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You literally cannot dispute this
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I don't think anybody does
Headphones have the added functionality of not broadcasting your media to everybody. Not sharing your private stuff is generally high up people's lists on /g/. Headphones having this extra feature means they're better.
>Not sharing your private stuff is generally high up people's lists on /g/.

That is because /g/ is fulled with tinfoil hat NEET trash. Their opinions mean nothing. Also, extra features does not automatically mean better. If you seriously think that, I can sell you a pair of headphones with dogshit on them. It has the extra feature of smelling terrible. It is perfect for a cuck like you.

Point is, assess your needs and do not take advice from edgelord 13 year olds on this site.


i7-8700K = $484.44 CDN
Current Exchange Rate = 1.28

Looks like $380 USD. So much for keeping the same MSRP as Kaby Lake (or lowering it)
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Go to hell, stupid consumerist.
Amdrones BTFO
You do not know what that word means. Go scurry back to your pirate thread, kid. The adults are talking.

Why aren't you on the best OS out there?

inb4 gnu/linux
inb4 macosx
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Because x86 still gets security updates. I miss it though.
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But i am!
>No Bonsai Buddy

What do you do with all your old 500GB / 1TB hard drives when you upgrade to a 10TB hard drive? Do you just throw them out? I have about 20 500GB hard drives just laying around now.
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Wipe and sell them?

OP ill buy one off you. are they ssd?

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Has /g/ made anything fun with any boards?

I've a Pi lying about but every TV already has something like the Nvidia shield plugged.
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Plenty of fun things to do with a Pi, don't let /g/ tell you otherwise
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this and that, trail camera, sensors, got a couple interfaced to modded 1u appliance chassis, docker swarm etc.
You could run a lamp stack and have some lightweight webapps, things like ttrss or shaarli.

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So I have two sets of neighbours on my superfast broadband connection.

They're fairly dull people, really. No actual PC's, but I see a Samsung device, an embedded linux device (kodi, firestick?), and an apple device.

It's been a few years since I've done any good network stuff. Since these people are on my property, so to speak, I see this as a good opportunity to brush up on my networking skills.

Can you think of any fun stuff I can do?
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Why did you allow them on in the first place
Do you have no password?
Keyloggers everywhere? Keylogger in the router? Is that even possible?

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*steals your math*
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Give it back Sundar
what a fucking cuck. let google patent it you prick.
fuck off, pajeet

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>he has icons on his desktop
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do I fit in yet guize? please make me feel included
are you retarded?
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>He specifically dodges practical uses for tech because they arent aesthetic enough

Name one way Windoz is better than Linux that isn't related to which programs it supports.
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has thumbnails in file pick window
Added telemetry and error reporting to ensure stuff gets fixed promptly if it goes wrong.
It's easier to install and use. You don't need to know about initting the grub at MBR and bootloading the dev/null and shit like that. Pop in the Windows install disk and it just works.

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Unused RAM is wasted RAM

But what if you want to use the memory for something else, like a hello world made in java?
Then the scheduler should figure out how much RAM the program will require, free up just enough RAM and then run the program

I have 6 of theese bad bois
1080 ti
what to do with them?
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Send one to me, in exchange for something which isn't money.
Wait(tm) for the mining bubble to hit 1080ti's

Country: Russia
Carrier: YOTA (use MegaFon network)
Plan: No text (+50₽/1$ for unlimited), 100 min, unlimited data - 290₽/5$
Between august 1-20 i used 24GB of data
Free 4G hotpost. I use "TTL Master" for this.
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>100 min
300 min
LTE is unusable at my house
Okay and...?

>YEAR 2017
> people still ripping music in mp3

Use at least vorbis you imbeciles
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It's placebo you literally can't hear the difference
?? It compress better that is the point. You use less space
>Still ripping anything in 2017
Just buy the damn CD if you really support the artist

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More /g/ related OP this time.
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This makes my pee pee tingle

Ew, Arch
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Reminder this has a touchscreen so vertical browsing like so might be sometimes more comfortable than "normal" mode with the keyboard, depending on the site.

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Not the jews.png
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Why wasn't secondlife successful?
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>can't install Gentoo
Second life isn't a game

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