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>Ether mining block times will go up 4 seconds after August 25, 7 seconds on September 24
>result is 19% and 28% loss in profits respectively
>Most current rigs will be operating at a loss
>AMD could've released Vega months ago, but timed it perfectly with this.
>Miners will buy up shitty reference cooler 64s in hopes of much better hash rates
>Turns out it's less efficient than current mining hardware
>forced to buy up Vega 56s in hopes that lower TDP with the same 8GB will make it more profitable
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>mining for instant profit
are you retarded? or just clueless?
If you are hoping it skyrockets you're better off buying it directly instead of mining for chump change. I already see people selling their rigs online.

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Guys, I need a computer for my parents. They don't know shit about computers but they need one to pay bills and stuff. What should I get them? I was thinking of just getting a Chromebook
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Get them something running Windows 10 S. That way they cant cause any fuckups or install anything that would cause problems.
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I'd get them a used dell latitude in the 150-200 dollar range. I have one with 8gb of ram that I got for 125, with a 3rd gen i5. Runs everything I need like a charm, it's in good shape, and it doesn't look like a basement dwellers laptop.

8/10 would recommend

check out ktgee's guide:

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Is there any way to pirate MS Excel 2013?

I was gonna do the trial but the authorization charge would overdraft me.

All I can find are guides on how to use it, no way to pirate the program itself.
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use MTK
I am retarded, this is something I need to learn to use for a future job.

Please go into detail if it does not inconvenience you, thanks.
I have MTK but where can I find Excel to download to crack?

Is this a pretty good deal /g/? Its a refurb, but its a Hitachi. 20% off of $36 (=$28).

Seems pretty good for 2tb but am worried about failure.
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>refurb hdd
pls no
Never use referbs unless you are the one pulling the drive.
You may as well just delete your data, because thats going to happen once you use that HDD.

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Now that mummy has completely asshole annihilated Intel in all sectors, will we eventually start to see IPC improvements from Intel and AMD now? CPU manufacturers surely can't just keep going with 'moar cores' forever, can they?
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You can expect to see IPC improvements with Zen 2 in late 2018. Intel won't see anything until their new architecture in 2020/2021.
you'll get your 5-10% ipc every generation and you'll like it

scaleable architectures are the future anon, it's more cores all the way

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Did the Committee come up with this? If not should we report it?!
>Not C-unts
Step it up, rustaceon.

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Why haven't you gone full bleeding edge, /g/? LTS is just delaying the inevitable.
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Some of us prefer our software to be bug-checked and not crash-prone before we use it, anon.
I use Arch LTS kernel. It's fucking beautiful. Never had an issue.Stable as hell and you still get to use the best package manager around.
....As Edward gazed upon the imposing north face of Everest, it dawned on him he would need to lose at least 80lbs before tackling the challenge.

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>Get a job at one of these companies https://www.technologyreview.com/lists/companies/2016
>They give me an HP zbook, super expensive, like $4000, others get HP elitebooks
>Microsoft products throughout the entire company for enterprise shit

Why do these companies pay so much for this shit? At this point, why not just get a Macbook? Even fucking IBM gets it.
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People working at those companies have real jobs to do and need shit done now, they don't have time to wait for your shitty fruit toys to take 5 hours to load an email attachment.
They probably already have long running contracts or some company software that only runs on Windows.

My gf had a similar issue at Volvo too. Pretty much everyone hates the Dell shit but the company structure makes it impossible to get something better.
Oh shut up. There are a lot of people at Microsoft that use Macbooks exclusively. Probably the happiest employees there.

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Why does everyone hate Intel so much?
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Because Jews

You gnu here?
AMD ultra shill makes post about intel, will never make one about AMD even tho AMD didn't do that much shit compared to Intel.


Hello /g/, I have a question,
I have seen a lot of amoled phone screens but never an amoled computer screen, why don't they exist ?
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Since amoled screens burn in after being left on after a while, they haven't been implemented in many displays. A couple monitors do exist with amoled though

what amount of money does it cost the isp to give out the internet compared to what they are getting from people with bills.
i am currently paying comcast $83 a month for 25-30 mbps download speed.. i just called them and they said this is right and i can't get it any cheaper also there is no competition here.
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they do offer 200mbps+ but according to what i am paying, my bill should be like $500 a month for that. makes no sense.

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first of all, sorry for google translate.

