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>Everyone and their mother mocks the GTX 480 for it's power consumption and heat.
>Rx 580 is even worse
>Suddenly it's okay

Really makes you think.
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the gtx 480 fiasco was like 7 years ago. Just let it go, man.
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I'm not seeing anything about the 580 running too hot, but its powers consumption is very high
But you do have to realize that 200W for the GTX 480 back in the day was a LOT
300W for the RX 580 today is still a lot, but not as much in comparison to modern systems

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>/g/ mocks ribbit

>/g/ has intel vs amd shitposts and "what language do i learn over the summer" threads

>ribbit has a machine learning section where you can discuss the latest papers with top researchers in the field and QAs with pioneers
>ribbit has news about programming, netsec, malware analysis, and reverse engineering
>ribbit has all the latest spicy linus lkml rants
>ribbit has entire boards dedicated to shitposting, tailored for the taste of the particular anon
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ribbit a gay.

Anyone can use Google and make a Reddit post.
all those discussions are pseudo-intellectual & shallow and they never go deep in the subject though. it's just faux intellectualism for the sake of feeling intelligent and trying to impress fat chicks throwing buzzwords around.
But their sections are shit. Not the /g/ is much better but the Reddit has a lot of problems after becoming the biggest forum in the world.

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Have you taken any steps to move your family away from this spyware OS and its cancerous ecosystem yet? How did you do it? Who was the biggest holdout?
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Just installed Tails in parents' desktop. Looks exactly like XP and they didn't feel a thing
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My parents are divorced but they each call me all the time about malware, adware, and all sorts of stuff they shit up Wangblows with. A few months ago I talked to my dad about using GNU/Linux. He's a libertarian so I explained the concept of free as in freedom, the basics of the GPL, access to source code, and he loves the idea. He's fairly tech savvy when it comes to Windows, and he's loving Ubuntu MATE. Only call I got was him asking how to install work related software from a tarball. Last weekend I installed Ubuntu Budgie on my mom's 2009 laptop. I installed another 2GB of RAM (has 4GB now) and an SSD (500GB Samsung) because her hardware is pretty old. She loves the new interface. I also installed Ublock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere in Firefox on both of my Parent's machines to keep them safe.

GNU/Linux is so advanced now that it's perfect for everyday normie computing needs.

I live on my own and all of my machines are running some version of Debian or Fedora, with the exception of a PS4, a router with OpenWrt, and a couple Android (Lineage OS) devices.

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I'm going to build a new high-end system in the next year.

I've come to terms with the fact I can't use Windows 7 (without doing certain things and relying on bypasses). I should use 10 for security at least.

My question is can you actually control the 34234 ways the system will interrupt what you're doing with popups/forced updates, etc ?

I will not tolerate that shit.
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Win 8.1 and disable system updates. Run them when you feel like it.
Windows 8/8.1 is literally the worst Microsoft OS since Vista.
That's win10

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mpv uses .io
so use a different em?
Too bad it was a pussy-ass whitehat. Should've just let it rock and redirected them all to goatse.

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Is OLED a dead meme already?
I loved mine but that shit literally burned
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Don't use it for desktop PCs.
I'm looking at this picture, and I can't tell what it offers over my current IPS monitor.
You are not supposed to look at a picture in your IPS monitor

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How do you deal with a smartphone overheating? I downloaded one of those apps that's supposed to "boost" and it said my cpu was 113 degrees Fahrenheit. I admittedly do use my phone a lot and it has been 100 degrees in the area I live. I go for walks pretty much every day as well. What would you do to in my case to keep your phone cooler? I mean I do have a last gen phone so maybe with its age this is by the numbers?
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My phone is a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
Stop wrapping your phones in padded fucking rubber condoms, and stop dropping them like fat fucks or buy one that can take it?
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>I downloaded one of those apps that's supposed to "boost" and it said my cpu was 113 degrees Fahrenheit
The app probably made it worse, honestly
And to keep your phone cool if its waterproof just bring some cold water to put it in when it gets too hot ( I have actually done this with my S5 when it got too hot )

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How would I go about running a Python script involving strings on a NVIDIA GPU with Linux? I'm aware of PyCUDA, Numba, and PyOpenCL but it appears these can only be used for float/int data types. If I'm mistaken about this, I would love to be corrected.

It seems odd to be that there is no easy way to just run a script on a GPU with CUDA/OpenCL, regardless of what data types are used.

