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And it only took them two weeks to fix! https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/6381

Poettering is on fire lately:
- A couple weeks ago it was discovered that valid POSIX usernames starting with numbers were assigned root privileges and they refused to fix it
- Some days later systemd-resolved (the nonstandard systemd DNS resolver with hardcoded Google DNS servers as fallback that just a month ago was discovered to allow remote code execution through a malformed query) was found to be unable to resolve Netflix domains
- A few days ago, Lennart Poettering received the "Lamest Vendor" pwnie award at Black Hat USA

But, as if that wasn't enough, systemd has prevented systems from booting two releases in a row:
- systemd 233 broke network booting
- systemd 234 broke booting with encrypted /

Will this madman be stopped before it's too late?
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lennart testing.png
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No, he won't. This is the future you chose.
He can't even speak English properly
>wanting him to stop
Haha no. Let him continue, let systemd cancer die by his own hand.

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Ruby is going to be my first programming language. And if all goes well then Ruby on Rails and later javascript.

From Codecademy to udemy and exercism.io. There are many sites that teach ruby and my head is very much spinning right now....

How did you learn Ruby? What sites, videos, and literature would you recommend that just starting out? And for later on? Some tips would be also helpful
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try some book, ossblog.org has some list and there is that "programming resources" chapter in installgentoo wiki


Maybe ruby has some intro on their site, it seems to be expected from new projects.
pic related is the best book for learning Ruby, it will teach it at a very deep level so you understand all the language and will never wonder why anything in the language works the way it does.
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Hope you hate yourself because the people that make up ruby developers are the most racist, socialist, regressive lefties you'll ever meet. Also they're all men with tits surgically sewn on who cry when they talk about Trump.

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Post your best scores, and brag about your superiority.
>tfw only 50 wpm
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fuck off faggot
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haven't done one of these in a while. on typeracer I got 136 WPM once.

>90% accuracy

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talk me out of this
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If that doesn't do it for you, good luck with your shit tablet.
What's wrong with Acer?
I've never had any problems with their products.
MediaKek processor lol
Only 32GB local storage (inb4 "muh cloud storage" meme)

Throw it in the trash, anon

Firefox at the highest market share in the last two years, 12.32%

Fucking apologize faggots.
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Firefox stable at its current state is the best it's been in years

Too bad they're gonna fuck it all up soon
>less than 1% variation
kek, that can be anything, even a measurement error
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market share.png
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Have a better image, nerd.

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Install Gentoo on your fractal r5
atx yes
e-atx no


mozilla have completely lost the plot; they're wasting time and money on shit like this instead of a compatibility shim for firefox addons.

you know, the thing that is 90% of the reason anyone even uses firefox in the first place? they think they're clever for ditching the thing that brought people to firefox in the first place, but they're just being bullheaded about all this.

I understand some people's argument that these non-webextension addons are somehow holding firefox back in terms of speed, but the truth is actually nothing of the sort:
1. they don't want addons having any sort of control to how the browser itself behaves
2. they think making webextensions easily portable to chrome extensions will bring in new users

at this point we're basically holding water in our hands.

I'm just tired of this shit.
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>all of the screenshots are from mac
Hmmm, really makes you think.
Fuck off, Firefox Screenshots is one of the best things to ever happen to the browser, there's no more need to install extra add-ons contributing to the bloat.
See, this is what I hate; mozilla apologists.

Easy Screenshot is the furthest thing from "bloat" you'll find as an extension, and the fact that mozilla doesn't have to worry about breaking it nor even spend an ounce of thought about maintaining it is part of why they never needed to integrate that feature in the first place.

features that add functions to the browser should always remain addons and the focus of the browser can be performance while still allowing addons to modify and extend its core functions.

but what they're doing is essentially locking out modifications to the browser in favor of conforming to the limitations they're imposing without any benefits.

few of the features they're integrating into the browser itself are actually being used, and that figure will be even smaller if there was actual widespread use of the browser. as it stands only the few and the informed actually use firefox anymore. and only then only a small set of those use those features.

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OP here
is this safe or just "safe" like messeneger
it still exists ?

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What are the best VPNs?
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Private Internet Access
Just use incognito mode in chrome you stupid fuck. It's literally free, no $20 a month bullshit the kikes want you to pay.
nordVPN, but I don't like the fact using a VPN limits my fiber speeds to 100mbps.

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Does Mozilla even give a fuck about Firefox anymore or are they transforming themselves into some kind of an advocacy group?

Rotting of the Firefox codebase and general decline of quality is appalling.

>22% fewer Firefox Desktop installations are active today than a year ago

If this trend continues, Firefox will be dead, for all practical purposes, in few years.
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It already is dead and it's primarily thanks to their cult behaviour. Everyone I know has moved on to chrome.
Meanwhile on Reddit...
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Mozilla homepage says it all.

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astolfo 12.png
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Why aren't you watching all of your anime in h.265/HEVC?
It's literally twice as space efficient and requires only a modest increase in processor power to decode.
In the past, a single cour of 1080p anime took 6GB, now you can store it in only 2.5GB!
>b-b-b-b-but muh crusty 20yo thinkpad cant play x265!!!
Time for an upgrade!!
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I would if only you fags could make good 720p releases.
What a fucking lie
>filesizes literally double
>1080p Hi10p h.265
>7GB for 12 episodes

720p? What year is it?

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>Add support for Gemini Lake (aka. GLK)
>- Decoding: H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1/JPEG/VP8/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9/VP9 10-bit

>VP9 10-bit hardware decoding

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>no 12bit decoding
into trash bin it goes
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>more hardware DRM

A-a-amazing bros! Let's all buy Skylake yet again!
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>Gemini Lake (aka. GLK)
That's the sound Intel shills make when they swallow Brian's cock.

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You don't need cf support when you don't drivers!
why would you even use 2 cards when you can have 1 powerful card. newfags

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Recently I have been asked to make a model of a human in PHP for a test during a job interview.

I failed badly because of lack of creativity, so I was told...

How would you do it /g/?

Pic related->me when I got results back
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Should have said you wouldn't be a php programmer if you could.
a random number generator with sex organs
i would disguise a chat program and outsource the human part to some humans.

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Bitcoin split just happened. Now we have Bitcoin and "Bitcoin Cash" (BCC)

How do you get BCC and get rich?
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What's Bitcoin split?
If you mine a new bitcoin.

You get both a real bitcoin and a BCC, correct?
If I understand correct you now have two blockchains per bitcoin.

Each maintained by a different network.
So you can spend each bitcoin twice.

I think anyone can set up their own bitcoin blockchain easily.
But until now only the original was ever accepted for payments.
Maybe in future we'll have dozens of blockchains per bitcoin.

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