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I thought /g/ would support and promote this. Are you afraid that you'll be a liberal and get disapproval from your chinese cartoon forums full of high school dropouts?
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Encryption and onion addresses are the future.
>wanting net neutrality
Fucking commies.
we don't all live in burgerland

Hi guys, since in /tpg/ recommendations are often about suggesting cheap laptops that value the build quality more than power, which is great in most cases but I guess many of you still need power at a cheap price, I thought I could make a slightly different thread.

Thinkpads/Elitebooks/Latitude etc... Are fine for general programming, note taking in uni and all of that.

But if you need a graphics card or a better CPU cause you want to do some modeling or game development, but you're poor as fuck, I guess you can trade off some of those laptops' great build quality and take a look at these:

At least here in Germany, this is the best price/power deal I've found. HP generally is the best in this lower tier with it's cheap laptops. For those who don't know the AMD A12-9700p, it's CPU is almost an i5, and it's GPU is on the range of a GTX 860m or something like that, basically an entry level to actually manage some graphics power on your laptop.

Feel free to suggest other cheap laptops with decent specs!
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If you're poor as fuck you should get a job.
What if you need a laptop to get a job?
No such thing.

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I want to buy a new laptop. Problem is all comes with windows 10 and even though I want to switch to windows 7, there are no drivers for windows 7 for new laptops.

What do?
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don't buy a new laptop pretty simple as most windows 7 OS's are not supported on kabylake or Zen based CPU's

Ether accept used or accept the botnet windows 10.

For better saftey its better to go windows 10 IMO
>install Gentoo

In that order
I have a laptop that came right before Windows 10 came out and I installed Windows 10 on it anyway.

Because I installed Windows 10 Enterprise and used O&O ShutUp10 on it.

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How do I erase my internet presence? I need to disappear for a bit, and don't want to leave any traces.
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You can't post that!
Destroy all the datacenters that have your information on them.

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is there anything more fun to program than your own game engine?
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Yes. Play your own gaming engine.
Slow down anon, we've got 12 more years of development and feature creep before we start actually making anything.
programming your own DAW
programming your own 2D CAD
programming your own programming language
programming your own paint software
programming your own GIS
programming your own in-house software that drives other devs mad

>Any benchmarks tested in DX11 are apparently null
>you have to use this very specific ayysync DX12 benchmark otherwise you're a greedy nvidia jew
>Already wait for Navi
Seriously? Can AMADs just accept popular benchmarks? It's always gotta be catered specifically or it's false. Watch Day 1 benchmarks be cast to the side and wait for drivers.
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Adored tv has said vega isnt fast enough and Nvidia is more than one generation ahead of AMD in gpus.
Wait until his next video where is shows nvidia is using backhand tactics and Vega is secretly an undercover Titan XP
that would be the case if drivers where made and tested the same way as Nvidia but lets be real AMD is not even half the size of the big Nvidia corp.

Its really down to drivers the hard ware is over engineered but the gaming profromace and real world benchmarking isn;t there because the driver is not using the GPU correctly

If a GOU is sitiing 100% load in agame or Professional app
then its driver is using 100% of the gpu which is good.

But look at the first launch of the 480 that useage was very bad and it shows in FPS numbers.
that is bad driver utilisation.
ITs happening with Vega because its still using the old and outdated Modded FuryX driver which doesn't use all the functions of the GPU

this is why utillizeations take alot of time On AMD
If they where smart thye would of hired more people and not less.

anytime a bissiness cutts back its less money and more debts this is why job cutts only work in the short term and not the long term.

Ex R9 380 and Current GTX 1070 owner.

I watched both Adored TV and PC perspective and both made some sence on the matter of AMD.
the driver frount needs to be taken more seriously than it is right now
I mean the 300 series is still having the down clock issue in fallout 4 where in places with less gpu power is needed the gpu would down clock but it would do it so low that it would crash the fallout game making it almost unplayable with out the program "ClockBlocker" that stops then downclock in game.
I hear the 400 and 500 series is uneffected by this bug but it lets amd's credibly down.

Inb4 meme's

No this is real talk.

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should i be worried about the hyperthreading bug in skylake/kabylake processors?

i tried to update my bios but the latest version is dated march, i`m using the h110-mk motherboard and an i3-6100

mind you i only use my pc for gaming and shitposting
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g-guys help me..im scared
No, it doesn't apply to you.
>I was using product fine
>Found out it has a opcode bug
Fucking retards, I swear to god.

