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How to transform an email address into a honeypot to receive viruses for reverse engineering?
What are your ideas /g/?
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ask FBI
why not just set up a new one? i don't understand the question
Create email
Subscribe to everything you see
Post your email everywhere
Go on sketchy porn sites
Subscribe with email
Log into email (in a VM)
Check results

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hey /g/ i want to get back into PC gaming but my tower is rather outdated and wasn't too great to begin with. i'm primarily looking for a new CPU and graphics card, can you recommend me some that wont send me into bankruptcy? also my knowledge of computers and parts is rather slim so forgive me
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pic is of my dusty, sad tower
>PC gaming

Grow the fuck up

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>he thinks """space missions""" are real
Will humans make something that will catch up with voyager? Or even pass it?
How it communicates with earth?
Does it transmit radio waves to all directions?
How long it takes to get signal from voayager?

I want to watch Bluray on my PC monitor using my PS3
I tried connecting the PS3 using an HDMI cable directly to my monitor. Now of course I get the video but no sound since I'm using my speakers on my PC.
I tried to connect the PS3 using HDMI directly to my PC but when I switch channels on the monitor I don't get any image. If I manage to do it this way I'll get sound as well since it'll be connected to the PC graphic card HDMI output right ?
If so how do I get an image this way ?
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Ur retarded.
PS3 allows to pass the audio through an AV cord. Video through HDMI, audio through AV. If your speakers don't have RCA input, grab an RCA to 3.5" jack adapter, I'm sure it should exist somewhere.

My speakrs don't have RCA or a jack input just a headphones output... Logitech X230
> or a jack input
Bullshit. How do you connect them with a PC then.

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Whats the best release/version of Chromium?
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Chrome, botnet and all.

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Are there any right wing alternatives to SV? I don't really want to work for some evil megacorporation hell bent on committing white genocide (not that they'd even accept me). Are there any alternatives to the SF Gay Area with similar appeal to younger people like myself?
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Alternatively, there's Austin which is the containment zone for faggots in Texas but at least taxes aren't retarded and you have a chance of hiring more similar thinkers here than in commiefornia.
>white genocide (not that they'd even accept me)
go back to /pol/ with all of your fellow brownfags
Google wants you to think America is communist China, I wonder what the reason for that could be.

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How do I send an email with a spoofed address without being filtered as spam?
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i dont know

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Firefox addons.png
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Are you ready for the WebExtensions apocalypse? What are you doing to prepare?
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Embrace it, I guess.
I used to use Auto Hide Sidebar but with the imminent demise of XUL extensions I'm forced to use this /chrome/userChrome.css hack:

@namespace url(http: //www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);

#sidebar-box {
position: fixed !important;
top: 65px !important;
left: 0 !important;
overflow: hidden !important;

#sidebar {
min-width: 10px !important;
max-width: 10px !important;
height: 1015px !important;
overflow: hidden !important;
opacity: 0 !important;

#sidebar:hover {
min-width: 200px !important;
max-width: 200px !important;
opacity: 1 !important;

#sidebar-header {
display: none !important;

#sidebar-splitter {
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>all of your addons have already been ported and/or replaced

Does anyone here use a Pi as a small home server? Instead of one of those VPS things I'd like to use one at home for some programming / school fun. I was thinking of trying Gentoo or a BSD for this one (I have an Arch, have used all the normie distros in school/work).

Some other questions:

-How's compiling on it?

-In how little time could I configure it to run screenless with only SSH to meddle into it, if I'm used to installing Arch (ie. my install got fucked up multiple times by the Windows image also living on this computer).
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well for starters im not even sure that gentoo runs on it
second it takes literally seconds to get it running headless
go for raspbian or void, nigger.
Yup, there's an entry on the Gentoo wiki of Gentoo running on it, they advise compiling on PC and chrooting into the SD installation, but I'd like to use it for some idiotic remote compilation service I wanna try doing.

I'll look up void, thanks

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I have a router where only 5GHz actually works. 2.4GHz wont let me connect even with the right password. I tried a factory reset and it doesnt work. Tried making 2.4G open and it still fails to connect. I tried using my phone and my computer to try connecting during both attempts and now im out of ideas. Is there anything i can do short of replacing the router?
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connect using a cable

you can thank me later
what about stuff without ethernet genius
connect to 5ghz network

This MP3 player was bought in 2005,It has been with me for many years
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i salute your mp3, Gj.
you will end in the ballhalla of the vinyl disc, with the big boys
but can you install gentoo on it?
>buttons guarded by a raised rounded rim
>screen well protected by being centered and under protective shielding of the case itself.
that's just brilliant design. wish phones looked like this.

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Why does this happen? I'm not asking how to fix it, I just want to have a discussion about it and why it happens. It seemingly does it whenever it feels like it with little space actually used
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Microsoft is compressing screenshots of your desktop and sending them back home
And no, it's not a joke
Slow drive, try an SSD

The more simultaneous write attempts are made from an HDD, the more the needle has to jump (you hear a rattering) and the slower the overall write speed gets because of needle travel time

It's processes that are starting up btw
Bootup processes, delayed start processes, multiple simultaneous read/writes, superfetch which you should turn off, or antivirus scans.

As >>62268599 said, SSD makes these mostly go away. Otherwise, install W7 which has less shit like the Microsoft Store and other app garbage running in the background, or just install Linux.

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> Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine, says top addiction expert


> Association of mobile phone radiation with fatigue, headache, dizziness, tension and sleep disturbance in Saudi population.


> Smartphone-induced sleep deprivation and its implications for public health

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I have a job though
I don't have a phone at all, let alone a smartphone.
All they are is crap laptops that can't run anything.
Biggest scam going.

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What are the most biggest examples of someone sneaking malicious code into a FOSS program?
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That would be systemd
Not sure how it holds when the program itself is malicious though

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/g/ BTFO
How will they ever recover?

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Fuck off and stop shilling your shitty channel for clicks Linus.
Like cockwork

So much salt in this thread.

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