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I wanna switch from jewpple to android devices but apple watch is just too good. Is there anything on android side that's just as good?
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Yes. Pic related
can i receive calls and text though this
Useless features.

If you are searching for a growing and exciting company where you can be “part of” and not just “work for,” then our company is the answer for you. We are currently looking for enthusiastic and skilled professionals who are focused on delivering results and exceeding expectations.
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Delet this
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I wan jobb!!!
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>Clearly Indian site
>No! Indians!
>>clearly Indian site
How so?

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Sup guys

So I bought a new psu today Corsair tx850m

Installed it (replaced older model with same w) and one of my drives died. Doesn't show up in bios or computer management no clicking starts up but doesn't sound like disc spinning.

Double checked I had all the psu wires plugged in correctly then I noticed a bunch of paste/glue? All over parts on the inside of psu (pic)

Could that of caused this issue? Any pointers on fixing issue?
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That's glue and no, it does not cause drive damage in any way. Drives die eventually on their own.

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how secure is your password /g/?

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Nice try CIA nigger.
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thats actually a pretty secure password

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I'm in the process of ordering parts for a personal project and need to find out if it would screw anything up if i ditched the slide switch and went with three SPST switches instead.

This would mean I would have two wires connecting to the same solder point on the pcb in at least two places.

>pic related. Left is what it is. Right is what I want it to be.

Don't pay attention to the color of the wires, I only made them different colors so that it would be easier to see.
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what if you left the middle switch 'on' by accident while switching on either one of the others?
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out
without knowing what connects to what nobody can help you. but i think you'd be better off just getting the switch that's intended to be used as it saves from user error.

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>"I care about my privacy"
>uses Windows 10
>uses Chrome
>uses Facebook
>retweets Snowden
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GTFO normie
if only you could understand how retarded you are for using that derivative of the non-reddit term
Yeah, it's sad.
It is also sad that the same people probably post here.

Kill yourself please.

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Is z80 a good program to learn coding on, or should I start with C?

My end goal is to make a game like Link's Awakening, and I already have some documention regarding how to code z80 in regards to making a gameboy game

I've tried many game making programs but action battles systems get too complicated

So you may ask then why would I try to code z80, well at the advice of another I should go all the way down the rabbit hole -- I'm okay if this takes years to learn

Any advice, /g/? Thank you very much and I do hope my post is not outside the etiquette
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I loved that game.

Use a C compiler for the Z80. Here's one;

Chances are that outside of this game, you won't be using Z80 again. If you find performance issues, rewrite parts of the code in ASM.
If you can't sort yourself out with action battle systems in game making programs then you're going to have motivation issues learning asm.

Prototype the game you want to make with something like love2d and then move onto C->z80. You may think it's a waste of time but you'll learn a lot about coding from making even the shittiest games. If you're doing this to learn shit don't be worried about stealing sprites either, just rip all the link's awakening sprites so you have placeholders.
z80 is a cpu, not a programming language. you could learn z80's assembly language but it would be a slow procces, i think you should program the z80 with c, that way you actuly know something useful at the end

/g/: I just did a fresh install of windows 7; whats a good antivirus for it? One thats always up to date with their definitions and has a good detection rate.

>inb4 commone sense 2017
You're the ones that have been ratted and dont even know it
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Install Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes. Run an occasional Malwarebytes scan and just exercise common sense.
ESET NOD32. Very lightweight.
Also disable Flash and Java in your browser if you have them installed.

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Hi all,

This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.

Last time: >>61486850

Today is the last day at PDXLAN. Last stop is the big reveal at SIGGRAPH 2017 on July 30th.

The latest:
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sub 1080 performance in most gaymes
Same price as 1080 for the WC version
Twice the power when OC'd
Struggle to get 1750+mhz when OC'd
That's my bets for vega

Seeing as w're waiting for 18+ months for navi is the 1080ti a good investment?
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>Twice the power when OC'd
>another GPU thread
Oh, even another retarded shitposter.

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can I optimize my build... is this true and if so how ?
i will truly appreciate any kind of feedback thank you
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>spending $135 on a 550w PSU
>spending $220 on 16GB of RAM
>spending $460 on a GTX 1060 6gb
>buying an outdated intel 6700k CPU that won't make use of all the features on the $250 z270 mobo you chose
>getting z270 mobo for a Skylake CPU
>2-pack of LED casefans
>AIO watercooling meme on your first build instead of just getting an equally competent, no mess CPU fan cooler
everything else is fine tho

are you memeing?
get a r5 1600(x) and a b350
In terms of spending where should i buy my parts [what would you suggest]

which processor do you suggest i buy ?

>getting z270 mobo for a Skylake CPU
what do you mean by that ?

should i skip out on the led fans and the liquid cooling system will do the job ?

what do you suggest for a fan instead of watercooling ?

thank you for the input

Just got some birthday money and I am looking to get a new main monitor and headset/mic for my gaming PC. A friend recommended me the Corsair Void headset


and a 27" 144HZ Asus monitor


Anyways I haven't looked into buying a headset or monitor in over 5 years and was just wondering if there are better bang for my buck options without going lower than 144hz or 24", or if anyone has any personal experience with these specific products. Thank you!
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27" is way too big, stick to 24" nigger
Get the 24"/144Hz. 27" is too big for only 1080p.

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sony vegas doesn't utilize 2 cpus? =(
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>he fell for the "you need many cores for movie editing" meme
I actually edit rarely, I got 12 cores to shitpost desu
Can you use x264 through Vegas? I know from experience, x264/5 thrives on high core count chips.

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Who had more technical expertise
Gates or jobs
What about Wozniak
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gates > woz > jobs

there are people here who would unironically put woz first, but i dont think anyone would be deluded to put jobs first
>there are people here who would unironically put woz first
Because he should be first.

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Most patrician model
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>Manlet edition

That's a cuck phone and you know it.
how the fuck do you view anything on a phone with a resolution of like 400x800 on a 4.2in phone
>t. normie who puts his grubby ham hands on an $800 oversized phone that will inevitably break from drop because its so thin
>SE never breaks from drops
Anybody who needs more than 720p on a phone is a normalfag phoneposter who needs to die

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