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Current state of Linux is absolutely deplorable
>Ubuntu is unusable, Unity in limbo, pointless to use Unity right now
>Arch linux KDE completely broken and Dbus fails after X amount of time forcing you to reboot
>No other popular distrobution that has a sensible default DE/Layout
>Ton of random obscure rinky dink bullshit distros NO ONE ever uses

wat do?
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>Gnome is rediculously laggy with even propritary Nvidia drivers, even just scrolling a web page feels like 5fps on average


What linux distrobution do I use.

I just want to use my PC and be comfy.
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Doesnt have to be linux. It can be GNU, BSD, Windows, Mac, or whatever. Dont listen to fat neets who sit in their basement ricing, get what you need with no compromises
It's not a server. On a desktop machine you need new, modern packages

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I want to learn C++ but I'm having trouble breaking away from C#. tips for learning C++?
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Why would you want to learn c++? You're better off sticking with c#
Don't learn this pajeet shit. Better learn Clojure or Rust.
>that image is four years old now

Let's get a good ol fashion screenfetch and neofetch thread going

I'll start
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Threadly reminder Nvidia has this waiting in the wings


Probably waiting for yields and enough product to launch and soon we'll get this.

Vega will be BTFO
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thats double the bandwidth of vega shit
>POWER Max Consumption 250 WATTS
AMD are fucking finished, their nearest card is the Vega Frontier that uses fucking 400watts and requires a 1kw psu and its only 13.x teraflop

Nvidia could probably push the Volta to 15tera flop easy with OC'ing
It's already over 15 on nvlink. cut off the shit for fp64, and a workstation/desktop card would have a small enough die to wrek 17-18 teraflops. Good yeilds too.
...It's also $8000 a pop, so there's that.

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not gonna make it my main laptop. just wanna play around with linux and have an extra laptop to bring around if i dont wanna risk having my main one broken.

also where should I buy a used thinkpad?
Craigslist amazon or ebay?

Thanks in advance.
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none of them you wannabe hipster faggot
I think the X200, T400, or T500 are the oldest you should go. They have a mobile Core 2 Duo, which isn't too bad to comfortably use a modern word processor and web browser.
t420 for 150 bucks or the x220 for alittle more, remember dont put it on your balls.

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Apple makes the best products.
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That's actually pretty neat. How long have they had that?
Since 4-5 years ago.
I think windows have done this since windows 7

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Imagine an internet without Jan Brandt, one where it never got oversaturated with normies in 1993. Do you like what you see?
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does she have anything to do with phoners?
god do i hate them
never owned a PC that used AOL, wouldn't know.
I was offline until DSL. confused my friends using internet explorer ('that thing that never worked' on their computers) and getting crazy fast download speeds, good times.

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So now that bandcamp has been confirmed for absolute shit beyond a doubt, where do you get your music? Just as SJWFox was dropped by all sane people recently, now what do we do with the digital music distribution scene?

Downloading (music) is technology.
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>bandcamp has been confirmed for absolute shit
>dropped by all sane people
lol, stay mad /pol/
>Current year
>Downloading music

Everyone streams now, grandpa
If you don't already know the answer to this you need to gtfo

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I have hundreds of dollars of games on my old Steam account. I can't get back into it at all because it's been stolen by Taiwanese hackers.

The reason I can't get back into it is because they got into my Steam through my Yahoo when Yahoo got hacked last year. My Steam account has been banned multiple times since the hackers took it using it illegally, and I can't get back into it although it's clearly being used by hackers because Yahoo is shit.
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I don't care /v/, fuck off.
>digital-only cuck
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>he didn't use 2FA

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Notice anything /g/?
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>Notice anything /g/?
>bought an html template from themeforest
>user experience
That Greek people look very Indian?

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Anyone else fall for the 1440 meme.

Did I make a mistake?

4K IPS at 25-28 inch seem to all be 400+
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1440 was the right choice in 2010-2011 for those who were thinking ahead, now it's a stopgap for 2160 monitors to drop in price / increase perf while also waiting on GPUs capable enough for muh gaymes. If you're forward thinking and have enough money to spend, you can get a 2160 monitor now though. In either case 1440 is still degrees of magnitude better than 1080. 1080 is the new 768 and has been since 2014 - 2015.
Of course not, I don't buy 16:9 trash.
scale   ppi   4K      FHD
1x 96 45.8" 22.9"
1.25x 120 36.7" 18"
1.5x 144 30.5" 15.2"
1.75x 168 26.2" 13.1"
1.875x 180 24.4" 12.2"
2x 192 22.9" 11.4"

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How secure is your master password?
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That can avoid from social engineering niggers.
>inb4 Terry
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>storing passwords anywhere else other than your grey matter
Someone will just beat the password out of you.

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Gimped Titans.png
393KB, 1023x1217px


Holy shit man, AMD forced them to do something to fight Vega FE. Why would a company ever buy from an anti-consumer GPU maker like nvidia ever again if they're going to withhold 300% performance to get more money.
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Holy Hebrew hijinx.
>performance in maya
>no other performance boost mentioned
nobody gives a fuck about some shitty pajeet sfm modeling program
amd crybabies are pathetic
I'm pretty sure just about every game studio in the world uses Maya

PSA: KDE is broken on Arch Linux. Even with a complete default install, after a random amount of time Dbus server will essentially break, you cant open any programs until reboot/relog.

Exact error message: "Session bus not found\nTo circumvent this problem try the following command (with Linux and bash)\nexport $(dbus-launch)"

Time to install Gnome?

Jus trying to save people some time.
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>using kde
just use windows
>something on arch is broken
When you're at the point where you post PSAs on 4chan I think you've had a bit too much Linux

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