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What happened to the AMD bundle deals?

Are they still a thing?

How much money could you save
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>pay $100 more for your GPU and get $100 off a CPU
im impressed AMD can offer such an appealing deal to consumers
Better than paying 300 dollars more for your GPU because of miners :^)
they were all sold out on newegg when it checked earlier but they got more in stock.... kinda tempting honestly

asrock x370
vega 64

for $1000

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Sell your intel stocks.
So glad I'm an AMD boy.
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Gee I wonder why a company ran by beancounters investing heavily into degeneracy and faggots would do this!
Go back to your containment board >>>/r/the_donald, racist

Is this any good?
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hipster crap, Bram is trolling them hard by implementing all neovims features

it's not backward compatible with vim or vi

it's also buggy as fuck

don't bother
I thought so from the website but I saw some Emacs guy say that NeoVim was good so I wasn't sure.


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ITT: we trigger AMD niggers
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A five watt idle isn't impressive at all

Phones idle in the milliwatt range.

>we trigger Intel niggers
>this beats 90% of AMDs released from 2011-2014 at 35~45W


Fuck Drumpf!
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fuck off to pol niggershit

Just bought a gaming computer for the first time.

I immediately bought and installed dark souls, and soon after installed DSfix. I turned on 60fps and experienced screen tearing like no other. I already attempted to force vsync on, but the tearing remained. Any solutions?
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Read the sticky
did you turn of AA ingame?

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Alright /g/, i want to upgrade from my 960 gtx, its done me pretty good for the past few years but i want something a little beefier yet. What would you guys recommend as an upgrade that wont tear another hole in my credit rating?

Pic is current card.
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self bump because i really want help
Literally any 10 series card or Vega. But I'd recommend picking up a second hand 980ti off ebay.
I went from a GTX960 to a GTX1060. It was a pretty decent upgrade, for the most part it's anywhere from 50-100% faster. I'm not a hardcore gamer who plays the latest FPS games though. The most demanding game I play is Dirt 4 and it's brilliant on this card.

rate my build
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haha ecks dee
rate mine :) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2Q4Yjc

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>mfw somehow my IP is on skype IP grabber when i type in my skype log in
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What other imageboards are out there which let me have my own board without paying for it?

Alternatively what other websites let me have some sort of control over my own threads?
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Who hurt you anon?
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>I feel powerless because I make shit threads

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I've been burned by ATI/AMD a lot of times, but cheap Radeon HD 7970 cards are super tempting as an upgrade from my GTX 570. Is AMD still as shitty as it used to be, and is the Linux driver okay now?
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Maybe go back in time a few years and ask there.
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Just wait for 1180 Ti and get a Ryzen with it.

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a professor from the university of bonn who has studied p vs np for the past 10 years has posted a proof that P != NP

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go here: >>61905546

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What does /g/ think of Linux from Scratch? Does anyone here even use it?
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Never used it but it seems like an interesting project for people who want to know Linux as thoroughly as possible. Or just to experience what it's like to start at the literal first step.

Doesn't seem like something most would actually benefit from doing, though.
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Source Mage GNU/Linux is basically lfs with a package manager >>61907876

Does it get comfier than this? (With Xfce of course)
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Probably the most uncomfy option possible
I run it with DWM and find it comfier

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Cool thread, OP

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