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>in b4 it's nothing but more mobile shit
>desktop shit not revealed for another few months

I doubt it, think they will show entire lineup as it's 8th generation "family", it's going on sale in September.
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I have 2 usb2 flash drives and I was thinking is it possible to merge them (raid0 style), to improve the read and write speeds, and use them as a single faster portable flash drive that just takes up 2 ports?
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i dont know

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>mpc fags pretending to not be btfo

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Is this possible in real life?
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Yes. Here's a few easy steps:
1) gas yourself
2) try again if failed
My good man, you can. And you should.

Sure, but it'll need a large power budget.

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Stylus battery dies.
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>not using Wacom
You know that particular model uses replaceable AAs
Made sure to get passive stylus on tablet and graphics tablets for this reason :/

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How much does unlimited bandwidth really cost?
What hosters/hosting provides it?
Is this what colocation is for?
How much is 20MB up & down?
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There's no real price for unlimited bandwidth. ISPs still have to pay for every MB. It's all about the average consumption by users, $/MB, operating costs and profit margins.
ISPs don't pay per MB, they have mutual peering agreements with other ISPs and backbone providers. Read about peering agreements and how BGP works.
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For 1U server hosting, is it rare to find unmetered transfer?

Data transfer cap is at 20 TB. That is a constant 8.48 MB/s for a full month.

Whats the point in learning any HTML and shit related to being a web developer when websites like squarespace are so much easier and cheaper to use?
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There isn't.
What's the use learning to cook when you could just overpay for restaurant food that you can't customise and even know what the fuck is inside?
What's the point of anything

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>be software developer
>have indian boss
>willing to shit on coworkers good work
>gets offended when you shit on their outsourced indian contractors work
>asks for your opinion
>discards it
>be the indian even other indians in the office hate

Why does the tech world suck so much?
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>mfw first post proves OP right
if you are looking for an echo chamber move over onto Reddit
Begone butthurt Pajeet,
relieve yourself in your designated shitting street

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Hey /g/
I'm looking for a replacement for my X220 (Fell for the meme with the T430 then fell in love with this little machine) for preferable less than 1000CAD (probably used for that price point)

Here's what I'm looking for:
-Decent resolution 14-15 inch display (IPS if possible, None touch)
-Good keyboard and trackpad (X220's trackpad is way too tiny)
-Solid build quality
-Decently powerfully i5 and preferably a dedicated graphics card for some light gaming (CSGO at 1080p would be nice)
-Low weight (Doesn't have to be a razor-thin ultrabook just not T series weight range)

Any input is appreciated
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x1 carbon? For a little bit more. Or a second hand machine.
>Low weight

What is the cheapest, sturdiest phone that can run whatsapp and take photos?

Need a cheap beater. Pic related would have been perfect, but no WhatsApp support
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Just look at some chink shit.
Motorola E3
Oukitel K10000 Pro/Max

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How the fuck do you watch blu-rays on a PC? I bought OJ: Made in America blu-ray boxset and can't watch it. Yes, I have a blu-ray drive. I googled the issue and it seems like I don't have some licenses. I bought the fucking blu-ray what licenses do I need? This is so frustrating. I downloaded some licenses pack. Nothing. Tried like 5 different players. Nothing. How the fuck can I watch the product I legally bought?
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This is why you should pirate, (((they))) shouldn't get the gibs until they deliver their product in a proper way.
1. insert bluray disc
2. download a drm-free remux of the disc
3. play that instead
You download the BR rip from the interwebz and watch that. Also saves a copy on physical media.

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Why did I buy this and what the fuck can I use it for
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how big is that?
That looks pretty comfy, fa.m

What did you pay for this?
250 aud

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Something extremely weird happened to me the other day, I hope some experts on /g/ can shed some light onto this.

I was browsing and looking at youtube videos as usual when I clicked on a new video. For 1-2 seconds my whole PC seemed to stutter a bit when suddenly I heard this immensely loud, high pitched sound coming from my headphones. My ears were literally getting raped at what felt like max volume. I instantly removed my headphones and thought for a second that the video I just clicked started off with a screamer. I looked at the sound tray icon and muted it, yet my headphones continued to emit this high-pitched, max volume beep for a good 30 seconds. It seemed like the headphones themselves generated the noise.

I seriously don't even know where to begin when it comes to troubleshooting. I run a pair of akg k702 through an asus soundcard.

I know /g/ isn't tech support but this just freaked me the fuck out. Now I don't know when to except another screamer out of nowhere from my headphones. I have to add that I was extremely sleep deprived while this happened so maybe I was imagining things. The pain and shock from the loud noise felt real though.
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drivers, maybe your headphones fucked off
who knows
You need to ground your headphones by sticking the connector inside your anal cavity 60 in deep for about 30 minutes until it's discharged
sounds like you've fucked your drivers aynon

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IRC: #studygroup on irc.rizon.net

Imagined as a study group for people who don't have study groups irl, and who are not doing that great academically. Everybody is welcome to come and hang out, pitch in, get advice, and stay for the work atmosphere, not just people from EE or people who stuggle.

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>IRC client?
There's millions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_Relay_Chat_clients
Maybe the quickest to try out would be Chatzilla. Install it, open it, type
/server irc.rizon.net
/join #studygroup
and voila.

>Productivity tips.

>Countless ebooks.

>Getting your life back on track RPG.

>Pretty okay online resource.

>Youtube channels
hello CIA
The app look nice, I'm installing it right now.

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Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?
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No, I am just advertising Intel®Core™
i'm going to core inside your mum

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