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What are your favorite Indian-based software companies?

I've been using the Enpass password manager for years, made by an Indian tech company, and its interface puts keepass to shame.
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>tfw no qt desi gf
micrrosoft is ok

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Is there an android app that writes over deleted data?

Gonna be selling my phone and would like to write over deleted data without deleting the whole OS.

Unless reinstalling the OS does that?
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nobody cares about your fucking anime photos
yeah b-but muh security
A simple way of doing this is filling your phone with random cat pictures. This will overwrite shit. Then you can delete them.

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Is this legit or will they empty my bank account? Anyone have any experience with using it? Seems to be a bit like PayPal except it's not pure shit.

Seems to have a solid team setup as well
>chink mastermind running the entire thing
>rest are white people
>female employee is a qt in charge of something suitable for women
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dunno felippe has a very long neck so i'd do some research first imo
Robert looks like a jew, would be cautious.
But he's "Business Operations" so wouldn't a Jew be perfect for that position?

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g pooh.png
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What's the odds this could happen to me on a fully updated Windos 10-?
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well it either works or it doesn't so it's 50/50 are you retarded?
how about you do research, idiot.
memz is a joke program and he didn't even run the destructive version
he said he made this viruz and he was in a computer lab with netbeans and visual studio so I'm pretty sure he can code.

How easy is it to hack?

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Does libreboot work with x200's default wifi card?
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should I spoonfeed a simple question?
might do i'd say lik 70% chance
>wifi card

current state of /g/

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How do you know your LTSB/LGBT ISO of Windows 10 you downloaded off the pirate bay doesn't have a russian keylogger/botnet on it
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I don't but my friend is russian and she is very nice so I don't really mind if she needs to share my computer actually
What am I reading
I mean all russian people I have met have been really nice so if they want to share my computer what is the problem? I don't have anything private on it anyway I use a camera that prints out pictures for my photos and I put them up in frames so don't mind if anybody sees them anyway

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>use cloverOS as main OS
>use Netrunner as man browser
>use Chancoin as main currency
4chins is the new botnet.
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How does it feel to be professionally rused?
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What's the problem?

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When trying to bypass subscription windows I know to disable java script but I am curious what the protection some sites use against this is called?
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that's why when you disable it the protection doesn't work

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How did Sony/Japan drop the ball in general when it came to operating systems and platforms? I mean they're forced to use shit like iOS and android and we all know japs hate using foreign stuff. They probably use windows too. Why didn't Sony make an os
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They all did originally but Apple and Google raped them with software exclusivity. The US is a bigger market so everyone developed ios and android apps and they had to give in because they had no gimmick app stores.

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Does people even use this anymore?
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>Give me your ad-free content. Now!
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In most cases you don't even need the gun; literally just asking using HTTP GET works.

Why are social media websites so unoptimized?
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the botnet requires a lot of resources
So many people use FB so who cares. What are you going to do, switch to MySpace.
The shitloads of javascript required to run ads, track your browsing habits and send your clicks to billions of media agencies.

Google and a few other(trackography) has a tool they link which lets you see with transparency what media companies are currently aquiring your data.

Its actually quite an achievement they can aggregate this much without DDoSing themselves.

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pro gaymer shit.jpg
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Gentlemen, the future of gayming is here:


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Why don't you use DC protocol instead of torrent botnet?
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DC was considered literally deprecated and unsafe, in 2001
> unsafe
By retarded faggots who shared their personal info into the network?
not my problem senpai

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