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I bought a laptop that has Windows on it, but want to reformat the disk. Is there any way to reinstall Windows after doing so, without having to buy it? Can I find the "product key" somewhere on the OS?
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Magical Jellybean works if its win8.1 or older. dunno about 10, i think it's linked to your microsoft account or something
>encouraging this behavior
a thread died for this, you should do the same.

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Bored and want to learn a new language. Shit I already know: C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, and Python. I was thinking about Rust or Go, but they both seem like meme languages. What does /g/ recommend?
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go is less of a meme than rust
learn elixir if you want to go full meme
Haskell is fun

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If you're not, just post some thicc girl with a thiccpad.

If you are answer these:
>Are you in a CS related job/studying course? Which one?
I study CS in a good University in Milan, really love my profs

>How do you get corporate-used Thinkpads/Latitude/Elitebooks?
I'd love one to use some limux on it but on italian ebay they kinda suck, there's few ones and often not even certificate-refurbished, my only friend who has a used x220 thinkpad got his from his dad who had it for work

>Do you think our country is normier than the others tech-wise or are normies equal world-wide?
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Do Italians have any culture other than pasta and organized crime?
If I want to find out if some italian guys use /g/, /int/ isn't that helpful

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I bought 1866 mhz ram but my motherboard only supports 1600. After I changed it to 1866 in bios CPU-Z is showing it running at 1866mhz. Is it actually running at that frequency or is it being downgraded to 1600 because of motherboard limit? I have a Ga-z77 D3h with a 3570k cpu
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This is costumer support, please send TeamViewer user and password, OK, yes
Support 1600 mean it can run 1600 only OOTB, but if you OC it runs at faster speeds
By setting it to 1866 you are overclocking your memory controller to make your RAM run at that speed. It works but could potentially cause instability.

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I don't need any fancy cianigger/normie/botnet apps, just a smartphone that has aweb browser and basic apps like calculator/alarm clock
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SailfishOS phone?
The hp elite x3
Blue vivo 5 (can get it for like $150 now) and the blu vivo xl 2 (can get it for like $150 also) 5.5' screens basic stats but gets the job done imo

I read through the wiki and decided that learning Python as a first language is still a sound choice.
I'm still unsure as to what book I should use, though. I did the first 10 chapters of LPTHW but those were the only free ones.
I need to commit to this now and finally force myself to do things. What book should I begin?
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Python crash course, then fluent python
No. If you want to learn python figure out what you really really want to make and start making it. It is literally as simple as that. Refer to books to find out stuff when you don't know how to do something..
I always see people recommending books, so I figured that would be the logical first step. I don't know what I want to make, I have nothing in mind.

>PC fucks up
>Take it to shop
>HD is dead, asks if I want to install SSD card
>120 labour and installation
>Get pc Back
>Its fast but still has some issues like what I brought it in for previously
>Take it back
>Get call back saying its motherboard
>Wants to charge $120 for a motherboard
>guy who gave me the quote isnt there today and just passed on the message from the tech

Now my question is when I call on Monday and speak to the guy that repaired my computer should I get charged for the labor of him finding out what was wrong with my PC?

Im thinking of going elsewhere
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Go elsewhere
Thats my plan but should I be charged for the labour of him finding out it was the motherboard when they missed that the first time and the problem was not fixed?
>can't repair his own pc or replace his own hard drive
get out of /g/ tech illiterate

OMG my fucking shoulder broke because of this I had to carry it in a 0.5 kg messenger bag all day because I wanted to be a poser
This is not even a gaming laptop why the fuck is it allowed to exist
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I'm not sure what you're trying to mock here
which level of irony am I supposed to be on to get what you're trying to say here
Weak manlets that think a few pounds in a bag is too heavy

I don't really know any other board for this topic and its a computer chair so I guess it fits.
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It's a good chair but if your table is too low the arm rests will drive you nuts. consider not using them.
I like mine. It has a 10 year warranty and when mine snapped I got a new one without hassle.
>inb4 your fatass broke it
A bolt was overtightened
I've had mine for 9 months now, came squeaking from the factory and hasn't really worn in so I suspect it needs some manually applied grease, other than that the armrests are a bit shit and it's not all that comfortable but it's not going to be uncomfortable if you have a reasonable posture

I do like the 10 year warranty and that it uses real leather if you choose to get the leather version

Captcha would only let me continue with just those two selected. Any more or less and it would fail.

>> what did Google mean by this?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

How come AMD is cheaper AND better than Intel?!

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This reverse shilling is getting pathetic.
What did you expect from this website?

Ask AMD what 'FREE' means


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No replies in the DB for this post!

Why don't you guys have any <style>?
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Karlie please go away

Im trying to cd but I'm not going anywhere. I also tried to rotate 90 degrees and continue straight several times but I dont end up where I should.
Wow, way to be misogynistic you bigot

Is blokada legit or is it gonna steal my bank account info?

It appears to work, but im afraid to trust it 24/7
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Is that pic real? Fucking based.
google says it was porn
fucking idiot looking at 12 years lmao

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@62208439 (You)

Could you try that again? I didn't get my (You) ;(((((
oops sorry friendo!


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