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>Open-source makes it hard for us to develop some features "in the clear" without leaking our plans too far in advance.
>Because of the above, our internal development, production and “feature” branches have been moving further and further from the “canonical” state of the open source repository. Such balkanization means that merges are getting increasingly difficult
>We are actively moving away from the “monolithic” version of reddit that works using only the original repository. As we move towards a more service-oriented architecture, Reddit is being divided into many smaller repositories that are under active development.

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Oh boy, I can't wait for more reddit friends to join this website and contribute with their high quality posts
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4chan isn't open source either.
Go somewhere else redditfag.
You're not welcome here.
>4chan isn't open source either.
>/g/editors refuse to use Windows because it spies on them and it's closed source
>they use 4chan anyway

This really activated my almonds.

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ITT: Tech celebs/devs/entrepreneurs who you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life threatening injury
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Damn, dude. Calm down a bit.
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I'm closing this thread down.
Fuck off poetering

Can we have a trackball thread? Ordered a Elecom Huge this weekend and I'm now currently waiting for it to arrive. I also own a Logitech M570.
What do you think of trackballs, /g/? Do you own one?
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Post a review. It's a fingerball so I hate that shit automatically.

There other trackballs are great though.
Hopefully it arrives before the end of the day.
>unironically preferring thumbballs


Any particular reason why you don't have a Facebook account, anon? You realize that "Facebook is a botnet that doesn't respect privacy" is a pathetic excuse?
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If you think having privacy is pathetic, then why would I want to be on a platform for socializing with you and people like you?
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>implying facebook isn't a load of garbage content by garbage people
>doesn't use SMS
wow you sure convinced me with those arguments, Shlomo

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20 please uninstall Windows and move to Linux
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Time for a new PC.

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How safe is it to put information on Evernote?
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super safe
If you have to ask probably not safe enough
what is botnet

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ITT: Heroes that fell from grace
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they literally used the numbers for jews to kill them faster
Real hero
Big corps has always been abusing customers. No heroes here. I'd say Google, but they have been out of grace for the most time of their existence.

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/g/ help me pls

I installed ubuntu 17(newest one(tried this on kali Linux too)) and when i plug my mouse in a USB 2.0 port it does not work, However when i plug it in a USB 3.0 port, i can use buttons but it wont move at all.

The mouse works fine, I'm 110% sure that its not the mouse.

Legacy USB Support in BIOS is enabled.

Please I'm pulling my hair out over this shit

I am able to access the terminal and type
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So other then the I'd you've provided zero information nice bait
buy a new mouse?

> merchant.mp4
do you have a 10 series graphics card? i had this problem with my 1070. switched to igpu and had no problems.

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Hey I'm looking at getting a music player so I don't have to use up space/data on my phone. Here's what I'm looking for.

>SD card expansion

As I don't know much about music formats I'd take advisement on that for sure.

Currently looking at pic related.

What are your experiences /g/ ? Is there anything else I should be looking for?
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It WOULD be nice if charging was done over USB-C so I could connect to my car also.
just get an ipod
use .flac as your fileformat, convert all your mp3 files

And this won't screw around with anything if I were to, say, remove the DRM from a bunch of apple music files before putting it on an iPod?

(meaning it wouldn't somehow recognize them as being tampered?)

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Is this website legit?

According to its GPU side https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_value.html the best GPU performance-price wise is Radeon RX 560 ? Is this right?
Is this website good reference to keep track with hardware?

Recommend me something better?
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>Recommend me something better?
I meant better website to be updated with hardware not the GPU
Passmark is complete and utter trash
Ok , Im new so I dont have any arguments. I stopped tracking hardware years ago and now I want to get in again.
Recommend me better website for hardware news and benchmarks?

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>Google is a botnet
Bullshit. Give some actual evidence that Google is stealing your private information or tracking you.
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Um, what?
They have their scripts across multiple sites to track you. It's called browser fingerprinting.

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Post your virtual keyboards
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This one is the fastest for me.
There you go

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A consignment shop accepts a product for sale and sets an initial price. Each
month that the item doesn’t sell, the price is reduced by 20 percent. When the item
sells, the item’s owner receives 60 percent of the sale price, and the shop gets
40 percent. Draw a flowchart or write pseudocode to represent the logic of a
program that allows the user to enter an original product price. The output is the
sale price, the owner’s cut, and the shop’s cut each month for the first three
months the item is on sale.
input initialprice
set firstmonthprice = initialprice * 0.80
set secondmonthprice = firstmonthprice * 0.80
set thirdmonthprice = secondmonthprice * 0.80
set ownerfirstmonthcut = firstmonthprice * 0.60
set shopfirstmonthcut = firstmonthprice * 0.40
set ownersecondmonthcut = secondmonthprice * 0.60
set shopsecondmonthcut = secondmonthprice * 0.40
set ownerthirdmonthcut = thirdmonthprice * 0.60
set shopthirdmonthcut = thirdmonthprice * 0.40
output firstmonthprice
output ownerfirstmonthcut
output shopfirstmonthcut
output secondmonthprice
output ownersecondmonthcut
output shopsecondmonthcut
output thirdmonthprice
output ownerthirdmonthcut
output shopthirdmonthcut
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What's wrong with the method on the picture?
Comparing A and B, than AB and c would be a better solution?
I must be an idiot too, I cannot find the issue with op pic code.
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>fizzbuzz the primes under 100

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any one else here /fuckamd/ mode?
just updated my drivers and now i cant use my rig for anything cause of the wattman 150 mhz bug im extremely fucking pissed i was playing just yesterday now i cant even warthunder in anything else than the absolute lowest settings with graphical errors
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downgrade your drivers, duh
>updating drivers that aren't broken
You actually asked for this.
i tried downgrading but it persists.

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>tfw another day wasted on /g/ instead of doing something productive tech related
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How did you know?
Didn't know you post the exact same garbage here
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You should come up with a project that you'll never follow through on to make yourself feel transiently productive.

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