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Assume that you do to have KDE but all the bugs you have fixed are. What changes if you rewrite all of the KDE apps into one process in terms of performance or memory use?
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can you repeat the question?
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I'm just here to post sakurano

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I'm writing a program that needs fast encryption and decryption, but keys are kept for a long time, so key generation time doesn't matter much.
Also, one key is very important while the other keys are just a deterrent to make it harder to do petty hacking, so variable key size may be necessary.

By the way, it'd help lots if it was available as a Lua library.
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AES, use libsodium

He's right about libsodium though. Don't ever hack together your own crypto.
Oh, I just remembered, it has to be public-private key encryption.

Because I'm using it to tamper-proof data, instead of hide data.

Can anyone help me remember the name of a desktop computer that appeared in the early 2000's. It was marketed for teenagers mainly and had it's own unique UI for chatrooms and shopping. I think it came in a bunch of neon colors too, don't think it was a mainstream brand.

>pic related
>the type of room it was usually advertised in
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nice try

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>working on a project
>oh, I need <important library>
>emerge <important library>
>now let's wait 2 fucking hours for compilation

Why this distro is fucking retarded ? And why /g/ turbo-autists keep endorsing this shit ?
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>I never used Gentoo
Personally I prefer arch. It's easy enough to customize without breaking shit and taking forever.
I'm currently using it, and it's fucking painful

Bought a mac. Its basically ubuntu with rofi and xfce4 but more refined and better. Why do people dog on macs if its basically the same thing? Only command ive found that didnt work is wget and i just use curl -O
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because its closed source and non-free
how do you not fucking know this?

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are you retarded

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does your imouto use macOS operations system, the most advanced operation systems on the world?

me: yes!
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picture of her desktop
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someone bump this thread now!
Kirino a shit

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Assuming VR is indeed a niche fad that will fade away like 3D, what is the new shit that will be pimped?

We all know that the 4k / HDR meme doesnt make a lick of a difference either.
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Frog hunting.
come now.
Where, on your face?

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>A mobile CPU is better than 600 dollar ryzen
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>this is what intel shilling is reduced to

>post datasheet
>>hurf durf this is better
Thank you for your input.
Do you even know how TDP limits work?

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I just want something inexpensive and with a good trackpad.

Are chromebooks decent or just locked-down botnet machines? What else is out there?
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Mannnnn you should have been on ebay yesterday. There was this dude selling a used hp laptop with an a10-5757m apu with 8gb ram and a 1tb hdd, (no battery or charger included though.

Anyway last bidder got it for $125.
just get a T420

No, they aren't locked down. Just get one, then enable developer mode, and run Linux

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Hey /g/,

What do I do about neck and back pain at work?

I'm usually sitting in front of a monitor for around nine hours a day at work. And it's killing my neck. I'm in constant pain and I'm so scared it's going to prevent me from working in the future and end my career in an instant.

I saw a doctor but he didn't tell me much beyond "maybe it's a spasm" and "have some painkillers", which obviously is not going to work in the long run.

Can you guys red pill me on proper health practices as a software developer?
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Go see a chiropractor? Lots of people will say that chiropractic solutions are bullshit, but they're not. Feel better anon.
Buy a nice Herman Miller chair.
bump, I need this too.

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Hello /g/, I'd like to ask your opinion on this: teachyourselfcs.com and if its good to nail down the essentials in the CS field, what do you think about its content? Seems decent to me.

[blog] EE student looking to learn something more, and my uni doesn't have CS [/blog]

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Also I'm concerned on why did they pick Skiena's book rather than the world famous CLRS.
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This works. But really your best bet is to pick a few good universities, look at their curriculums and download the readings and lectures with lots of supplemental content like teachyourself
Skiena is popular, be careful though many books are made for the classroom and are difficult for and autodidact. Personally I like Essential Algorithms by Stephens

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And why is it Dolphin?
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>those disgusting small fingers with ugly nails
>small fingers
Yes. This how beautiful woman hands look like

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Found this whip on the street. What u think senpai.
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wtf is this
Return it, Tyrone.

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>Mozilla fights Google
>default search engine is Google
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Mozilla doesn't do monopoly
it is a 5D chess game anon
If you want a big userbase, you have to make sure the idiots can easily use "the google"

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