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Builder pepe.jpg
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What certs are you grinding, /g/? Are you doing them during work, or during your free time? Are they free?


>Google Analytics IQ
>Salesforce Trailheads
>Hubspot Inbound Marketing
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I'm studying for the HAM Radio Technician Class license. It is taking me longer than I expected, but the flashcards are comfy.
not technology
What are some certs I should earn if I'm going into IT?

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Companies can use linux and other GPL software free of charge, they can make money of it without giving anything back. They can even sell GNU/Linux systems with their proprietary software hardware and make money without giving anything back. kek enjoy your cuck-os with your cuck license.

It's funny how you faggots call people that license their work under free BSD and MIT license for cucks, because companies can make money off their software and in the next moment brag about how companies (that make a killing) use linux (google, apple and amazon servers come to mind). top kek. nice cognitie dissonanse faggots And you'll just jump with you if you could make your company switch to running Linux, save them money off the free labour of the GPL cuck boys

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Legally, they have to give the source code of all GPL software they ship. That includes modifications. So they are giving back.
It's like the GPL crowd think that Sony couldn't have made their own linux distro and added the same propietary code they added to their FreeBSD fork and made money and not given anything back to gpl software. I bet if Sony did they'd all brag about it, but because they chose BSD instead of GPL Linnux these socialist scumbags bitch about BSD being cucks
No. BSD is cuck-license. BSD = "corporations, get my work for free"

Thoughts on new Rebel?
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It's missing a cause.
Entry level are never a good idea. Just buy older higher tier cameras, live an eos 7D or so...
i will still keep my sl1.
enough for shits and giggles.

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Good old /g/ humour thread
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That isn't funny.
said the trip fag
at least pc has a job.
mac is a barista or some shit.

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At what point did Apple start to gain momentum and build the name the company has today?

Some would argue it was the Apple II (1977)
>color graphics
>first consumer PC that buys didn't have to build to use
>set a standard in the field as to what a consumer PC should look like
>first consumer PC that could display bitmap graphics
>introduced the mouse to the consumer market (although Steve Jobs first saw the mouse and Xerox park and used it because Xerox didn't know how to commercialize it)

I would go with the Macintosh (1984); however, the sales for the Macintosh were disappointing and eventually led to Jobs leaving the company.
>first consumer PC with a GUI
>introduced icons (and with the current Folders and the Trash Box)
>Introduced 'point-and-click navigation'

>that Macintosh commercial
>the brand name of Mac is still running today after 33 years.
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>At what point did Apple start to gain momentum and build the name the company has today?
I mac by Steve jobs. Steve jobs is a great designer.
>steve jobs

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I wanna install Windows 7.
/g/, you will help me with this?

i can backup drivers from installed win10? if not, where i can download it by itself?
difference between 32-bit and 64-bit system?

also sorry for bad english.
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There is a guide at gentoo.org that has all the questions you asked answered.
You are very funny.
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Most drivers will work, you'll have to get stuff like Nvidia (or ATI/AMD) ones manually from manufacturer's website. Ideally you'll install any component's manufacturer drivers over windows default ones.

Get the 64-bit version.

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Anyone else get depressed looking at pictures of old computers / technology?
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A bit. Mostly because I wish I really learned about them during that period, before technology became the shitshow it is today.
It is more depressing that educated people still are forced to use open spaces instead of an office.
it's probably just a university lab hobo

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>110C cpu temps
>105C vrm temps

How did they do it, /g/?
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This is all a FUD campaingn by AMD to tarnish Intel's reputation

So Intel is planning a FUD campaign against Intel with the X299 platform? Did I get that right?
Fucking fanboy

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Old thread: >>61239343

What are you working on, /g/?
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First for Scheme
first for i'll never pass a technical interview and i should go fuck myself
That picture is not okay OP.
You need leave and delete this thread.

Ya know what I mean like...3d desktops (Bumptop)
Uhhh...floating things on your desktop (Rainmeter)
And other stuff
>pic related
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The highest levels of ricing require you to replace your Windows shell. Search for alternatives.
install Android Lollipop
Also some alternatives to default Windows software
Like uhh some custom file manager
Or photo viewer

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RX Vega comes out

i hope it is at least somewhere between 1080 and 1080Ti

RX Vega will cost me ~2x then nvidia.

Nvidia releases a new better gpu 1-2 months after RX Vega.

AYYYYM why you fuck up EVERY TIMMEE???
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Are you okay?
Then the 10 series cards magically start losing performance and vega starts to improve over time.

Then Vega will be rebranded and you keep developer focus and driver updates for a whole other generation.

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how klossy are you.png
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Just how klossy are you guys?
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Everybody is speechless of how awesome are these girls just how awesome are these girls from the bottom of my heart wish you luck austin TX awesome are these girl I just hope you have a great time I'm speechless of how awesome are these girls
I am 4201337% Klossy

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What do you think?
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meme distro
install cloveros faggot
gentoo > calculate > clover >>>>>>>>>>> sabayon

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itouch 6.jpg
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I dropped my iTouch in the sink for like 1 second, completely submerged. I don't have any rice right now. What should i do?
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also forgot to mention, the battery was completely dead
Stopped reading right there.
Normal people don't "drop" things.
>What should i do?
buy an astell and kern

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Doom Sweatum.png
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>get job writing test code for a start-up
>unironically make $60/hour
>basically do nothing at all
>so far have only been tasked to write one sql injection function in nodejs
>asked to work remotely
>they said yes
>mfw literally get paid $60/hour to play CSGO, shitpost and write retard tier code sometimes

and people told me college was a scam
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Get ready to be fired when they budget cut, or watch the startup fail altogether. The fact that they’re not utilizing a $100k annual employee at all screams bad management.
Enjoy the power of capitalism while it lasts.

Until you get married, you dont need stable income. If he is clever frog poster, he will save 40% of his income as cash and use 10% to experiment with cryptocoins.
Lucky bastard. You could live in a Mountain cabin and shoot funz & game all day long...
You could go to the local town and laugh at wagecucks serving your food and pumping your gas...
>tfw wagecuck.

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