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Market manipulation, theft, difficult. Now crypto cucks are selling "barely used" GPUs on eBay. You gonna get some anon?
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whoever sells their mining rigs atm are full out retard normies that don't know shit about crypto
also nobody is selling atm call me when there is a sell wave like the 290 wave back when it was on 180$
Probably some retards that brought cards 2 weeks ago beliveing could get easy cash and is now fucked

I need some help, I came into a set of Cisco 1850 APs.

But how exactly do I set these up in my house?
Do i need a router, or a modem to get them to work?

Or just set them up with POE and viola?

Im totally ignorant when it comes to AP's and how they differ from traditional like a linksys router.
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They are not routers and will need to be networked with a router.

However, if your house is already wired for ethernet, just plug them in and configure them with your proper SSID, password, and encryption.

You might need a PoE injector if you don't have PoE switches.
Think of APs as "imagine if I could rip the antenna off of my wireless router, connect it with a really long cable instead and then put that antenna somewhere else." The AP is the antenna and the long cable is ethernet.
I have a POE switch, so then I would connect POE switch to a router, then run the POE to the AP's and then I have wifi?

Regular old router work?

Really what are the advantages of using these things instead of the normal route? I got them for free so I figured why not take em.

friend found this in his garage, any idea what it is? How do I use it?
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It's a suppository
Step 11 in the Gentoo installation manual
Stick your penis in it, the other side will have a vagina.

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Do you ever take your laptop to Starbucks?
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whats the point of doing that?
No, but here in NYC in some hickster neighborhoods there are a bunch of douches on laptops in cafes, they look like the type writing some type of movie or series pilot script. They probably smell, so I don't frequent these places.
Nice children's coffee there, faggot. Need some more whipped cream for that yucky taste?

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What are some good, free hosts for public wikis? I am interested in making a wiki for a video gayme. I don't mind unobstrusive advertising.

I hear wikia is cancer, so I want to know if there's any others I should avoid. How are gamepedia and wikidot?

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a VPS is like $5 a month and a domain is like $10 a year for a good TLD. There is no way you can be an adult and not easily afford that.
You can get a free third level domain with php hosting for no cost and just install mediawiki on it, that will be better by a tenfold over specialized hosting because you can install your own extensions and edit configs that specialized hosters don't allow you to edit

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Is this the Surface Pro best tablet/laptop hybrid? Looking for something to takes notes with, and also able to use Photoshop and Dolphin Emulator.

I had the original Surface RT, which was pretty shitty, has Microsoft improved in quality?
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Well it's not fair to bring RT into the discussion and then ask if things got better. RT (and now 10 S) are just mistakes from the start. Caveat emptor.

The current Surface is rated pretty well. It's stupidly expensive though when you add in all the accessory purchases you're likely to want or outright require. Hope you can get some discounts.

Money isn't really a problem for me. My only worries are the 12.3 inch screen seems to small for 16:9 movies, and the backlighting issue, I'm not sure how long it will take for Microsoft to fix their manufacturing.
Surface book with performance base > surface pro

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What's the best browser for iOS /g/? Yeah they're shitty but til I get a different smartphone I'm stuck with it
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Stock. Now fuck off underageb&
Shit Idk. I don't even have an adblocker that gets rid of 4chans auto play video ads anymore. I've also str8 up gotten bored of browsing on my phone.

But I've heard they all run the same webkit, so there aren't many reasons to switch from safari unless you wanna sign in with a firefox/chrome sync thing
Doesn't matter what you pick, Apple forces their rendering engine into any browsers that want to compete.

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>Enabling Coincidence Detector lags all Google sites like crazy
really makes you think
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>making thousands of regex calls is slow
>this is surprising to /pol/
summer etc etc
It's only like 24k lines or so

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>On the way
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ITT we compare temps on our SPECS

core i7 2600- idle 29-40 degrees (depends on location)
gtx 980 ti- idle 34-58 (depends if fans are on or off)
h61m-vg3 idle 61-65 degrees C load idfk
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nice mobo bud1

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Yeah no
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have you looked who's behind it?

Moxie Marlinspike aka Matthew Rosenfeld aka Mike Benham

who knows how many aliases this fraud has.
Embracing the botnet is the digital divide of this decade

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I left my passwords notebook at work. Should I go back and get it?
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Yeah, I'll save you a lot
Just keep your passwords on a post-it note and stick it to your monitor like a normal person.
Just use the same password for everything like a normal person

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>You browse this board with poorfags that think owning $20/mo installment plan products make them wealthy
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Who cares? Their thirst makes others rich.
I'm pretty sure most people here know that only poor people use iphones.

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How do I get started with programming? What books do I need, what online resources should I archive, what projects should I try out? I just want to learn more about computers. I won't have a stable internet connection for about a motnh so preferably I'd like to make a little stockpile of information so that I can tinker around despite that.
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Anything but Python or an interpreted language(except maybe Java if you reallllllllllllly want it) and you're good.
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Learn about the C programming Language and Bell Laboratories


program dpt;

What RAD projects are you working on today, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61490077

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Is it possible to code an "app" that will screenshot a selected 4chan post and, if desired, save it to my computer? I'd a web designer so I guess my forte is the more creative side of technology and I'm not sure what's possible and what's not. I guess my ideas sometimes exceed reality in a sense? Haha
>I'd a web designer

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