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How do I stop wanting to buy a new monitor? I have LG Flatron W2243T right now.
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You buy a new monitor.
I want to lick her feet
Just fall for the 4k meme already you pussy

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Please list all the websites you can think of that shouldn't be given your hard earned tendie tokens/ goodboy points.

My suggestion is namecheap.
1. To transfer a domain costs as much as they they charge per year, which is already inflated.
2. Domains not pointed at an IP are pointed to an sleazy ad network.
3. 'Coupons' for 2 cents off a domain renewal.
4. Renewal costs for domains change seemingly at random.

Fuck em.
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obviously namecheap, godaddy too
What is this hairstyle called?
Black Chocobo

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>your old family member finally gets on the net
>you try to warn to them about ads and shady as shit sites and you tell them they won't get money or become rich or win anything
>later they tell me they are looking at some sites to answer some fucking surveys and shit for money (most likely scammer surveys)
>I tell them I was afraid of that shit happening and tell them they should just stop with it
>they get pissy as fuck at me instantly and it's none of my business what they do

jesus christ just kill me now I don't want to deal with that shit and now I'm certain I will have to
it's like a fucking grown ass baby wanting to touch a hot stove despite you telling them not to because it will burn them

old people + technology.. what a nightmare
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Why do you care what other people do?
Because I will be the one they will come whining to first, asking to clean up any mess or mistake they do. Otherwise I wouldn't give a shit.
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They gotta learn the hard way. I remember when I was a kid and got virused up from limewire, never backed up etc

>This cool basketball american will make old thinkpads cooler than macbooks and turn 2017 into the year of the linux desktop

How does that make you feel?

Will you still use your old Thinkpads with GNU/Linux when all the normies start using it? Or will you switch to windows and say hurr durr i'm such a geek i can use windows without getting viruses lol

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>watching monkey videos
Take your racist attitude back to /r/the_donald, bigot.
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Daily reminder that KDE is the pinnacle of desktop PC environments, and that using any ricing distribution like Arch or Gentoo means that you lack creativity and replace interesting work with never-ending useless configuration.
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Budgie > XFCE
Daily reminder KDE is not a distro and can be installed on any "ricing distribution" and there is nothing wrong with Ubuntu or its flavors
Real "enemy" is winfag gaymen no need to argue which DE is subjectively best
It is. It is Linux OS

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Has anyone else heard of this phone before?
What are peoples thoughts on it and does anyone know where I can buy one online?
Specs: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/samsung-w2017-3864
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Samsung releases stupid fucking nostalgia phones like this every couple years. They're only available in chinkland.
The Japanese prefer clamshell phones, and with IrDA. That is probably the market for this one too.
It's actually android based (marshmallow unfortunately). The specs look good tho. Would get one if it came in black or silver (gold is for chads)

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I figure technology board most fits this question.

I've been looking into this more and more because i'll be moving to a super crowded city where my apartment will be a 20 minute walk from where I live but it's a very hot environment so i'd like to avoid walking that long or pedaling a bike in 34+ heat.

I'm not really fond of the $1500 price tag of the boosted board; seems really pricey considering it's not water proof.

Anyone here own something like this or a product idea I could look into? Thanks.
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Electric bikes works fine. I doubt you'll regret a purchase. Dont buy a skateboard, its literally death on 4 wheels. Those things are scary.
If it's a 20 minute walk, it'll be a 10 minute bike ride if you pedal slowly, which could keep you from getting too sweaty. I live in Texas and the only reason that I am considering an e-bike is because I have a 20 mile commute. Otherwise, you'll probably enjoy the e-bike to get around to other places in your city and to haul shopping home.
Yeah doing more research on it the bike seemed more efficient even if the cost is a bit higher up front.


While i'm inclined to save that money honestly speaking anything to reduce commute times is worth it for me.

34 today with 80% humidity is a no go for my work wear. Luckily it's usually not quite that humid but i'd like to avoid it.

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Would a 144hz screen for a phone be a meme?
and when are companies going to start releasing them?
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Battery disaster.
120Hz iPhone 8.
It would be a meme since phones are almost exclusively IPS LED displays with horrible ghosting.

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