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Sign up for success.
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>not 17.10 daily builds
enjoy old packages
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>not lubuntu
>but not bad either
Ubuntu MATE is far superior.

If systemd is so bad then why is literally every distro using it?
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Oh boy, here we go again...
If Slavery is so bad, why are 18 million people slaves today?
People think systemd is bad BECAUSE so many distros are using it.

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>current rig was built in 2011
>thinking about finally building a decent gaming rig again
>get informed on current GPUs
>fucking bitcoin miners driving prices through the roof
>the card I'd have bought was already above the MSRP and just spiked again

From 436 to 545 Euros in 1 (ONE) FUCKING MONTH. A 25% INCREASE.
I know I'm late to the party but what the fuck.

Fuck this shit, I'm not going to build a new system with those prices and neither should anyone else.
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... and?
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cool blog, where can I subscribe?


Had the same thought today mein Freund.

Conclusion :


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>laptop keeps making the skype notification sound
>I have never installed skype on this laptop
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>tfw botnet wants you to socialize
If you use Windows 10 and are signed in with a MS-account, Windows will install the app version automatically. Stupid, really.
I'm running a fresh install of Manjaro.

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When do we get to break away from binary as the core of computing?
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Nice try SJW you can't push your quantum genders on me
once they publicize quantum computers
so, never
im sure they'll come out with it after graphene's used up its time

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Best Graphic Cards to OC

I have read that rx570/80s can be OC to higher than 1070s, is it only for mining or is it all a meme

Ive a HD6770 more a less since it came out and im still pretty happy with it since i dont need much graphic power, mine gayming years are sadly over, but i really like to OC stuff..
Also i bought it long long ago for 130€ and did a OC right away what go it doing performances even higher than most of 200ish€ graphics by the time.

So whats the general opinion on new graphics and overclocks, theres anything 100€ish worth that can shame some expancive stuff?
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only for mining on the 480/580
>>>/biz/ back you go
Graphics cards aren't like CPUs where OCing makes a big difference.
All graphics cards generally OC 10-15%, 20% if you are really lucky.

This might put a GPU on par with a higher up model in the range, but that higher up model also has the same OC potential, so the relations all stay the same.

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How do you respond to people who tell you that you shouldn't care about the current state of tech industry because you can't change it?
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point out a spelling error
That there's women and niggers in it and stuff? Cant solve the grand dilemmas of our time in a fortnight.
Maybe they're right. Maybe it needs to implode. If the sjws keep coming then soon enough it will.


>4 thread CPU in HEDT
>slower than 7600K
>uses more power than 7600K
>same price as 7600K
>higher TDP than 7600K
>but no integrated graphics

what happened here?
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Let's not forget
>X299 mainboard prices
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Nothing goy, what do you mean?
You're not funny.

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>he has an icon for the command center on his desktop
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Nice thread
Looks like shindol
nice underage idol

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Didn't even stay in his new office for more than a couple of months...

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His channel is dying, not surprised really.

He needs to get rid of his new autists, that fat kid is REEEEE level.
I haven't watched since all the drama with Wendell. Logan seems to have gone full JUST mode. The state of his... everything.
I honestly forget that he even exists until I see these threads. Then I go back to not giving a fuck.

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>AMD has shipped a driver package with a psychological switch: Toggling from “gaming” to “pro” mode results in nothing aside from a black flicker and the obfuscation of WattMan – an already broken option – and Chill, of arguable merit to begin with. This toggle is built to make you feel like the GPU is doing something better, but it’s actually not; the performance is exactly the same between modes, and the only change is that “pro” users cannot see the buggy mess that is WattMan. Perhaps that’s the benefit.
Vega confirmed to be biggest fraud card of all time.
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pretty sure they just didnt want to include the vega RX drivers in this package because of
>muh unoptimised drivers
Nice. Backs up the theory that the drivers weren't ready and that by the time RX Vega launches it'll be a beast.
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>AMD literally launched a product with drivers that have a button that does nothing
I'm first on the fuck goyvidia train but jesus christ AMD

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Thoughts on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed m8s?
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pic related

next question?
Pretty nice once you set it up properly

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>Get 4000$ laptop(how the fuck do they cost so much?) + 2 monitors
>Tens and tens of software packages which are bloatware, shoved down your throat
>Startup time is shit because of this
>Cannot update Firefox, because it rolls back to the company ESR version after the fucking FORCED restarts after each new bloat software, like Screenpresso.
>Cannot use GNU/Linux to do my job, have to work around the Windows limitations
>Forced internal network, a lot of ports are blocked, cannot even fucking clone from github. We had to set up a hidden SSID
>Gray open office space, everybody comes to work to fill the time(automated system that tracks the time you spend at work)
>0 enthusiasm from people

I thought this company actually did something cool(when looked from the outside), it's actually a dead end, and I mean DEAD.
1 more month...
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Stop trying to rice your works computer, use it as is and stop being so autistic.

This is why the majority of people here are NEET
How about instead the retarded sysadmins stop forcing such tripe on them?

remember when you thought having heaps of led's made you a badass?
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>remember when you thought having heaps of led's made you a badass?
yeah, me neither
>try to buy LED strip
>90 bucks for 6 feet

why is this?

i'm in sweden btw. There is literally no cheap LED here. Even fucking LED lightbulbs cost 50 bucks while good old regular incandescent bulbs cost 4 bucks
That looks pretty cool, like I want to take mdma and techno dance like it's 2008

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Am I fucked? Should I replace this drive? I've only been using it for a year and a half.
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get it replaced it is obviously defectve
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Speccy says it's all good though.

Who do I trust?
it's not about the condition perse
it's about the fact that it already, after such a short time, has any reallocated sectors at all

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