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Which one is better? Have some basic designs that I need to come up with so what would be better for a total newbie?

Have my favorite wallpaper
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one is used by professionals all over the world
the other one is gimp
A fucking auto-metaphor
>professional image editing software giant
>small room full of freetards
Which do you think?

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Literally not a single reason not to use this over the competition when no better compromise exists
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literally the only browser that I've ever used that DOES NOT WORK
and I'm in my 30's, been online since 1994 on a 14.4kbps. Vivaldi is fucking trash.

I used to use Opera too. I know the story. Nu-Opera shits all over Vivaldi, I don't give a fuck who designed it.

fuck off shill, your browser sucks
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vivaldo>firefox >opera>good
>Literally not a single reason not to use this over the competition


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>Still using a browser designed solely for the purpose of spying of its users
Why would you keep doing this to yourself?
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works outta the box
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But I don't.
I'm a sucker for these threads. I wonder what shitty browsers I will try this time before I go back to Firefox and wait for the High Sierra bugs get resolved.

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Why don't modern laptops have these?
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Because they were shit.

Next question?
What is that exactly?
it's a mouse

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So I have some books that I want to get rid of. The problem is, I know for a fact that no copy of them has ever been digitized. If I rid myself of them now, they may be lost to the historians and archivists of the future. I want to scan them and make PDFs of them.

Problem is, I’m broke as fuck, and can’t afford a legit book scanning rig. I have an iPhone 7 and an iPad Pro, though. They take pretty passable photos. I can handle lighting, too. The only problem I foresee is that the phone might not be able to cache all that shit well enough for a dedicated scanning app to work.

I could manually capture, crop, and sort the photos myself. I could even use both the iPad and the iPhone as a dual-camera rig.

How would you guys approach the problem?
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>have rare book
>want to get rid of them

Just fucking keep it then, tell me what book it is and i'll tell you where to get a pdf of it
Donate them to a book scanning project
>I’m broke as fuck
>I have an iPhone 7 and an iPad Pro

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>open literally any application
>"We reserve the right to collect and sell your data lol"
>Doesn't matter if it's a paid version or not
>Buy a phone, same thing
>Want a Tile or any other GPS enabled device? It's collecting your data and selling it
>Own anything with a microphone? It records you and sells your voice recognition information
>You are monitored 24/7
>You are recorded 24/7
>This is accepted as normal

Make it stop
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Go live in the woods if you don't like it.
In the 1990s we had internet access without rampant data collection

We used to pay for applications. They cost as much as video games and didn't spy on us

How do we go back
They had street cameras in the 90s.

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proud boy.jpg
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Post ITT if you currently use or have used in past Windows Phone and are proud of it.
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who is this cute girl?
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I honestly really loved the design of my 925. Shame the OS is garbage and all the app developers pulled out years ago.

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How do you make it as an idea guy in the modern tech industry? Should you just act like a pretentious douche and everyone will wanna buy your shit? (Your shit that was made by someone else)
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don't try, just be

bring your positive vibes and also assume the sale, sales 101
You don't.
Alternatively, you switch to something else.
Creative visionaries are the biggest impediment to actual progress
People usually don't start right out as an idea guy. They work their way up and gain the trust of people within their company.

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Is C really that hard to learn? If I spend 5 hours tomorrow reading a book on C (don't even know which one), will I make progress?

Pic semi related
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Yes... What? What are you responding affirmative to.
depends on how severe your autism is
Reading is not enough though

I like computers. They are a fun hobby.

I like getting good value components and seeing my fps improve in games. I also like upgrading to higher resolutions and fps.

Benchmarking is also fun like with cinebench and overclocking and stuff. It's fun to get free extra speed.
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I fucked your mum yesterday.
Stop remaking the same shit thread.

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What's the best phone on the market right now?

Justify your answer.
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nokia n900 with the mainboard replaced by a raspberry pi zero and an adafruit gsm module

The one you already have. You don't need a new phone, anon.
can you do that really?

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>how you look when all of your normie friends think SSDs don't get fragmented and you're explaining to them that they do
What other memes makes /g/ look crazy when they try to dispel them?
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When I say "buy cheap things"
That there actually is no such thing as a virus, its just a placebo in the motherboard
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Holy shit explain
I'm genuinely interested

>2:1 aspect ratio
>curved corners
>butt ugly design
>a squeezable frame
>fuckhuge camera lens
>possibly no headphone jack
>made by LG, home of the neverending bootloop
>always-on display
We made fun of Google for the first Pixel but now they've completely shat the bed. Oh well, at least we get dual speakers this time.

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the only one that's DOA is your first born child.
Galaxy S8: Pixel edition
0/10 the grim aspect outweighs the funny


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uh oh!
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forgot linkhttps://weaponizedautism.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/vulnerabilities-in-technicolor-adsl-residential-gateways/
This is the same guy who posted a super long analysis of the fake DNS logs that the FBI used to get a FISA warrant on Trump tower. Seems like the guy really knows his shit.
Yeah this is pretty unethical.
I don't support releasing zero days into the wild like this before contacting the vendor. At least give the vendor a chance to ignore or blow smoke up your ass before releasing it.

>This piece of shit suddenly gone from the whole market in my country
>the only stores that sold them raise their price to almost similar to an i3.
My uncle asked me to build a cheap PC for his seven years old daughter, its literally impossible to find one now beside the skylake version.
Should I told him to wait for Ryzen 3 release?
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post pics of cousin
How expensive was it now? And originally how much its price?
Do you want to buy separate VGA or are your uncle okay with integrated VGA? I'm afraid you must buy a separate VGA because Ryzen still not supported integrated VGA.
is the g4600 is gone? it probably isnt the same where you are but its about 5 dollars more than the g4560

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