see "System" listening to ports and making connections, how do I block this short of using hardware firewalls (I don't have those)? I used pretty much all the "Windows 10 cleaner" programs but it still isn't entirely clean. wat do?
>pic related, desktop
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It's simple: install a Linux distribution.
you can't block those handful of programs

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I'm looking into functional languages that can transpile to JS. Should I learn Elm or Purescript?

I have a bit of prior Haskell experience, just enough to know what a monad transformer is.
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For what purpose? With its first-class closures, partial application, and natively-implemented {map, filter, reduce} JS is already functional as heck. Just
import * as _ from 'underscore'
if you want stuff like zip and repeat.
Read this:

Perhaps vanilla JS with Ramda and Mocha might be enough for you.

For a more general FP experience ScalaJS might be a good choice.
Since you already have haskell experience, this means purescript is going to be accessible to you. I believe it is more difficult to get started with purescript than elm, but elm is going to be more limiting in the long run.

Elm is going to be easier to get things done like rails but you are constrained to the elm framework. Elm is more popular and you may find jobs for it.

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>GTX 1080 comes out
>1½ years later amd releases a slower card that draws more power
>doesn't even try to compete with the 1080ti
I'm worried, will AMD ever catch up, or is it just too late now?
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It's faster than the 1080Ti in compute tasks. Vega was designed with enterprise in mind, not NEETs. Gaming isn't the end all be all of GPUs.
AMD is finished. I don't understand why it's still discussed here.
Just buy Intel+Nvidia like a sane person.
I'm not worried at all. The Vega 56 looks pretty great and I might grab that. Choosing the best product is fine and all, but man are Nvidia assholes. I refuse to support those fuckers when they're deploying *works and refuse to adopt freesync. Navi should be fantastic for AMD if they use IF to """glue""" small dies.

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anyone point me in the direction of windows 10 cracked ? please.

thanks xo
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Why bother cracking it? The unlicensed version works just fine.

does it? update fine and shit?

i've been using windows 7 since way back. Gonna wipe PC soon. Just curious
Also curious

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Okay /geee/, the time has come. All exams are finished and I have 2 months time.
What would be my best setup for an x220?
I am currently still running Ubuntu 16.04 though I recently switched from unity to awesomeWM. It is comfy as fuck, as it is way smoother and not as laggy.

Now I wanted to start to make a clean setup, prolly going from minimal install and build my way up. Now my question:
What profit would I get from switching to Arch or even Memetoo or should I just stay with Ubuntu/Debian, just do a minimal install and be happy??

Please no bully
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Oh and I forgot:
I want to sync my files from uni between my laptop and desktop. Is there any better way than Dropbox? Pushing ALL documents through git seems a bit clunky and is not as seamless. Dropbox has never failed me up until now
benefit from arch, nice package manager and the air. benefit from gentoo, slightly faster due to source based packages instead of binaries but more hassle. if you like apt just use it people stress the differences between Linux distros way too much
if you're working on a project git is literally the most useful thing, and if you think its clunky you're a retard.

if its just documents and other files why not just use a flash drive?

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Previous thread: >>61711760

What are you working on, /g/?
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printf("rust is for faggots\n");
Second for D
printf is for faggots

Should I get a wrt router?
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>using a router
what a silly reply is this? why would you not use a router?

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I never browsed much you board and I just bought a laptop, I know I am late on this, but what the fuck is Windows 10's problem.
Seriously, I couldn't even install another Browser other than Explorer.

I am downloading win 7 from rutracker right now.
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Is it so hsrd for your brains to allow installs not from store? It is the one fucking switch in settings.
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I'm curious how you even found the power button if you don't know how to install a browser
This. OP is retarded.

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What do you filter?
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>Turning your catalog into the 4chan version of Tumblr where you control what you want to see and block what you dislike
Yea it's called adding filters
Who is that cute anime girl?

Why do these idiots love shooting themselves in the foot so much? It's like they've gone full retard ever since AMD kicked them off their throne.

I'd almost feel sorry for them if it weren't so entertaining to watch them squirm. Let me know when the funeral is going to happen so I can be there to take a shit in the hole Intel will be buried in.
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Intel needs to sell new chipsets.
Vendors want "new" motherboard with a new coat of paint sales.

Neither are particularly good for previous motherboard owners.
These products were in development for years and intel never anticipated Zen being so competitive. Intel thought they could force the market to swallow all of their bullshit.
But we we know, Ryzen came out and
Intel is the one swallowing bullshit instead. And hopefully they'll continue to for a loooooooong time.

I love it.

How many of you guys have met petty fucks like this on the job/at a gathering?
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>random guy will stop reporting bugs
oh my god, how will google ever recover?
What decision?
Google is partnering with the ADL to remove bad words from the internet

Is Intel retarded?

>The decision to put two architectures on the same socket generated some confusion among potential customers. Motherboard makers need to specifically tell customers that X299 motherboards do not support all features with Kabylake-X CPUs (for instance by covering DIMMs with stickers).

>MSI and Gigabyte have brought a solution to this problem by introducing Kabylake-X only motherboards. Unlike most Skylake-X supported boards, these only have four DIMMs and slightly cheaper design.

>The Gigabyte X299 AORUS GAMING is an ATX board with four DIMMs and three PCIe slots. It also has two M.2 connectors. With this motherboard, you can only use Intel Core i7-7740X or i5-7640X, but you will never have the option to upgrade to Skylake-X.

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People who bought KBL-X only motherboards: 4 Intel employees(they were on sale)
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>letting polocks run your company
I thought all X299 CPUs i5/7/9 7xxxX are Kabylake-X. Why did they split it? Why would they call some chips Skylake-X?

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What's the best way to use a computer laying down horizontally?
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By not laying on your back. Then you can move to an edge and view/type comfortably.
I use a trackball and prop up my laptop so I can still kinda type and view the screen at the same time. Maybe try an ergodox or other split keyboard.

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>ubuntu is just a better version of debian
Prove me wrong.
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Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.
Smart frogposter
Ubuntu is actually an ancient Igbo word meaning "I'm too stupid to install Debian"

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