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What's the best tech blog?

Something that gives news, information on new tech, benchmarks, etc?
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Hey /g/uys. I am planning on selling my trusty asus g75vw and upgrading to something a bit more portable. I’ll be able to sell the laptop for around 550. I want to upgrade to something more portable, but more/equally powerful than my asus. I don’t mind getting a used laptop. What can I get in the 5-800 price range? Thanks.
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Thanks for starting this thread OP.

What should I be searching for if I want a laptop with good speakers? My 'HP Beats By Dre." laptop is getting on in years and before you say >Beats I got it because it was cheap and discovered that I never had to even consider getting external speakers for it.

I tried 'subwoofer' but there are only like 2 of them.
Can't tell if you're serious
No I'm completely serious, why would you think I'm not?

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What is the best way to take snapshots on Windows and why is it the snipping tool?
Its only flaw is that it doesn't allow you to paste the picture into file explorer. Otherwise it is perfect.
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>Its only flaw is that it doesn't allow you to paste the picture into file explorer
You mean saving it?
No, literally pasting it. To save it you have to navigate through folders and choose the path where you want to save it.

ITT: Terrible software naming
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man scrot
etoile os.
people keep calling it etoilet

I need a cheap-ish tablet with a pen to take notes. Would prefer to avoid Apple and Intel. Any suggestions?
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) second hand
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S-pen (US and some Asian regions only)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (second hand)
Huawei Mediapad M2
Asus Zenpad S 8.0 (make sure to get the 4GB version with stylus compatibility, not the cheaper 2GB version)

Even the good old Shield K1 tablet has excellent stylus support although these are rapidly becoming collectors items selling 2nd hand for more than the original retail price.

I have a particular interest in the subject as I desperately need an "electronic notepad" for jotting notes at work. Of all the devices listed above the Galaxy Note 8.0 was the perfect size and best at speedy handwritten noted taking, but these are also now becoming collectors items & the tablet itself is forever stuck on Android 4.4

If you are rich, the Galaxy Tab S3 has fantastic stylus support. The Lenovo Yogabook supports stylus too, but I haven't tried it.
Samsung Chromebook Pro.
Surface 4 pro

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What did Windows 10 mean by this?
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>winblows 10
fucking retard
Data sharing my dude. Literally like a botnet.
disk indexing

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According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Indoor Air Pollution is ranked amongst the top 5 health risks in North America.

Do you suffer from any respiratory issues as asthma and allergies or just would like to learn how reduce your Indoor Air Pollution?

Please visit www.hyla-us.com or contact HYLA USA directly at [email protected]
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I agree thanks HYLA USA!!

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>tfw avoiding the botnet on such level that google thinks I'm a botnet
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I got Pass just to avoid that botnet

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>tfw fell for the 4GiB meme 10 years ago
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>He's too poor to buy ddr2 ram in 2017
> not measuring in gibibytes

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Hello, le""literal n00b:""" here

So, I've heard about bitcoins and cryptocurrency some years ago and was really interested in the "mining" process but never really got to study it.

So now I got me lurking about the thing and was astonishied when I found out the bitcoin is like 3k$ no and there are hardwares worth thousands of dollars for mining.

Can someone give me an insight on cryptocurrency or at least a link where it is nicely explained? All I found was sites offering me cloud mining wich is clearly some sort of scam.
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Mining is just a euphemism for blockchain accounting. Miners check the integrity of every transaction and get a miner fee out of that transaction paid out in a certain amount of coins for a certain amount of hashes called a block.

Buttcoins require powerful CPUs, usually where the whole architecture is centered around mining such as ASICs.

Ethereum is strictly GPU based and can be mined from your average gaming PC (albeit only a very small amount). Thats why some people build special 'rigs' with a ton of GPUs, but shitty CPUs and small amounts of ram.

There are also two types of mining "algorithms". PoW and PoS. Proof of work and Proof of Stake, respectively. In a nutshell Proof-of-Work is more beneficial to miners & PoS requires some sort of collateral (although I'm not that sure exactly how it works)

If you're looking at this as a serious living, I'd advise against that. First off the competition is gnarly, with giant warehouses in china dedicated to nothing but mining cryptos. Secondly its a much bigger time sink then people think initially. With setup, modding, maintenance, and upgrades. Thirdly Crypos are very volatile and can have huge monetary swings, making less to even unprofitable for some of the low level miners.

If you want to do it as a hobby and don't really care if you see an ROI or if you have a gaming rig that you want to set-up to mine in its downtime then you can try it out, its not that difficult unless you're a complete rube.

Here are some websites to get you started:

and you can always try reddit. But everyone on their will discourage you.
do you have a GPU? what type?

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Goodbye nvidia. goodbye amd

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watch the vid tho

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Let's see them lads
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>guys look I'm such a 90s kid haha I made Linux look like a shitty consumer operating system for wal-mart toys
>two hello worlds in CS 101-tier languages
why did you post this thread not once but twice after the original one got righteously pruned?
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>Arch with no packages
>just a riced out desktop.
You obviously don't do work on your Arch machine. It's probably a fresh install that you immediately riced (poorly) and came here.

I bet you couldn't even install Gentoo or *BSD.

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Closed source for profit software is terrible. Corporations add "features" (bloat) to motivate users to keep using their shit software. This creates more bugs and spaghetti code, some of which never get solved. Each progressive upgrade makes the software more shitty. Examples of this are: windows 10, youtube, every android google app, tinder, facebook, etc... This problem extends to FOSS developed by for-profit cormporations, like red hat infecting gnu/linux with systemd.
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>Corporations add "features" (bloat) to motivate users to keep using their shit software.
When I read this, I immediately think about GNU.
Open source for free software is terrible.
Neets add "features" (bloat) to expand the scope of their shit software. This creates more bugs and terrible ux, all of which never get solved. Each progressive upgrade makes the software more unusable. Examples of this are: every open source binary
This problem extends to proprietary blobs developed for Linux, like nvidias drivers, no matter how good they are, the system is still to disjointed for anyone to do real work.
I don't know. Google's office on android is much more responsive than any alternatives I've tried.

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I really hate C code monkeys so god damn much.
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Excuse me, superior C code artisan for being C code monkey.
Ikr, ruby er mye bedre
What's your language of choice OP?

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so not only cpu housefires
not only mobile housefires
now intel is going to created automotive housefires!

we are doomed
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>mobile house fires
>automotive house fires
This is why people think amd fags are mentally retarded
who dat?
no they just are the snarted people on the internet. unlike intel cucks. did you know chad thunder cock uses Ryzen CPUs

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