Help me out here, /g/.
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Why exactly do you need to run a python script on a GPU?
I'm doing security work requiring billions of guesses a second which necessitates computation on a GPU.

Meant to include in the OP: Any other strategies on how to do this without a GPU are also welcome.
GPUs are not exactly like CPUs in the sense that you can just "run" a program on them. You have to write your program with a library like https://developer.nvidia.com/pycuda to send work to the GPU from the normal execution environment.

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Can we please stop pretending that GNU is free?
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Fuck off, Microsoft
Linux is only free if your time is worthless
inb4 gnu slash autism, it's just linux
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Nice try, State Department.

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Okay fa/g/s, be serious because this will concern all of us.
In this century, robots based on sophisticated AI programs are expected to completely replace manual labor and be able to accomplish things that we can't even imagine at this moment.
But my question is, on which framework will this advanced AI be based on?

It is likely that the capacity of the classic Von Neumann architecture has reached a bottleneck. The size of the computers just can't shrink anymore. Since AI based on machine learning requires enormous proceeding power, it seems that even if we can develop the best programs, there's no way to implement them on every house or factory without using a cloud system.

So for those familiar with quantum computing, will it be necessary that we set the next step to the quantum field?
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i want a robo waifu
OP needs to google "cognitive computing". DARPA is funding remaking the chips to operate like human brains already instead of Von Neumann chips.
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It seems /g/ doesn't have much aspiration after all.
Good info, thanks.

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>use windows 10 since it's easily the best OS once you discard the telemetry
>don't use a password on my OS
>let others use my computer freely
>help software developers by letting them report program data
>use autofill on almost everything
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>Not using a Macbook with cp in cloud storage and passwords stored on desktop.

Fucking amateurs.
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Good Goy!

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So /g/, have you measured your total input to output delay on your computer? My camera has a high framerate function (480 frames per second) and I decided to check how long it took in total for a mouse input to make an output on the monitor. I checked normal Windows 7 (moving a folder with the mouse around on a black background), and a few videogames.

It was more than I expected. After reviewing the footage and counting frames, the total delay between moving the mouse to seeing a change on the monitor was anywhere from 0.058 seconds to 0.139 seconds. At this point I'm wondering what is causing such delay, as the computer isn't exactly old and I tried it with older games.
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Do you have v-sync enabled? Is your monitor 60 Hz, and not 144+? Those could be important factors.
60hz monitor, Vsync not enabled, computer is barbaric overkill for the games I tried. Monitor should have 6ms GTG, google seems to say input lag of 17ms, so total lag of 22ms.

That still leaves around 36ms of delay somewhere, in the best of case. Fallout 3 was around 130ms total delay, so like 108ms of delay not from the monitor.
What mouse were you using?
Also try testing with Linux

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Old: >>61297629

>Not sure what private trackers are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the highest possible standards of tracker service by providing members with opportunities for professional development, by recognizing technical competence through examinations and by advancing the interests of its members.

FAQ https://pastebin.com/SLdgTiuc (embed)
WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers.
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I'm taking a course and I need to write equations. I know of tools like Mathematics (to solve and graph) and a lot of markdown editors, but what I need is a note app that let me write my own equations as a LaTeX editor and viewer. I need the tool let me export my documents in pdf too. Can you help me?

>Also: I hate how a lot of markdown apps only have edition mode and not view mode, and I hate the limitation of pdf exporting tools

(I'm in spain, so apologies if I write your language as a dickhead)
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>everything needs to be an app

save the equations into your fucking calculators memory
LyX, don't listen to autists telling to go balls deep in LaTeX just yet, LyX is more than good, is easy (pretty damn easy), and more than enough for any type of equation. And yes, you can export to LaTeX and PDFs.
this, and if you know Markdown and find that easier for most notes than typing LaTeX commands but also want the power of LaTeX equation syntax, the program pandoc supports a Markdown extension including LaTeX commands.

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Where's the option to do it later?

Did M$ literally force me to accept their terms to continue using my computer?

Is this rape?
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Holy shit, is that screenshot real? I don't use wangblows so idk. That reads like a legit threat from a cartoonishly evil mob boss.
>Hurrf durrf I don't need no updates
>Halp gee my stuff is encrypted and some Russian kid is demanding bitcoins
You are this retarded.
You think I'd have to lie about this shit?

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