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Has Mozilla announced any plans to fix the utterly cucktastic security of Firefox? I mean, look at this shit; four CRITICAL vulnerabilities in the previous minor release. Sad!
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Firefox security is a joke. It's an antiquated browser.
There is no reason to be using Firefox in 2017 now that IE is dead and there are actual competitors in the market. Firefox is bottom of the barrel trash that people only use because they're used to it, everyone I know who used Firefox (literally everybody) is now either using another fork of FF, Chrome/a Chromium fork, or even Edge. Nobody uses Firefox anymore.

Hey /g/, how is that Google AI training going?
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wouldn't know, I'm not poor and can afford $20 for a pass

Imagine a world where you put the poor to work be making them train your AI. Makes me smile that all these freetards are on here that are leleleliterally google slaves.
>paying to shitpost
>being unemployed

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Why can't I block him? I'm tired of seeing him show up as a suggested friend. I am not friends with Mark.
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fucking kek
also obligatory kys for using facebook
Install Diaspora.
Tom > Zuck

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Did any of you managed to get a Vega 64?
Is it really sold out everywhere? Post pictures and comments if you got one.
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Everyone on here was so busy shitting on it they forgot that it was going to sell out within 10 minutes of launch absolutely everywhere.
why would I get 1080 performance for 1080 money but with twice power consumption and heat?
Why is Cara Delevingne crying?

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Any good alternatives for Gandi? Their new layout sucks and makes their admin panel unusable (especially the DNS part). How could they fuck up so bad.

I love them, but this is too much.
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Bump, only neets but no neckbeards here?
I've complained to them too, email man said use v4, v4.gandi.net

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boss asked me to get 3 win 7 pcs and a external hd encrytped, but needs to also work with his macbook and iphone. ive only ever used bitlocker. tips?
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Try VeraCrypt.
thanks! saw it on cnet but wanted to ask the wizards
>external hd
...USB-c to mini-usb cable?

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What's the legality behind OS emulation? I know it's perfectly legal (from case study) to emulate consoles and other software so long as the programming used by the emulator doesn't share the programming used for the emulated product, but has any case been made for OS emulation at the kernel level?

If, for example, A protocol was implemented in an OS to abandon its kernel and emulate NT and Darwin processes which, of course with some extra mingling, would allow programs compiled for mac or windows to be run alongside native applications, would that be illegal? or, rather than do that, simply writing measures to emulate the functions needed to run .exe files?

Note: This is a discussion on legality, not plausibility. Yes, I know it's extremely hard to emulate an OS, and yes, i know the methods i've presented are technologically implausible, but think in terms of how it would be legal, not how it would be feasible
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As long as the code used to emulate the OS isn't stolen from the company that developed the OS, it should be completely legal.
OP, think about it for a moment. Entire corporate enterprises are based on software stacks over an emulated environment or hyperviser. Your question is about as silly as asking if turning on your water faucet constitutes as stealing from your local municipality.
You just reinvented WINE.

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I'm trying to get back into my iPhone but I forgot my password, can anyone help me? Asking for a friend.
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give it back to your friend jamal
return it ahmed
Tyrone, seriously now...

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>No mobile phone
>No email

Did he catch stallmanitis?
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Seems to be Regular Show Skips kind of person: hates modern technology. Nolan is known to avoid green screens as much as possible.

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>have unrelated degree + minor in computer science

Back to school or just get a job?
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I was just do both desu, unless you have mommy/daddy paying or something.
I have a degree in accounting, but I hate my job. Just going to slowly work my way up to getting a masters in something tech related.
why not both

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Johnny Gat baby

>Game ready driver release
Who fucking cares
stay mad, amdead

Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 385.28
The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved
in this version. This list is only a subset of the total number of changes made in this
driver version. The NVIDIA bug number is provided for reference.
***61557; [GeForce GTX 1070][Doom]: The GPU clocks remain running at high performance
speeds after exiting from the game. [1954033]
***61557; [GeForce Experience]: “Any file is missing" error message appears when installing
new drivers updated from GFE. [200306774]
***61557; [Call of Duty Infinite Warfare]: Performance drop occurs with updated driver.
***61557; [SLI][Intel X299]: Low GPU usage resulting in poor performance occurs with the X299.
***61557; [GeForce MX150][Xiaomi TM1604 notebook]: There is no driver support for this
product. [1963863]

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>all cards out of stock
>starting price for all cards out of bundle is $599
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>sold out on release day just from pre-orders
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Proof that AMD poo loos will buy anything they put out no matter how bad it is
@61900941 (You)

>firefox is SJW shit goy
>switch to ungoogled chromium, it definitely does not send data to jewgle
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google is also sjw shit and chromium can't be trusted (https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=786909)
nice bait, everyone's been pushing for Brave, FurryMoon and to lesser extent Iridium
They are still forks of Firefox/Chromium. New browser engine from scratch fucking when?!

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Why would you advertise something to sell if it does not exist?
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Not sure if this means they all sold out or they're just not available yet.

I found two that are in stock! Maybe.
>what are placeholders?

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Have you ever thought about why /g/ complains so much about technology? think for a moment: does someone who knows how to use a piece of software or hardware, get around it's limitations and even improve it by contributing to the community around it, does such person really waste his time arguing about something is bad or not? no, he doesn't.
The thing is you don't know how to use technology properly so you waste your time complaining about it and laughing at those who are in the same situation to somehow feel superior to them. You're all fucking pathetic.
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how can i contribute to Windows 10 community when i don't speak indian or indian english
you're right but this thread is pointless. unless the point was to show everyone how right you are

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