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I am experiencing major lag issues with my current Wifi setup and I know why here is the issue and I want to resolve it the cheapest way. I live in a studio adjacent to another house. The main house has the router and modem I just have a Wifi range extender in my house which is ok when only one person is using it but when two or more people try to use the wifi it gets super laggy.Speedtest by Ookla says my PING is 33MS my DOWNLOAD is 24.64 Mbps and my UPLOAD is 5.61 Mbps. secondly I am trying to figure out a way to increase my internet speeds without having to pay for my own internet service. How can I?
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>getting better internet without paying
Download kali i guess

Hey guys, my power went out a little while ago. When it came back on I went to reboot my pc and everything seemed to be going okay until I turned the monitor on. I'm not getting anything but static output from the computer.

My motherboard has a digital readout that reads "A0" which is the code that means the motherboard booted without issue, so I'm thinking something may have happened to the graphics card? It's a Sapphire RX480 4gb. Do you think the power outage may have fried the gpu? I have the computer on a surge protector if that helps.
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>no UPS
lmao kys cuck.

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I want to use a VPN to browse 4chan because this site is a fucking huge botnet
What's the best that will not send my real IP to NSA?
I considered airvpn, blackvpn and mullvad
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None, they all sell your data.
Also, VPNs are mostly banned here so you will have to buy a pass and sponsor botnet.
Communist garbage
>VPNs are mostly banned here

This gives me the shits.

>Start VPN
>Browsing from muh ISP protected link
>Open 4chan
>Close VPN so I can post

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Guys, what the fuck just happened to Google?
Not only is it uglier, the search results are a lot worse and stray almost comeyely from what you actually searched for on page 1.
Who's working on this shit?
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>Who's working on this shit?
An ad company.

The search engine is a platform for them to sell ad space. They are an ad company.
cultural marxism (political correctness and multiculturalism) as company policy
You can't have advertisements without semen between the tits

Hi, i am in the process of trying to add a 2nd linux distro on my ssd,

and need to resize my partition

and just want to check if creating a new partition table will delete all the data on the ssd or not

i want to install antergos, and there doesn't seem to be a way of accessing gparted or fdisk from the graphical installer ...

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Based on your limited understanding, I would recommend not proceeding to avoid total data loss. Try it in a VM and do some experiments to get familiar with the concepts.
thx, just had an idea though, it would maybe be easier to resize the partition by attaching the ssd to another pc running on a different ssd, and resizing it from gparted from there

You can do so from a live distro like Ubuntu, but even then you risk total data loss. Get backups.

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So why is /g/ using this meme browser over Chromium? It's just as bad. Botnet, slow as shit
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doesn't have 32bits support
>people still haven't switched to pale moon
they aren't

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Cleaning my case tomorrow, have some gore.
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Here let me help you out.
you had a flood or your mom threw it in a puddle of mud
I'm posting from it now, it just hasn't been cleaned in 2 years.

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>not gentoo
It's garbage, anon.
It's free and it's BSD.
It's Linux (kinda), but It's for corporate fags

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My old monitor died and I upgraded from 1366x768 to 1920x1080, now everything is too big and hurts my eyes...
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upgraded to 4k from 1080p yesterday
feels like im sitting infront of a tv
upgraded from 23" to 24" ultrawide I get the same feeling, but I love it

If all Windows software worked on Linux, what reason would there be to still use Windows?
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By far the stupidest thread I've seen here in weeks.
quality thread

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>hmm, let's try this, it seems intuitively right
>it works

Any other autistic bullshit language like C#, C++, Java and whatnot
>hmm, let's try this, it seems intuitively right
>wah wah you can't

Seriously, why is every other language so fucking shit? Why can't these autists construct their languages so that they're logical and intuitive?
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I have a hard time understanding people so I can empathize with you having a hard time understanding programming languages.
i have a hard time with everything ;_;
I'm hard right now

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Is an asspull of Microsoft or Apple that outrages their users the only way Linux will gain popularity?

I can imagine a year where normal consumers will recognize how much Windows mistreats them and everyone who can't afford a mac will install Linux on their machines.
In my imagination the year of the Linux desktop will be triggered by Microsoft or Apple.
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Normal consumers will give up desktop computers overall and use Android or iOS.
>year of the Linux desktop
The only thing this will cause is change. Change is bad. Microsoft can keep their desktop market.
This right here. It's really only a waiting game.

Just bought this it's 10050mah
Did i do good?
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great blog post
Shit for orgies. You can only charge one USB vibrator at a time.

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Does your toaster have hyperthreaded blastprocessing and nondeterminstic airflow?

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>start colalge in september
>registering for beginning java course
>instructor name: Pajeet Ichpujani
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dumb frogposter
Dumb fucking cancer, it's collage
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Dumb frogposter.

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