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I write machine codes bro, step up.
Name one reason anyone who already knows C++ should use D
>inb4 mentioning some feature that competent programmers don't need and will slow down the program

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Is this the Casio watch general?

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X1 carbon 5th gen with WQHD screen, 16 gb of ram and 1tb ssd.
Should I do it or just order the FHD one with 8 gb of ram for 300 less?
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yes but use a 20% discount code.
I'm using the 33% off epp thing.
Total is $1594, idk if I should do it honestly, I want it for college and I don't even have a car.
Just get a t420

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>Skylake-X has 58 SKUs
>Kabylake-U has 22 SKUs
>80 Total SKUs

Zen displaced Intel's monopoly overnight, so they're gonna flood the market with so many generics to saturate the market and outsell AMD by sheer attrition. The devastation for Intel must be absolute.
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>outsell AMD by sheer attrition
Ha ha wat?
There's like two Intel SKUs that are selling and are actually worth something.
Intel has been doing this for fucking ever, they have always been shit, console babbies are finally realising their e-celeb endorsed Intel+nVidia build is an overpriced piece of trash and jumping ship.

What. Did you not look at the article? There's 22 variants of the same architecture for Kabylake-U. Skylake-X has 58 variants across a wide variety of configurations, with shit disabled for some and not for others.

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Building a computer soon, and doing some moderate gaming. I'll probably get the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. Anyone know how the drivers are, if installing them takes work or if they come with vanilla Ubuntu, etc.?
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why not a 570?
I don't know anything about graphics cards, my friend recommended that one. Is a 570 cheaper?
Nvidia drivers are shit for Linux last I heard, but were good last year for maxwell, who knows what the future holds?
nothing is cheap right now bc ether miners, ether mining will slow down soon though
what are you using it for? why not use the pc building thread?

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>applied to Google as a transexual with zero qualifications
>they want an interview in 3 days
>I lied and there's not enough time to get hormones or genital surgery
What do?
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fuck yourself?
maybe in front of a camera.
get a wig and dress
dye your hair a weird color. that's literally it

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>languages that enforce OOP
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OOP is good.

Deep inheriting structures are bad.

Composition > Inheritance.

> t. Vadjra Krishna Pajeet
public static void Method(){


Depends on the project. OOP is like any other tool. Good for some things, not so good for others.

Daily remainder openSUSE is superior operation system for your computer.
>zypper is love zypper is life
>rollback with snapper
>best kde distro
>great for gnome 3

>tested snapshots
>as stable as rolling distro can be

Leap 42
>source from SUSE enterprise
>answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything

>it just werks®
>real engineering
>no fagotry
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rpm is the only reason i dont use it
Dear you can use something else

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I'm fairly new to linux, what distro does /g/ recommend a noob like me install? I'm heading to college for CS this fall...
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to add: I just need something reliable that won't fuck me up as student.
or ubuntu with anything other than unity
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here you go lad

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is linus /ourguy/ ?
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No, but one of the interns he had do that graphic probably is.
what board is it? i cant make it out
Pathetic, no wonder 'people' post about this retarded waste of cum so often. His videos and discussion of him should be banned site wide.

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React/Redux is a superior UI paradigm in an inferior language; JavaScript.

Why hasn't anybody ported the React/Redux paradigm to Qt/C++ or JavaFX? Not everything needs to be on the web.
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Why would I want a virtual DOM in a non-browser?

[spoiler]MVVM/data bindings actually suck in non-trivial applications.[/spoiler]
unrelated, but I am currently updating Qt and this shit has been going on for 40 minutes, why the fuck is it so slow
>Not everything needs to be on the web
yes it does. when WebAssembly takes off, that's exactly what will happen. i'll be at the frontlines killing your precious "apps".

If this pic is true by 2023 I declare moore's law to be continuing
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i dont believe in that.
I think the Companies are withholding tech so they can sell you the next 10 Galaxy's generation with little improovements and gimmiks. It would be dumb just to dump the best tech on the market and have nothing to make the next gen with. That way you cant force the customer to buy the newer, better and faster thing every 6 months.

Of course technology in itself made leaps and bounds compared to early 2000's but that ,,new'' tech were getting now is like 4 years old and just got freed from a vault in the coropprate headquarters.
Due to the laws of physics there's only so much we can pack into a small space until the heat generated melts the whole chip, drive, etc. Even if we could get shit into the quantum realm of tiny it would be entirely unfeasible to store data on "quantum" drives as data would get corrupted simply due to the nature of quantum mechanics. Technology will either reach a point where it can go no further simply because of physics, or humanity will need to learn more about the function of the universe in order to create better technology that goes hand in hand with these discoveries.

The only people who think Moore's Law is absolutely finite and will forever continue are normalfags who think their iPhone with a 0.5GHz improvement over the last is proof of Moore's Law, or they are singularityfags who think in only 5 years time he'll be able to upload his consciousness to the internet even though we still have no idea what consciousness even is in the brain.

Believe it or not, humanity is bound to nature just as much as any other animal. The only people who think contrary to that are leftards who think communism will totally work if we just try again.
You're dumb, only silicon burns up the smaller it gets. If you use a semiconductor with a higher number of electrons it can push more electricity. Simply switching to Germanium could go down to 2nm while still pushing decent wattage.

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Does /g/ have any experience with the deep web market ? Is it secure can i use it to buy phones and shit ? (pic related)
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I'm quite sure none of those phones will have any unusual malware installed. Just the stuff that comes with the store-bought version.
But how likely is it that i'll get ripped off ?
They're usually stolen. if it's an iPhone don't be surprised if you get one iCloud locked for good

>if you aren't paying for the service, you ARE the service
if this is true, why does /g/ love FOSS?
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/g/ is kinda "special" and doesn't realize that nearly all FOSS is botnet.
Because most FOSS applications are products not services
Then replace the word service with product in the op

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Can I just remove the firmware from my AT&T router and replace it with pfSense, or is a build or pre-made box way better?
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Literally anything(that's optimally not power hungry) and has 2 good NICs can be used for pfsense.

Your ISP router uses some shitty 500MHz MIPS single core.
Old hardware? Put it to use.
Some atom board? Put it to use
I kind of thought pfSense was x86 only, but I might be wrong about that.

What I did is pick up a second hand computer with this board http://ark.intel.com/products/42490/Intel-Desktop-Board-D945GCLF
for $5 on craigslist and slap a spare NIC in it.

It's a monster (for a home use router) and probably way overkill unless you're trying to do traffic shaping. Any old junk computer will work fine, so whatever is x86 and cheap and either has or can be fitted with a 2nd NIC
If you're building your own router make sure it has libreboot firmware

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