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>He bought a 700 USD GPD pocked instead of Raspberry pi with a screen

Explain yourselves.
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what is the point of this thread?
I don't have autism

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>Scanning 700 A4 pages with a flatbed scanner
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Your time and money are better spent going out and buying a second-hand office laser printer with a document feed scanner.
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>use a scanning service
>go to a library and use their scanner
>build a small device to roll pages in and out the scanner
Did that once when I was a kid. Turned out to break the scanner around the 63rd page.

/biz/ can't answer this.

what is some good deepweb illegal broker?

I'm on the middle of a shithole and I can't access most good real brokers because of living in a shitty shithole.
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global rule #1 cia nigger

Why does Apple seem to deliberately do things out of pure malice with no other clear motives?

Do they just really fucking hate their customers?
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What's your odd corner-case beef which only you seem to have an issue with today, Pajeet?

Expose not working exactly the same as it was 5 major versions ago? Something about having multiple monitors plugged in and your constant turning them on and off is causing your desktop to get weird?

I know you have a couple of these little niggles all bitched up and ready to go.

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Hey /g/ I've been wanting to get a wireless transmitter and receiver microphone system is this worth the $122?
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What are you using them for?
I was wanting to use them so I don't have to be close to the camera, YouTube videos stuff like that is their something better?
For less money I was thinking maybe a Digital Recorder and then maybe syncing it in post processing.
Digital recorder would probably make more sense. Or just a lavalier mic with a long enough cord. Those kinds of mics are really meant for like speeches and live events.

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Hi /g/, brainlet here.

What is the best and most effective way to learn a programming language?
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read a book you fucking nigger
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>tfw too dumb to do fuzz bizz
Literally read a book.

You're not a millennial who can't sit still for more than 5 min, are you?

Does anyone know how to install this?
Or had some information about it?
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Install what?
Install gentoo
Sorry, I allready find the source, if any one is interested here is the repo

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What's the doge of linux distros?
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Is this I code,
20248654 318348828617330 222135708549120 n ripyungbruh

(I know the words at the end mean, n rip yung brush)
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>tfw you fell for the eating meme and are too tired to kode with klossy now
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>not eating your poo to keep the exact same weight through out life
>tfw you fell for the nigger meme and are too tired from aids to post daily on /pol/
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Hey guys, I made a server to mainly discuss tech and what other squabbles you have in life.

Feel free to join: https://discord.gg/xYADK
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We already have a place here you stupid faggot.
Use chat.nonfree.pizza

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>7 millions stolen from wallets
>32 millions stolen from a gambling site

You destroyed the graphic cards market and now you're losing everything.
Mining fags, don't forget to sell your almost non-used set up before comitting sudoku.
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You do realize that $39 million is nothing when Ethereum has a market cap of $21 billion, right?


>In an e-mailed statement, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed today that no software fix is on the way.


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>Clover Trail processors first released 4-5 years ago
>Microsoft actually preventing you from updating because your hardware isn't new enough
Wow, I'm so exceed that I need to upgrade my computer every 4-5 years despite software requirements increasing so little that I my 9 year old hardware has no problems. It's funny how Windows has these problems but Linux somehow doesn't.
>microshit literally telling people to unistall windows

The memes are spreading
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>windows 7 will be receiving security updates when windows 10 isn't

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LG 49UJ634 or Hisense H50M5500 ?
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I'm torn and conflicted, fellow fa/g/s.
>On one hand I want RX Vega to kick nvidia's ass because the market needs enthusiast level competition
>But on the other I want it to fail because I don't want to see the endless posts of retarded fanboys spewing: "SEEEEEE!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!"
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Healthy competition+fanboy joyfarts > bad competition+fanboy tears
I have never met anyone in real life that like AMD cards. They all know "gtx 1080" let AMD have something. They never get any attention in the real world
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Namefag get out.

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