So it started with the white router that I just bought from the netgear, I was quite happy with it until I found a vulnerability in it. You have no idea what was going on, it was clear that hacking is and a few at the same time can scare me, and maybe he likes to make fools who do not know very well how to defend themselves and just gave my ip in his secret circle of darkness. Anyway, they considered me a idiot, I was stupid and I was trying to secure a hundred firewall configurations and other ways, I used to spend all night just to have a log file and restarted the system before the reboot . I wrote to you guys but you did not sory, it was a pity that you ignored me like today for the third time because then I could still change the bios in the main board or the disk to encrypt. My laptop was flying weakly like *** Suddenly healed, he began to smudge as badly, telling you 2gb, and you suddenly some DMA 14 times the partition raid with a framework of wreaths, begins to detect intel graphics . Now I think it was distracting from the fact that there is no control over the wifi and bluetooth card after the phone problems started but later on I know you will not bother you. I used to have all these windows servers all hyper-v and at all i had added a card to azure on which i had this premium package because they gave free month also the tools were quite a lot, Hundreds of dns and even more active directory listen to people network cards have teamed up like stupid..
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google translate this, get the fuck out this is not technology related pajeet

The best thing was that I flashed the BIOS from the motherboard, then it was still possible to change it, it was the times now you click and nothing gives it anyway so what you need is ON and the rest of the options for security Is set to OFF to the end of the world. and when i flashed it suddenly it was uninstalled their modified driver or what it's called for the English USB BUS anyway, i connected it directly the modem company SISKO what internet provided me Directly from the UPC alone, the phone to fire Chineese, Chineese do not even come up. And half a year was quiet, It was a beautiful time. The moment you start the porn and it makes you sad because you think the Chinese are also watching because once you have always seen each other at the same time (many had names [from my computer but the chinese was the most popular because the chinese is really cool because As soon as he came to the end of the stone throwing, I immediately noticed that there was some shitty behavior, he diverted the equipment from the debili what this tutorial did not encode on this exploit in my white netgear a few days the laptop is laughing as bad as I did before and no phones There is nothing wrong with the installation of steam, I got the license I agree with it, steam added the service that did something there I have no idea what all went after MY GET OFFICIALLY. Cool was like in my block you suddenly fired the phone after wifi and there were 10 unprotected networks and 20 others with vm or virtual in the name, probably with those without ssid it was with 100 xd chinese that is really head so that all ozizu are all confused. And for every success there is a plan. WAAAAAM several times I was surprised to surprise him as I fired the miniXP to fit into the frame and suddenly I stuck there on his entire disk that he put on my mapped, but he also had some linux on that partition and other It's a good time for me to tell the truth.
if you post your picture with a dildo in your ass I will help you.

What Windows software that isn't on the Gentoo wiki do you recommend? I've got chocolatey and a few other things like notepad++ and Waterfox, but I know I'm missing out on some golden applications.
>inb4 install gentoo
I can't. Need windows-only software for school
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Total commander
I'll look into them. Thanks!
Dunno what's on the wiki, here's the shit I use:
7+ taskbar tweaker
Bulk file changer
Find and replace
Process Explorer

tell me /g/, why do so few people use geany? Is it really that inferior to other editors/IDEs?
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It's not inferior at all. I used it when I learned C++ and it was comfortable.
I use it a lot for mostly C/C++ but it works well with others. Minimalistic but works better than a plain text editor overall.
Someone needs to bring Geany up to date because its missing to many basic features like just being able to format code with automatic indentation. Sublime comes with the feature to run code in the editor console like Geany but its a lot harder to set up than Geany and if you get stuck in an infinite loop there is no way to break out of the console in Sublime and you have to shut down the process in your OS. I do think Geany has the potential to be the best editor for running scripts and compiling to the command line, it does this better than any other editor, but it really needs to be brought up to date. A dark theme would help a lot too.

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How can I search for a certain word in all of 4chan? Let's say I wanted to see all threads of all boards (/b/, /g/, /vg/... just all of them) WHICH have the word "peanut" in the OP, is there a tool anywhere which can help me with this?
I think it might be rather easy to make that tool in case it doesn't exist but I only know how to do stuff in Processing and I'm new to programming, so it would be cool if someone can link me to this.
Things that would make it better:
>live functionality, always refreshing itself maybe around every minute so that I can see the threads I might miss
>showing the OP picture too like in the catalog
>every time a new thread with the word is made it makes a sound
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we're not helping you shill

/g/ is not your tech support, nigger.
What kind of shill am I?

Nah I just want to find quick porn and memes. Thanks for this, I just wish you got it live

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