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How do you hide your pornography, /g/?

I have a 500GB internal hard drive that I harvested off of an old computer. Whenever I want to jerk off, I retrieve the HDD from a box under my bed, after which I will open my computer case and connect the HDD to the computer's motherboard and PSU (after making sure the fans have stopped whirring, of course).

This ought to prevent family members from coming across my explicit material, as I doubt any of them are tech literate enough to connect an internal hard drive to a computer (they also all have super thin Macbooks, and I doubt those have SATA ports, kek). But is this enough of a deterrent? Of course not.

When the HDD has been connected to the machine, no porn will be found. Why? Because it's encrypted, and the only way to unencrypt it is with a 7 word passphrase I have invented specifically for this purpose using Diceware.

So let's say that the HDD has been connected, and that the porn has been unencrypted and the virtual drive B: has been fully mounted. Am I ready to fap now? Of course not.

Now I have to figure out exactly what I want to do. For you see, my hard drive contains the following programs:

-Web browser
-File manager with built-in image viewer and video player
-Torrent client
-Kodi (why? we'll get to that)

This means that all porn-related activities are isolated to this hard drive.

For now, let's say I want to enjoy one of the many lesbian JAVs I have stored on this hard drive. I could just double-click on the video I want to see, right? Of course not.

For you see, when I jerk off, I like to lay on my bed and watch porn on the flat screen television I have hanging on my wall. The problem with this arrangement is that I also want to enjoy the sound of Japanese lesbians screaming with pleasure (or pain? You can never really be sure); this is difficult to do on the TV, as the loud speakers will be non-discrete, to put it lightly. All hope is lost, right? Of course not.
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For you see, I have found a solution to this problem. Before commencing with my private sexy time, I will open a program that will stream the audio coming from the computer to my smartphone with low latency. Before I can open this program, however, I must set the bitrate of my computer's audio device to 44100 Hz, as this will improve the streaming quality. Now my smartphone can be used as a wireless headset.

All of the practical things have been sorted out. Now I just need to open Kodi, which is a media player that can be controlled using my wireless Xbox 360 controller; then pick my lesbian JAV and enjoy.

After my selfish act of hedonism is complete, I must repeat the entire process backwards.

In the end I put the hard drive back in the box under my bed, where it shall remain for the next 14 days.
Like that.
It's in a directory called "pornography". I have a symlink to it in my home folder.

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Would you rather be a brainlet thinking he is a genius, or a brainlet thinking he is a brainlet?
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i am a brainlet knowing i am a brainlet and i can say for certain it is better than being a brainlet thinking he is a genius.
The latter so I can avoid embarrassing myself
this desu

Mini poll.

>your browser of choice
>which extension(s) do you use to browse 4chan
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how to know that?
Opera, on all of my devices
Safari because I'm lazy, it's energy efficient, plus I know they will update it to block tracking and shit soon so I'm just gonna stick with it

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Cybersecurity general is for the discussion of anything and everything related to cybersecurity.

Why are you so paranoid if you've got nothing to hide?


Cybersecurity essentials:


Cybersecurity resources:




Learn to hack:


Consumer/Amateur Privacy:



Madickinass Approved Forum:







Cheap Throwaway and Anonymous VPNs:








Career prospects and direction:



IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net:6697


Previous thread:

Thread archive:


Suggestions for new resources is welcome.
The Gentoomen /sec/ community is looking for CTF team members, contact them at the IRC channel.
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me on the left
Anyone into game hacking? Been reading the Game Hacking book and it all looks pretty fun, already got some ideas on what to do with some games.
Thank you for appreciating the joke.

Not my forte.
But please, do regale us?

>He uses anything else
Enjoy your botnet
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>computer worm
Sounds true.
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>By Muhammad Sadeem
I'm sure muhammad left a couple of backdoors in there

i'm just installing libreboot on my t500 using my rpi and librebooted x200

what are you /g/uys doing?
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I'm shaving my balls.

Why are you doing it that way?
>Why are you doing it that way?
what do you mean?
I was thinking about doing this to my T430. Is it worth it?

Why the more you learn about lead free solder, the worse it gets?
I used to think the only problem is that it was harder to use, but then i learned that it cracks easily, and thermal expansions etc killed a whole lot of electronics and is probably one of the main causes of the e-waste.
And now i learned that it may also grow "whiskers" that can cause shorts.
What's next? it can strangle kitties when left unattended?
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I've been using lead-free solder to recap power supplies for years. Haven't had a problem yet.
Just don't use it. Seriously. Fuck learning about why it sucks, just realize that it does and pretend it doesn't exist.
But everything you buy have it.

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what are some non-meme gaming monitors?
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>non meme
>gaming monitor

what are some non meme gaming anything
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Everything gaming is a meme. Get headphones and a mic separately.

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Does anybody else fancy learning Linux in just FIVE days?
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Screenshot (22).png
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Is it even possible?
Shill your channel elsewhere rajapajeet
Lurk /g/ for a week and you'll be a master at Loonix

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Amazon doesn't make money on selling goods? wtf why do they even do it?
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Because they make money on selling goods.
I meant a profit whoops

Got a new HP laptop with Windows 10 about a week ago and noticed the mousepad briefly freezes after pressing any keys. Every fucking tutorial or forum I look at tells me nothing. All the settings I'm told to look at don't exist.

When I plug a regular USB mouse in, that works fine, the mousepad is fucked and there's no way I can figure out how to fix it.

Does anyone here have the same problem and know how to solve it?

I'm a music producer and this gets seriously frustrating. I'm about to lose my shit.
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install gentoo
>/g/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site.
gfy m8

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>probably a dildo box
I have no idea OP. You tell us.

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62324489
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working on my rss feed downloader in scala
Why would I ever use
after I'm done with the file?

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Why do telemarketers keep calling me? Can I get something like ublock or adnauseum for phones?
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*passes the controller*
what would adnauseam for your phone look like to you?
There are applications which flag / filter calls from known telemarketer numbers.
>why do telemarketers keep calling you
They receive lists of active numbers from pizza places

Intel Covfefe Lake price just leaked
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these extra two cores will cost you 70 more dollars, goy.
now come, open your mouth, my stomach hurts.
I can get 1600 for <$200.
did they actually believe they can compete with those prices and without HT on anything BUT i7s?


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