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Anyone here have an old server running and want to make some money with it?

I'm doing particle simulations with Blender and need to render some data sets that will take from 1 month to 6 months to compute each. I will pay for the electricity cost and a small sum on top of that, paid in full in BTC.

I need at least one core and 2 GB of ram, ideally 4GB of ram. And 10-15 GB of HDD space.
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>inb4 no one on /g/ recognizes that this scam is an ACTUAL BOTNET
>letting some nigger remote into your PC so he can download kiddy porn.
I mean it should be pretty obvious, getting one core and 2GB of RAM is dumpster diver tier.

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How do you pronounce it?
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Bunt, like cunt.
cinnamon mint.

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Techmeme is your best option.
Breitbart, infowars and Trump tweets.
They seem to have a bias and also report on topics only tentatively related to technology?

Nice memeing, Richard.

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Is clover os just a meme? I'd like to know more about it. I mean look at this fucking website.

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They designed the logo
All /g/ projects are memes
>I mean look at this fucking website

Functional, straight to the point. Gives you everything you need and nothing else.

Ultra lightweight.

It's the definition of a perfect website.

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Google is coming
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google literally has a whole division dedicated to fighting 4chan.
Has someone tried to put verses from the Bible in there?
r9k-esque experimental board with this in place that filters any posts more than x% likely to be toxic when

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So, months later we finally can understand what's actually coming inside the new iMac Pro. The numbers were meaningless at the announcement. Base GPU being the 56 with an option for the 64. Seeing as these cards are both very good at raw compute, they should fucking fly through shit like Final Cut.
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You know apple is literally run by a sodomite, right?
What are you doing on 4chan?
Terry belongs here more than 2017 lolberals

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When you say that you browser is completely uncucked from Google but still have this shit at the settings page.
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it's a scam. also, a very old version of chromium.
looks like IceCat (which is an old version of Firefox) is still the only secure browser
Ungoogled chromoium is better

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>Want to code something
>Don't know what or why

Anyone else get the itch to be productive but have nothing to do?
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make a webm converter for android

makes 4chan have more OC
Figure out the best compression method for wikipedia, compress it as far as possible, give it a search utility that can bring up pages on the fly. Make it work on android and ios.
>itch to be productive

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Is it practical to buy a new inexpensive chromebook and then wipe the bios with SeaBIOS in order to run native debian linux or is it still a fiddly hack to run another operating system on it?

I want a lightweight long life battery laptop so I can program outside for hours at a time.
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what about those linux laptop

I think they're on chrome like builds

light book maybe?
You're at starbucks. Just get a Macbook to get the full fag package.
A friend of mine I went to college with had a chromebook that he'd stuck in a small Lenovo case and was running Ubuntu on it. It was a fucking hack job, but it worked alright, so I see no reason that another OS would be a problem.

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Is brave really worth using to avoid Google? I heard it's a meme browser. What about firefox? Are the devs really as cucked as people say?
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Stop listening to what people say and stop following every single thing you hear online. Think for yourself, look into the subject, research, then decide for yourself.
>w3m not got tier
Literally worse than reddit
This is /g/ just tell me what browser to use.

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/g/ what's a good android that can be rooted and I can harden the security on it?
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some old piece of shit compatible with replicant i guess
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>good android
> that can be rooted
>harden the security on it
my sides are in the fucking orbit

Apple is for faggots. Stop sucking cock.

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Out of these 3, who is the best to trust with your information? I like the idea of a personal assistant and I'm not sure which one is the best securing the information I would give it.

inb4 none of them
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From hackers? Microsoft.
From the government? Google.
From third parties? Apple.
Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?
Applel + being an antisocial fuck to avoid social engineering.

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>Excuse me anon but I don't see your Facebook, Twitter and GitHub profile listed. Why is that?
>Also, why is mobile phone number blank?
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>I must have applied for the wrong position then, don't wanna be a secretary, marketing or a PR employee, take care m8.
Facebook and Twitter are not listed because I don't have one.
Github should be listed in personal projects.
Mobile phone section is left blank because it's the same as the home phone number. I don't like writing things twice.
you could give them your trip. that's what archives are for.

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Snapchat's latest update has made it unusable on Android phones. Regretting not getting an iPhone now?
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works fine for me
You have to be 18 to browse 4chan
It force closes after a few seconds

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>Scalping by fellow female workers
>Cannot be alone, or false rape accusations
>Nearly going bankrupt from poor funding allegations
>Getting fired for not holding the same ideology as your boss
>hiring people because they are black or not male
>when you are fired by google, they blacklist you and thus shut down any possibility to be hired in future
When will we agree that neo-liberalism is damaging STEM?

>inb4 - its a private business they can do what they want with their workers
The fact that he was fired only reinforces his point, thus making it more credible.
>inb4 - why should i care
because when meritocracy dies, so does the capacity for competent tech. Imagine a world where GNU is programmed by a mediocre pajeet java developer.
>inb4 - go away /pol/
I'm not /pol/. Go away /lefty/
>inb4 - this thread is irrelevant to the board
Not really considering that it has to do with the computer tech and science industry as a whole, and the effect that having a heavy left-leaning bias will have on on the industry, its workers, and its future.
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>4x inb4
You don't have to post here to have a conversation with yourself.
bump for interest
>When will we agree
never, people will never agree on anything, that's the point of a democratic discussion
Unless the topic is that OP sucks dicks, which most of can agree except you, OP

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