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All memes aside, I want a fully functional, secure, and fast browser with good extensions, bookmarks, no issues with video playback especially Youtube, reading PDFs, has customizable GUI options, no bullshit.
OS: Win 7 for now, mostly for general use.
I don't want to be part of Goyim Chrome's botnet. I just want an equally decent product that is not contributing to the 1984 of internet.
>Bonus points if you can give me something like this for an Android phone as well.
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Have you tried Firefox?
Firefox is all you need.

>Google buys Motorola
>Google sells Motorola
>Google buys HTC
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Cool, HTC is better at making phones than Motorola ever was.
HTC might have some useful patents Google wants to posses. Otherwise there’s no reason for Google to want to buy HTC.
They realized it's cheaper to buy the whole company and scoop out the patents rather than deal with licensing from them

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is this easy enough?
I dislike other complex things, but in jsnode you have so much freedom, so much liberty, so much flexibility
I hate C or JAVa and their restrictive behaviour.
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what's the easiest language to learn and to get an easy going job?
I'm not very smart
> javascript
Hasn't starbucks banned 4chan on their hotspots?
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>CD literally able to capture all of human hearing
Why do people fall for the hires meme?
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>if an average human can run at 5m/s than nobody can run faster
>if I don't need it, it shouldn't exits
Weak bait
To fully appreciate 24bit audio you just need to have a room quieter than the quietest recording studio, NASA level playback equipment and volume loud enough to cause permanent damage.

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They already got them in Japan, and the west needs to copy.

Sure they are proposing to do pretty much the same thing in the west, but also planning to charge much more, 20$ as extra option when out a hotel room which averages about 60$.

If one really wants to see things really take off, then they need to start off cheap.
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Just keep in mind that these guys film you masturbating so that you don't steal their equipment.
roasties on suicide watch
If you're paying for sex it should at least be with real flesh.
Or at least super-future tech realistic sexbots that cost hundreds of thousands.

Were there any good windows phones?
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No. Even if there was a Windows Phone with good hardware, there's almost no software support for it thus making it a brick.
Nope. ^this guy is right. Even a $40 640 is pretty fucking useless.

Is this the official /g/ watch?
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We don't know if the watch software is proprietary or not
What is that sexy thing?

I have 5000 USD at my disposal, I have invested in cryptocurrency so I guess that's why, does anyone know how I can get a PS4 devkit without having to have my own Corporation at fucking Sony, thanks
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Any indie dev can get a dev kit, just file the paperwork and pay for the licensing and you're good.
the software/hardware probably has a lot of unique ID identifiers so if you try doing something stupid they will track down who did it (you)
w-w-w-why do you need a devkit, anonkun?

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>trying ipv6 for my lan
>u wot m8
>ip a add ::2/128 dev lo
>ssh -L '[::2]:9091:' hurr

i will tunnel through over 9000 machines to the moon and back without any port conflict (liek an abstract spaghetti :3) and you won't make me use gay shit like a proper vpn or having an outer ip address that is reachable from the internet because it's not behind hundreds of NATs (yeah thanks dorm).
what was the rationale?
also ipv6 adoption laughing thread.
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akaza akari is best yuru yuri
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I respect your opinion anon, but for me it has to be yui. Or maybe ayano, I still can't decide between the two
pls eggsplain this to a tech luddite

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What are you working on?
What do you plan on learning?

Old thread: >>62296062
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Thought for the day
Having strings compute their hash when they're created and use that for string comparison
second for op is shit
Better thought, have a generic hash + value container that works for more than just strings and lets you avoid modifying the string type.

I'll paypal 20$ (or whatever currency you're in) to the person who helps me find this case I've been looking for 5 years now.

Pic related, it's best described as an old gaming-ish case, the peculiar details about it were the fact that it had a front bay cover (much like a storm enforcer, or a define r2), plastic feet on the bottom (that could swivel a bit too), and TWO HUGE ASS leds on the front, just like pic related. I don't remember if they were red, pretty sure they were.
The power button was in the middle, just like pic related, and the interior were not black like newer cases but GRAY, as this is a case from the 2003-2008/2009 era.

Help me on this and I'll gladly pay you. Thanks.
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OP HERE, one more thing I just remembered
If I recall correctly (I might be wrong) between the two huge lights there should be a small flap where two usb ports + some more shit was hidden, it was really far down, like in op pic where I left a white rectangle between the lights.

Help me out please thanks
/g/ is a slow board, don't keep bumping so often or your thread will be removed

How do I make Pale Meme not look like utter shit? FF has become SJW garbage and Chrome is a botnet.
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by installing firefox 57
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>SJWFox GayLover vTrans5Queer7
I like using the Opera skin for Pale Moon. (PMOpera)

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>don't pay for software you like
>people that make software you like won't have money to make software you'd probably like
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>don't pay for software you like
>other people will pay for software you like
>Lepra posting
she has nice tits and pussy.

It looks like one of Intel’s marquee foundry customers just jumped ship. SemiAccurate has been saying that Intel’s vaunted 10nm process is not commercially viable, now we are seeing the first fallout.

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So, i bought a P70 a little while back and man . . . this thing wants to update constantly.

Literally every time i turn it on its updating. Just not i opened it up and the bitch was updating the BIOS.

Out of all the Lenovo bloatware still on the device what should i get rid of? There's an ass fuckton of it. And do i really need to be installing updates nearly twice a week?
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We're not your tech support, and certainly not your Windows 10 tech support. Ask this on https://reddit.com/r/windows. Also install Fedora.
Agree. Install a fedora on your head
Fuck windows 10, its the Lenovo suite shit thats updating.

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