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How fast is your internet connection, and how much do you pay for it?
Pic related, $9/mo.
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I pay 10x that for the same speed
very fast internet downloading at incredible hihg speed costing very little money
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auto adblocking.png
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Time to drop my bags :((( Just kidin only have about $24 in my inital invesment
i need tabs tho, and having an easily accessible switch to block/allow scripts is quite convenient tbqh
>lightweight privacy browser by mozilla
looks good!
>google analytics built-in
t-thanks, nu-Pozilla

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Do you use CCleaner everyday? Or what's the best interval to use it?
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I don't because I'm not using winblows.
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i buy pro i run automatic background remove every hour
I don't think it's needed in Windows 10, I haven't done any cleanup after upgrading to W10 2 years ago and everything is still as fast as it was the first day. Microsoft really outdid themselves this time.

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Help please.
My computer is making odd noises.
It's through the speakers, not the hardware
It's going "boop-boop" really low, not high pitched.
Already scanned and nothing found
I cannot discern a source for this sound
Please help
>pic unrelated
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motherboard speaker? probably some sort of code
Record that shit
Aliens sending you s message

>12 employees
>massive warehouse
>2x 250k cameras
>2x detached houses in Vancouver, Canada, where a housing bubble values all homes at $3 million minimum
>all while juggling a wife and three kids and managing the Linux kernel

How does he do it?
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The cameras cost 250k each?
>managing the Linux kernel
So that's why the WAN show is always late

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>this is what applefags actually believe
Jesus Christ.
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Wait, are customers actually angry because someone in china leaked a product announcement 1 day in advance?

What the fuck?
The game industry eats this shit up and loves leaks no matter how minor it is.


Companies deal with leaks all the time.
The dude handwaving the leaks is stupid.
The dude sperging out over leaks is stupid.
Why do people always gotta choose a side when both parties are very clearly demonstrating they lack any brain cells?

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Vape is tech. Vape saves lives. Let's talk vape. Share your day-to-day setup, juices you've been digging, and new stuff you're waiting on. I'll start.

Quit smoking with a Kanger SubVod, but quickly found out it was pretty shitty for higher VG juices and a serious leaker, so moved on over to a Sigelei J150 with the Cleito tank, and have been doing great with that for like a year. Recently switched my tank to the Cleito EXO and am loving it. Truly leak proof, and actually makes the 0.2 coils usable. It hits a bit less substantially than the original Cleito, but it's a small price to pay for something that will never fuck up your pockets with ejuice.

Bought an Aspire Breeze for vaping in more precarious situations (like on a nature hike) a few weeks ago too, and am fuckin' loving it. Gets a huge amount of flavor and cloud for its size, and the coils last up to two weeks if you're using thinner juices. Never leaks. Charges real quick.

Been digging the WTA juices from OMVapors a lot lately (particularly Omega and Cobra), along with the Baja Splash from Mittens, and a bunch of different citrus Naked 100 liquids. WTA liquids are great for killing the occasional cigarette craving. You just puff on it for 10 minutes or so and the urge disappears. Then it's a piece of cake to stick with the regular nic juices for the rest of the day.

Waiting on a Lavabox M DNA75 mod, which I'm going to use with the original Cleito tank. Once that arrives, I'll have a relatively future-proof nice 3 vape setup.
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>being a nu-male
I have a white Kangetech mod and I don't use it anymore because I have a shit tank. I'm thinking of getting an RDA but don't know what to look for. I'm using a shitty chink RDA that has a single hole the size of a flea.

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What's the best way to learn HTML?
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by writing html
Get off your ass shitposting on 4chan and actually learn it. It's not hard.
I'm learning using this. It's awesome

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looking to change career to IT, are the compTIA certs worth it?

my background: criminal justice grad, 3 years working in office setting post grad in an auto claims office. i have average computer experience, i've built my own computers etc. nothing advanced however.

any suggestions to landing my first job? should i get certs? CompTIA or MCP? i imagine i need to start with helpdesk.. any personal stories getting into the IT field appreciated.
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They're a money grab. But they look good on a resume if you want an entry level IT position (small companies) or repair tech job at a retail store. Focus on applying your existing experience somehow, and gradually move your work towards IT. Small companies are amazing for that. You may have a better chance avoiding certs right now and availing your existing computer experience where needed.
Net+ if you know nothing about networking

Sec+ If you are pretty good and can take your knowledge to the next level
They are good if you know absolutely nothing on the respective topics and need to acquire a baseline. You will probably find A+ fairly easy, maybe something like Network+ a bit more challenging, but nothing killer.
They are also good for passing HR standards and getting your foot in the door if you have no social capital to leverage.

Being more blunt: It's pretty cheap and can't hurt. Many entry level positions advertise it as a requirement.

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>pay 600$+ for a chink phone
>it doesn't even last 1 week
Xiaomi is fucked
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>drops his phone
>it's the fault of the company who made it and not the dumbass who dropped it
hmmm really makes me think
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>pays $600 for a phone
>too cheap to put a $10 silicon case on it
OP confirmed dipshit
You should have spent those $600 on curing your Alzheimer's.

Secret picture of the camera dongle for the new iPhoneâ„¢.
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>we're proud to announce we've made the new iPhone smaller, thinner, and lighter than ever before
>by removing expandable storage, the headphone jack, the camera, and the battery, the new iPhone is slimmer and sleeker than any other phone
>in the world
Tbh I would like a phone without cameras.
Some companies require their employees to cover both phone cameras

Why is there no doodle today? It's Sept. 11. Even breast cancer gets one...
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the "l" is still standing

weird, thought there were two or something
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hint: there is:

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>removal of the search bar to make it look more like chrome
>removal of legacy addons in hopes of Chrome extension ports
>tons of Chromium code already in Firefox
>Pocket Botnet can NOT be removed completely and returns after every version upgrade.


Firecucks, feel free to defend this. Firefox is not better than any other browser and there is no point in wasting time on this slow piece of shit.
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>a challenger appears
Use ESR 52
I've switched to Vivaldi quite some time ago.

Is it worth getting a replica watch. Where can I find some decent replicas for the poorfags wallet. I've been looking at yjwatches dot com.
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>replica watch
buy a casio you faggot
parnis, but ask in the watch thread faggot.
>the year of our lord 2000 + 17
>wearing a wristwatch

Well grandpa I hear you cam get good knockoffs from AliExpress.

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Is lisp a meme, or is it as good as Richard Stallman says it is?
I'm from a C++ background.
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Currently I program in C because it's the only language to make libraries that can be easily used from other languages, also I do some projects from time to time.
When ever I'm programming in something that's not Common Lisp I wish I was programming with Common Lisp. I love the macros, and if you don't like something you can modify the parser.
The language is sweet, too bad that there's no statically typed common lisp. Deploying applications is also ugly because you have to pack the whole runtime with your application or tell users to install lisp.
Sounds too good to be true. I'm currently learning emacs, maybe I can get some lisp knowledge out of it.

Thanks for your help!
if keeping track of the exact number of open brackets and closing them at the end of a function is annoying, why not define a symbol or command that instructs the compiler to close all open brackets?

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