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312c is kill Edition

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>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

>Have a question?
FAQ https://pastebin.com/hrXxMHs9
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.
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asuka worst girl
shout out meek mill
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>tfw not another day
>tfw I remind myself that no matter how many complex anime I watch I'll never get into the KG
It doesn't bother me all that much but I still wish it did.

FPGA thread
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...go on?
I doubt many people here even know what that is, let alone know enough to talk about them. You might want to try /diy/
A professor once told me that these will replace most software. Was he smoking crack?

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remainder to install google killer

run this script every day

>set clicking on ads to "sometimes" in adnau settings (important)
>disable other ad blockers and script blockers
>run script in separate browser
>do not use chrome
>spread the holy word

and watch them die
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>send your IP to trackers so that they can make money off you while you think you're fighting the system
OP is retarded.
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proof of work here, costing google 5k in shekkels
>make money off of you?
and how exactly do they do that shrekleberg, by targeting me with ads?

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hifume laugh.webm
1MB, 960x540px
>he listens to ***lossless*** music
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*she (male)

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Is Yandex Browser any good?

How trustworthy is it?

Will it sell my browsing/account info?

Also why does it use up so much battery?

t. trying to leave the corrupt US tech company product sphere
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open-source firefox us based. firefox baaad. yandex russian freeware. yandex goood.
>not corrupt
pick one
It's another chrome reskin

Can't factory reset thanks to the Kill Switch. PIN and Pattern Unknown
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Give it back, Jamal
BUt the SD card had so many pics of yo Mama blowing mules. The phone has to have more.. Dumbass.
Install gentoo

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What should we do about the increasing /pol/ menace? Is it the adnauseam threads that's attracting them?
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Nothing, /pol/ is here to stay. Adnesium would attract them. But you also have a general interest crossover since your typical /pol/ack who was here before the Election usually visits two or more other boards.
Report them and ignore them. No one gives a fuck about gookmoot. Fuck off with these retarded threads, they are just as bad as the other threads.
bring back desktop threads

What are /g/'s thoughts on Khan Academy? Liberal trap? Cure to brainletism? I'm considering taking some of its course because I barely failed math and science in high school
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It helped a bit going through my calc classes in uni, but i can't say I would do one of their classes. I just use it as a learning tool when I need it.
I remember a few years ago, there was a thread on /g/ about Khan Academy.
It was a long-term NEET who finally got fed up with it and decided to go back to school to try and get a job.

He said he was going to do KA math from basic addition through calculus. I wonder what happened to him.
I did KA to refresh my math skills after ~8 years of doing unrelated work post-college. It got me good enough to take some online courses that involved vector calc and linear without being too slow.

Like anything else, it depends on your input more than anything. If you sit down and work it 2 hours a night you'll be in good shape. If you don't work problems regularly you're wasting time.

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What's the alternative other than GNU/LINUX?
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macOS, it can't get virii
Running windows without any data input (I.E internet, mobile storage connection etc)

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First off, will say, work closely with my computer and CGI thus my company paid a very large amount for my computer-- even my home computer, since I use ut fir work 95% of the time. Got it from a company called Deluge, which (along with one other company in London) go back and forth as the best in the company. essentially, my cp is pretty much like this, only with a window that looks in on it, a fan, and blue lights that blink constantly.

The computer can run an oculus and a a vive fairly easily with a bit of tweaking. Now, I want to take the next step. I have a 34 inch asus monitor (pictured), and thinkinhg about getting either 1 or maybe 2 more and a wheel to simulate driving (Euro trucker suddenly looks interesting, given that Europe may no longer be around in 5 years) and I already have y pilot's license for since engine planes, so with 3 monitors and some other additions I think it could be really fun.

My computer....is pretty much a behemoth but even in the 5 months since I bought it, and tech is racing ahead and want to get most use out of it.

Anyone have 3 monitors and can speak to how it works from them?
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Before it comes up, no, not getting paid by "deluge," they are expesive as shit and "trendy" and unless someone else were buying, I sure as hell would not use them, I'd be building my own machine. Wanted to say that before before start shreking that I'm a shill.

Also, if you had to buy 2 monitors of your own (you already have one 34" Asus), any ideas on which I could buy for the lest money to make up a decent "flight deck" for a flight simulator" without entire thing going to hell???
Bump. Come on, don't any of you mother fuckers with good PCs run multiple monitors from them? There's a few shitty videos on the topic on jewtube by really want someone to explain what I'm looking at in terms of price, pain the ass setting up, how to...distribute the signal so it ends at each monitor and begin anew, etc...
I like men

I'm trying to install Arch Linux, I made a usb drive with Rufus on dd image mode and when I try to do fdisk -l it only shows the usb drive that it's in not my laptop's ssd... help
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rufus and pendrive linux are not very good for distros that require dd

not as pretty, but you could create a VM, install arch there, then dd that install to the USB from said virtual machine
nigga if you're in need of help AT STEP ZERO how do you plan to actually finish an arch linux install

just get a non-autistic distro before wasting your time any further
those thighs are not thick

Why is Microsoft trying to social engineer me?
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i don't get this on mine

windows 10 is confusing, I don't even know what goes on in it anymore

cortana can't be disabled, creators updates, windows 10 s, minions in the start menu

like a big piece of adware doing shit you don't even know
this happens to any piece of tech that pajeet gets his dirty hands on.
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Same thing comes up a couple times a month for me on my work computer

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t43p 016.jpg
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the perfect laptop...

>t43p type body, except thinner
>black or dark color palette
>cpu up to quad core 8mb cache
>memory up to 64gb
>razer blade material
>t420 type key travel except with butterfly switch mechanism
>trackpoint, 3 physical button mouse
>4:3 hidpi screen
>fully free source down to blob-less firmware
>2 x usb-c, 2 x usb 3.0, ethernet, sd card headphone jack, magnetic power plug
>lid latch
>docking station support
>easily servicable with standard screws and no plastic tabs
>no windows key
>5 year warranty with option to extend for original parts
>real quality control and test engineering for linux
>engineers keeping drivers and kernel support for hardware upstream and up to date
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I'm waiting for the G42 chink motherboard.
Socketed lga 1151 processors and an MXM gpu in a thicc 4:3 form factor
the perfect laptop...
You know that you can pretty much design this with the proper knowledge?

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LAME MP3, AAC or OPUS for non storage music?
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>non storage music
Opus. I recently reencoded a ton of audiobooks and got massive filesize reduction at no noticeable quality loss.
AAC for applefags, Opus for everyone else

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How do we raise a few billion for GNU software?

ITT: we brainstorm ideas
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Sell GPL-licensed porn
If I knew of a way to raise billions of dollars, I'd use it for myself instead of for a shitty organization that just takes credit for the work of others
>I'd use it for myself instead of for a shitty organization that just takes credit for the work of others
this, fuck socialists

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