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What was the first computer software you bought with your money? Gaymes and pre-installed Windows don't count.
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Half Life 2
excluding games, learn to read ffs
Half Life 2

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White wire for +ve or -ve?
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> a thread died for this
Do I just have to solder them for speakers?

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Whats the deal with /g/ just hating iPhones because they're the superior tech? there's nothing wrong with not being able to afford a good phone, aslong as you've got a roof over your head and food on your table there's nothing to be mad about.
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What is up with you and being so dedicated at spamming this everyday
Don't bump this
if you`re talking about software i agree,
but superior tech all-in-one samsung wins
What's frustrating is that you see how Apple deliberately leaves things out for the next generation devices

for example that freesync knockoff 120hz display from the iPad Pro, you don't get that shit on the iPhone X

3GBs of RAM, just because otherwise the thing wouldn't be obsolete fast enough

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>considering buying a macbook since I travel a lot and need a business grade laptop
>no MPC-HC for mac

What's the best alternative so I can watch "muh anime"
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>business grade laptop
something or other you will have to pay for. think most mac users use VLC like the plebs they are.
mpchc has been deprecated for years now.

What do you guys keep on your everyday carry USB? I'll start:
>Firefox Portable
>Various VMs
>Win10 Ennerprize
>Network traffic monitor
>Deleted files recoverer
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>I'll start
Literally no fucking one care about your pathetic life, you dumbfuck.
Don't be so rude. I care OP

I don't have a decent sized USB yet, but I plan on getting a 128GB one for
>multiple distro installers (arch-anywhere, debian, Gentoo, Windows 7/10)
>super grub2 disk
>LFS distro that runs in RAM and proxies all networking through Tor/i2p
>encrypted 16GB partition
>Tons of software like MS Office/Libre Office

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what is Jony thinking?
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>someone get this fairy away from me he smells like linens and grids
>this homo don't know anything about tech
>they don't know about the prism 2.0 3D face data collection used to make the matrix witg every single person being 3D modeled in it in a permanent apple™ utopian virtual world (in swift)

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So I've got TOR and zero interest in illegal pornography or darknet markets.

Please help me cure boredom.
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Please respond
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Go http://google.com and type in "naked girl"

they have exposed beasts on there :O

op is a faget

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Maybe they were just ironically releasing it?
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I guess those buying it will also watch 720p YIFY rips so it doesn't matter.
>apple users
>using torrent software
also you forgot that the only way to play downloaded videos on the iphone without third party chink malware-tier apps is to convert them in itunes in a specific mp4 format.Enjoy rencoding your entird movie library for this shitty device while android has been supporting mkv for ages through FOSS apps
Mp4 is just the container

hi guys, i need a particular advice, not asking for tech support this could be interesting

bought pic related from amazon, around 10€, usb3 hub, works well. but they didn't include a 5v power adapter and used an obscure small port for it so basically you need to buy it from them and it costs another 10€.

i'd like to use multiple peripherals on a hub but i'm not going to pay for this scam

opened it, ripped the power port and soldered an old 5V nokia charger on the pins. the problem is: there are 3 pins for the power port and i don't think one is for ground, i guessed the polarity and got it right (there's a led that lights up and there's power coming out of the ports, it powers a led lamp), but once connected to the computer the hub is recognized only if the new 5V adapter is disconnected.

so i guessed "maybe it's in overvoltage if both cables are connected" and i desoldered the positive from the usb cable but at that point (of course) there was power coming from the adapter but no connection with the pc.

anyone wants to guess what's the problem? right now i resoldered the positive and the hub is working flawless, i'm just not using the power adapter.
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Does it actually take a 5v adapter? Maybe there's a switching ps inside and it needs more on the input.
On the outside there's written "5V DC", I don't know what the the third pin could be
Is there still power coming out of the ports when you plug it in usb?

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I'm a total noob at coding (I actually started just a few hours ago), and I'm trying some python exercises.

I am asked to
>Compare a variable “user_guess” to a variable “hidden_answer,” and tell the user whether the guess is too low, too high, or exactly right.

Just for fun, I even tried to make the program keep asking the user for a number until he gets it right.

Pic related is what I came up with, and it works, but how can I avoid repeating like a nigger the input for the user_guess variable after each conditional?
Is there a more elegant way to do this?
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Think about how the interpreter moves through each sequence of instructions in your program. If you set user_guess to something like 0, and prompted for user guess just after your while loop, what would happen?
just remove line 9 and deindent 12?
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>prompted for user guess just after your while loop
Yeah, I didn't see that while I was thinking about it the first time, now I see it.

Pic related works the same.

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Show me everything you've got installed in this moment.
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Apart from the obvious Chrome bait, may I ask why you installed the Intel backdoor?
Name a better office suit, fa.m

Hello /g/

Mechanical Engineering undergrad here.

In cryptocurrency mining using graphics cards or ASIC's, or even just in server rooms, waste heat seems to be a large untapped resource that could be used to reduce the power consumption of the components.

Using a small thermoelectric device, the temperature differential could be used to drive a voltage which could be used to produce a small amount of energy which the component could use, to even say reduce the power consumption by 1-5%, which for a 150W graphics card could turn into a substantial saving. Especially when the manufacture of the small thermoelectric device is fairly cheap (£5ish), whereas a new graphics card (say rx 580) is £200-300.

Do you guys think this idea could form a decent dissertation paper?

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Everything you mention already exists, the only new thing you're proposing is applying it to a different use-case. So I don't think it would be very suitable for a dissertation.
Not high enough delta t propably
Pic related doesn't generate electricity ever moran.
lern to TEC.

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Install gentoo wiki is currently down so i'm asking it here

so /g/, i want to pick a linux distro but i don't know why people shit on systemd

explain what's wrong with it?
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Install Solus.
Windows is simply better.
Nothing wrong with it.
/g/ hates progress.

Who still i7 920 here?
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I'm still running q9550.
>He fell for the i7 meme.

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How can batteries charge faster than they expend energy? doesn't that break the first law of thermodynamics?
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How can I fill my car's gas tank faster than it empties while driving? doesn't that break the first law of thermodynamics?
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it cant
chargers compensate for loads while charging

also capacitors allow faster output than input

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