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I'm looking for an email provider that i can configure easily in apps like mutt or thunderbird AND could access from web browsers with javascript disabled. I'm looking for the ones that don't use me as a product like gmail, yahoo, etc. Don't matter if isn't free or not, or not encrypted like protonmail or tutanota, they can't be accessed with a browser without javascript.
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Look for something with a roundcube web interface, it doesn't need js I think.
Roundcube requires javascript to work, just tested it and it gives me a big fucking warning on the login screen and when I ignore it and login the e-mail won't load.

Just tried out the Horde demo with js disabled and it kinda works (http://demo.horde.org). Results in a really minimal webclient.

I know some webhosters using Plesk still support Horde (as Plesk does and they just let that be choice to pick from as you can switch webmail client by default).

Otherwise I think if you get some webhosting you can always install webmail client (like Horde) yourself.
Why not mutt?

So /g/, what port is this and what cable does it require?
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Port Royal
Looks like soviet era audio connector
get back to packing those groceries bag boy

Microsoft is selling their surface pro 4 (i5, 8 gigs of Ram, 265 gb ssd), including type cover for 899 euro.

It doesn't include the pen, so they might be getting rid of their refurbished stock?

Should I buy?
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>Buying Microsoft anything
haha do you even have to ask
SP4 is endgame tier laptop design. It cant be improved.

its the lightest
its the thinnest
its the most durable
its the most nimble
13inch laptop ever made

I can literally take it everywhere and it is unobtrusive as a phone and better than a tablet.
16% return rate because they haven't fixed the overheating issues. Avoid.

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I'm trying to run my cpu at a base clock speed. In the BIOS, I'll press F5 to resore defaults. Check my targeted clock speeds, confirm everythink looks good, defaults speeds, then press F10 to save and exit.
The computer restarts and shows a 25% overclock. I go "What the fuck?" Open the BIOS and everything is fucking overclocked. I have no idea why. It's so frustrating. Why is my PC automatically overclocking itself?
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2 things: Either your settings aren't being saved properly and you're reloading from a saved profile, or you accidentally activated some auto-OC function in your BIOS. In the case of the latter, you should be able to tell because the computer will reboot itself repeatedly while overclocking itself and checking for stability.
The monitor says off, but I can hear the fans slightly for a seconds, then they stop, they come back on. That lasts for maybe 20 seconds, so I guess that seems like option #2. I have no idea how to disable it. I've beem tinkering with this for hours, but at least I may know what the issue is.
Turn off speedstep, C1E, and try and force constant voltage.

What did they mean by this?
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That the guy named Ad is really stupid sticking his nose in someone elses business.
wtf, it's real
>What did they mean by this?

Hey, [user], I'm also in [your location], want to meet up?

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what do you use for bookmarks managing? del.icio.us was great, wish browsers would have such functionality.
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my brain
well i have thousands of bookmarks lol
Why does lol look like dick if you write it like olo?

Anyone here has the thin MacBook (the one without fans)? What do you think about it?

I'm thinking to get one for home use (I already have a work laptop). Mainly web browsing, media consumption, programming on some personal projects of mine. I want a great screen and good battery life, I want macOS, and I don't use USB ports much so I don't care about the lack of them.
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it's a lot of money for something with such poor specs, the only reason you should get one is if you really really need it to be compact, even then you have better options like the LG gram or even the macbook air.

HURR DURR, suggest a fuckfest of the LG gram, which is ugly AF and thicker, and not better in any way.


Why are you asking here? Don't you see this is full of NEETs and Pajeets with 10 year old Chinkpads?

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Can some one please help
PC wont turn on but graphics card receiving power indicated by the two little lights
It's done this a few times before but would normally work after waiting 10 or so minutes
Was fine for a couple months now the problem is happening again

- Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz quad core
- Msi B85-G43 Gaming Atx lga1150 motherboard
-g.skill ripsaws x series 16GB (2x 8GB) ddr3-1600 memory
- seagate barracuda 2TB hard drive
-asus radeon r9 380x 4GB video card
- xfx xtr 750W 80+ gold modular psu
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After taking it apart and rebuilding it
it turned on however I put the side panels back on and put it back under desk then it stopped again
Also sorry about my poor cable management
I have an answer but you won't get it unless you delet this and go to your containment general.
Please elaborate I am newfag

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Someone justify this abomination
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Shoot yourself
Unreasonable hatred towards AMD which requires the person to make suboptimal decisions to maintain peace of mind.
An i5-7600 would make that good.
An i5-7400 with a 1060 6GB would make that reasonable.

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Would /g/ support an AI - machine learning only board?
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i would rather have a board that is for anything technology related that is not consumer shit
i doubt that there are enough people for an ai machine learning board
Sure, but how do you filter it?
Also how do you prevent them from communicating in some fucked up language like how the facebook ai-s did
That's not what op meant
still a nice idea

I'm about to buy a Huawei Honor 8, am I going to fuck up or is it going to be the best decision?
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I don't think either will happen.

BTW most people don't need more than a $150 smartphone.
Huawei has shit tier update policy, you're only going to get 1 years worth of OS updates. I have a P9 and they already dropped support for it.
Shoot yourself. This will be the best decision

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Do you remember when computers where so slow that someone spamming a line of roflmao smilies would result in your Netscape browser lagging the gifs running out of sync?
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>being THAT old
roflamoing @ ur lyf
This is your typical /g/fag now. An (at most) 14 year old little fucking edgelord. OP, do not even bother. They are all preteens or barely a teen.
>17 year old that justifies his underage b& by claiming the YOUNGER teens are the problem

apology for bad english

when were you where rick stalman dies?

I was ist at home drink turtle cake then eric ring.
"rick is kill"
"GNU plus no"
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but who was eric
Hey fellas is me eric raymint
Is this a new meme?

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What does /g/ think about 4k laptops?

I personally don't like them because I like to be able to easily tell the difference between real life and the computer screen. Seeing the pixels helps me do this.
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There's obviously red in that picture.
Check with a program that can do so, none of the pixels have any value set for their red channel.
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>Live in city with Google Fiber.
>Move out of parents house to city 20 miles away.
>AT&T 12Mbps/1Mbps.
>my fucking face when I notice zero difference between page load times, and general browsing experience.

I'm dreaming, what the FUCK?
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internet browser is bottleneck
install windows and chrome
stop using linux
No shit retard, you probably still have very decent ping. You'll sure as fuck notice the difference when you try to stream 4K videos though or download basically anything. Or have you not even downloaded anything or watched a video since arriving?

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