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>A browser using memes from 2013
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Firefox got really sad over the past few yrs, now it's turned gay on top of that. Shame.
It's still good meme
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No wonder. Nightly is run by feminist cucks anyway.

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>Be me
>Join Cyber Security club at my local university
>Everyone in there has a bulky gaymer laptop
>even the professor
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>cyber security club
>local university
I mean, what did you expect? To actually learn something there?
I thought everyone on /g/ was being a contrarian faggot when they said university was worthless but now... maybe they were right.
>Cyber Security club
I gotta ask what kinda club is that?

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When did computers stop being inspiring for you?
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When it became a job rather than a hobby.
Never. They went from being a toy, to a window on the world, to what seems an infinitely flexible tool.
ran into driver politics.

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There almost seems to be thousands of open source game engines out there, which one's are actually worth a damn?
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make your own
I've been dicking around with 3D game aet creation and game engines for a couple years now.

I'm convinced the real 9th circle of hell is gonna be forced to collaborate with /g/ on creating a game using nothing but blender, gimp and open source game engines. I'd rather scoop my eyes out with corn holders desu.

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Post software that any self-respecting /g/entooman should avoid. I'll start.
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anything windows. windows is for kids and illiterate people.

If macs are so good, why does Sagiri use a Wacom® Contiq© tablet running Microsoft℠ Windows™?

Checkmate applel autists.
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Pretty simple; the apple products have better colors, and the Japanese don't like coloreds.
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Damage control.
because she's japanese and the only thing Apple sells well over there are iPhones.

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can't game on it
Why haven't you?
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>50% RAM usage on desktop

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Is open office still a thing? What's the latest greatest free alternative to Word?
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Not free as in freedom but WPS Office is free to use for GNU/Linux and looks identical to MS Office and works as intended
I'm on win 10
>works as intended

If the intention is getting literal ads and news articles from your word processor. Even with the downsides, it still manages to fuck up the layout regularly.

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nice memeia shill
The interesting tid-bit he left out is the software backdoor that can turn any computer trusted.

In fact a family member of mine had their iPhone 7 plus unlocked after their kid tried to unlock it too many times and they forgot their apple id login info. They took it to a chink and it literally took just 1 hour to crack it.

Apple security is a joke.

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"Do one thing and do it better." It won't.
Before we start discussing whether systemd is good or bad, I'd like someone to tell me WHAT systemd is.

Speccy thread, probably going to buy a vr headset soon.
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Oculus or vive?
What does your battlestation even look like with all those external hard drives?
fuck off

What is your mobile computing device of choice?
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Personally I use a 13.3" 1080p Dell inspiron 2 in 1. It's light, gorgeous display, 6 hour battery, easily serviceable and only cost $499. Threw an SSD in it but it still only has 4gb of ram.
I kind of regret not getting a tablet like in your picture. I didn't know that a core m3 7y50 is roughly equal to a i3 6100u. It has be recondiering the new MacBook(non pro).
Waiting for raven ridge to make a call. If AMD can make an APU as powerful as say an OC'd rx 460 and an OEM fits it in a portable-enough chassis I'll be all over that.
It also looks like Intel's 10nm may bring about as much a 25% increase in battery life in comparison to Kaby Lake. That would be incredible.
I could do just about everything I need to on a big smartphone but they're so much more expensive than a laptop that I just said fuck it. A flagship smartphone is like $800, I could get my laptop and a gtx 1060 6 for that money.
2014 MacBook Air

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I am.
Evolve to Devuan OP
I'm never gonna leave my Lenny

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>you'll never invent general/strong AI from your basement and become recognized worldwide
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Sorry, your NEETbox isn't powerful enough to do that in the first place.
It's unlikely that your hardware can run this anyhow.

Plus vast majority of shit that gets done isn't one person anyhow. Sometimes it all gets misattributed to one guy, but that too is a mistake.
>those assumptions
We have no idea how to make it right now, it could be a lot simpler than what we would expect

>Plus vast majority of shit that gets done isn't one person anyhow.
Breakthroughs can very well be done be one person, and this is what is being needed in the AI field since current technology like machine learning and shit is nowhere near AGI

>Headphone purchase advice:

Please put some effort into your requests and questions.

If you dislike a suggestion, explain why and try giving a better suggestion to whomever asked.

For sub-$50 headphones and IEMs, check out the infographic in >>>/g/csg

>/g/ wiki headphone FAQ:

Previous thread: >>61949708
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I linked the wrong one, this is actually the previous thread: >>61956384
Who is this semen demon?
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HD600 trash here.
What's your setup like, Anon?

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