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>Using windows10 at home
>Using windows10 for fork
>But using centos&ubuntu for VPS management
Feels good man
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Using CentOS is almost as bad as using Windows.

Source: I use Windows 10 and RHEL at work, and both operating systems are fucking horrible. Please do not allow yourself to be cucked by Microsoft or Red Hat.
this, use macOS
just stop using tech and end yourself anon.

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Which VPN would /g recommend?
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build your own
Opera VPN

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Are we still doing these? Just wanted to thank the Anonymous Mod that moved the tor thread to >>>/pol/ - know your work often goes unappreciated #notallmods
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How the fuck do we make /g/ usable? I'm on /k/, a board that's been infested by both /pol/acks and /leftypol/acks, sometimes and even /k/ isn't an eighth as bad as /g/. Why?
Finally. Now hopefully they keep it up. Shit festers here way too long.
Ban /nrg/, stupid advertising general for some lazy ass aussies
Thankfully they haven't made a followup yet

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File: speccy.jpg (68KB, 786x593px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So now that Intel has the superior chipset, will you be skipping Ryzen and go directly for Covfefe lake?
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>Intel's Covfefe Lake won't be a drop-ip upgrade for Z170 and Z270 platforms
no I will be getting Zen+ if I cannot wait for Zen 2
I'm skipping ryzen, and coffee lake.
I'm a pretty big AMD fanboy and understood the R series naming scheme as an attempt to make normal consumers understand their lineup, but the motherboard naming schemes were definitely inconsiderate. Why they choose X399 instead of literally anything else is beyond me. If you're techy enough to be researching which motherboard to pair with your CPU, stuff like the chipset number isn't going to impress you. I can't imagine anyone in the history of consumer technology decided not to buy a CPU or motherbaord because they noticed either AMD or Intel had a chipset with a bigger number. All AMD did is confuse the market for no reason.

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What's some cool shit I can do with my free $50 credit on digital ocean?
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Install Gentoo

or give it to me
Install buttcoin miner. You could get lucky.
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[email protected]

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Moon .jpg
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Colourisation is the worst modern trend on the internet at the moment. Ask yourself are you more likely to think of a coloured image or a black and white image? Colourisation ruins the natural integrity of the original image and steals the purity of the original image.

What does /g/ think?
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I think you need psychological help.
The real world is in color, not black and white.
Thus images with color are objectively better, unless you're going for a specific art-style.
This >>61979676.
I would add that poor colorization in particular adds an odd and distracting effect.

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Been using it for years but thinking of making the switch to uBlock Origin since it's lighter while being able to do the same things.
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>asking this shit
you can literally switch to ublock origins in two seconds and test its functionality for yourself
Just use uBlock like everyone else, ABP is botnet.
it is at most 10 mouseclicks to switch. Just do it ABP is trash and doesn't respect your freedom

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Is this book a meme or actually worth reading?
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what yes?
all you'd ever need is SICP and TCPL
What's TCPL?
>all you'd ever need
TAOCP is considered one of the most difficult, dense, yet rewarding theoretical CS books by some
You won't understand jack shit OP

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>It says here in the google Database that you post on a notorious alt right image board
>You have a pretty big history of racist and derogatory comments
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No I don't, what kind of moron would waste their time online making racist and derogatory comments?
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>what kind of moron would waste their time online making racist and derogatory comments?
That's a derogatory comment right here.

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Hello /g/
I have some questions about the upcoming Lightning Network for Bitcoin.
I know this is sort of /crypto/ /biz/ material, but they know shit about the actual technology behind all this.

Basically, I want to create a node and start collecting fees. But I'm not sure on how to start with it.

I guess we can talk in this thread about if LN is good or bad or increasing block size is good or bad too.
But really, how to set up a node and start getting fees?
What are the requirements? supposedly anyone can do it without needing to have a huge mining operation.
Since it's supposed to be out for Litecoin already, I thought I would give it a try for Litecoin.
Anyways, crypto tech general?
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Some paper wallet templates so I can bump
File: 1490903923437.jpg (72KB, 2962x971px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1483134416110.jpg (219KB, 2962x971px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just finished my software engineer internship at pic related

Where do I go from here? This is was dream company to work for since age 16 and I finally did it, they may or may not offer me a full time position in a few weeks.

Which companies have more prestigious engineering than Google?

I'm thinking about pursuing something in Financial tech like Two Sigma, Jane Street, or Ren Tech (if they even hire) because performance bonuses are insane at Hedge Funds and also, the medallion fund.

Are there any companies that are more lucrative to work for straight out of university?
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Fuck off, faggot.

only jealous NEET retards get this ass mad
how the fuck it was your dream to make the botnet stronger

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Can I make money using this?
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no, but you can make money sucking cock

and now the ponzi scheme is complete

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Is this the best antivirus there is?
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for windows xp yes
For 2005 yes
What's the difference?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Void over Arch?
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Please stop using jav whores for unrelated threads just to get attention.

>and someone.jpg

Install Windows.
I don't have any other pictures on my machine

I already use Arch. I want to understand why Void is so popular recently.

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