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>AMD has been selling Fake Ryzen CPU's
>AMD has been rebadging Intel LGA socketed CPU's as Ryzen CPU

>today i hurt myself


it is finally over. AMD IS of the bankrupts and the finishes
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>those pitiful cucks in the comments shilling for less consumer rights

I bet the thick cunts voted for Brexit.
What does and have to do with Amazon fuck ups?
>It must be remembered that this issue has nothing to do with AMD, as right now only Amazon users have been affected by this in relatively small numbers. Amazon will need to train their RMA staff to spot fake CPUs, as this has happened in the past.

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Who do you respect more /g/, front end dev or a back end dev? In all honesty, Im going to go with the former
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Your question falsely implies that I respect devs, whereas I actually see them as socially stunted chumps who are easily lured into working 14 hours a day and getting paid for 7.
They don't need to be lured. You can hardly keep them from it.
I respect people who not only know their shit, but also has a profound understanding of the entire stack they're working with. Other than that, it's quite silly to prefer one over the other. I've spoken to C# back-end developers who doesn't know shit about how stuff work, they only know that when they hit deploy in their IDE it just works automagically, and I've spoken to front-end devs that know TCP in and out.

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Arch announces switch to OpenRC

How will Poettering / systemd shills ever recover?

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breaking news
i wish they announced no i686 drop

i'm fucking lost what to use now

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>install Linux
>get a complete desktop with a web browser, image editor, and an office suite
>all in less than one hour, everything works out of the box
>mfw dumbass Wangblows babbies and mactoddlers will never experience this satisfaction
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>Buy Macbook
>get a complete desktop with a web browser, image editor, and an office suite
>all in less than one minute, everything works out of the box
>mfw dumbass Wangblows babbies and nixtards will never experience this satisfaction.
>calls others nixtards
>image editor
The fuck ?

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>be doing interviews for a job
>programming exercise is simple
>make a React component that allows the user to input text, but limits them to 20 characters
>display their remaining character count below
>fucking everyone that comes in can't do it
>they list "senior front end developer" as their title

how? why?
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I only took a course on c++ on my first year on college and I could do that
Feel good and hope you get the job Anon. If you believe that everyone deserves their job titles then you will become one of those office trolls who gets irked by anything political at work in the same manner that soccer moms do.

React is some bullshit meme framework

you know all of those are useless right? everything they can do so can normal javascript.

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what is /g/'s favorite web browser?

>pic related
>is my favorite
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IE is the best browser.
'The Internet' program on Windows 95.
>>61427020 (OP)

And kys's

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/g/ I need your help. I'm selling my old pc parts to build a new rig, but can't seem to find a good pricing for this card. I'm finding it being sold between $250-400
It's an EVGA Geforce GTX 770
Part No. 02G-P4-2773-KR

How much can I craigslist this fucking thing for?
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I'll give you 10 cash ok?
Tree fitty

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First Droid I ever bought. Performed very well. Fast, snappy, decent 10mp main camera, led notification light, and the S4 plus CPU. Anyone else ever own a Droid?
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Best phone I've ever owned
Is that the A855?

>Ameriburgers will defend this
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If the facial detection is used to discover criminals that are already in a database over wanted people, I see no inherent difference in this and automated car plate recognition systems that already exist in police cars.

I'm not American btw.
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>get pulled over for driving 5 miles over the speed limit
>your face is now in the database

You're right, there's nothing wrong with this, good post.
>Machine makes mistake and thinks you're a wanted criminal
>Get ass beaten by cops and arrested
>People will still think this is a free nation.

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What the fuck is flatpak?
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A shitty way to package each program with all the dependencies. Flatpaks don't have your gtk/qt theme or use your font settings, looking like absolute shit.

Windows tier packaging for Linux, cancer should die off already. Only useful for bloated proprietary shit with outdated dependencies, which you should not use in the first place.
Why they need to do that, why there isn't a repo of only appimages yet?
Linux ridding itself of the MitM.

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where i should start if i want to learn to program?
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Just bought this shit off of amazon for a pet project. What else should I / could I do with it?
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make a robot pet
Make a thread on every known forum about getting a memepi
Well firstly you can shove it up your ass and then off yourself you retarded fuck. There is this search engine google. Use it.

>live in brexit-land
>about to have the government start recording your porn habits via your good goy cards
>live in america
>about to have the corpo-government machine control what media you are allowed to consume

wew lad good thing you guys are so "uncucked" with brexit and trump and all :^) things are going so great for you. i'm glad for you all
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we should all move to iraq
>using the smiley with a carat nose
>using a picture of the smiley with a carat nose

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Why do you not use Perl, anon?
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Because Ruby is better.
Great jokes both of you
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Because I don't want to get indoctrinated.
I got my life long dose of Perl a couple of years ago and almost dieded.

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>running lineageOS
>update to newest build
>audio stops working
>SIM card stops being detected
>back up to old build
>problems persist
>change to OMNIRom
>exact same problems persist
>have yet to try stock rom because I can't find it

How the fuck do I fix my phone or is the firmware or something fucked?

I can't figure this out. Every time I search these problems online they are always unsolved!

I'm running a Moto G4 Play and right now its effectively unusable.

How do I figure out a solution? Please help
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Restore from backup :^)
That's what you get for being an autistic "person" and installing PajeetOS.

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