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>1 week ago started using Ad Nauseum
>gmail has a distinct lag with every click
>android uploading unknown data every 12 seconds
>youtube recommending me sjw videos en masse

Jesus christ, be careful with this shit. I did NOT expect that at all.
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>not using it on a separate install with different login accounts.

You asked for this, friend.
why would you use an add on designed to auto click ads?
ublock is for enhanced privacy, performance, and security. the sole purpose of ad nauseum is saying "fuck you" in all caps to advertisers and publishers at the expense of the aforementioned advantages of using an adblock.

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It's a rip-off.

>paying to listen to music you can find for free

Just jooish tricks..
Whatever algorithm it uses for music recommendations is actually pretty good. I've found a lot of music that I like that I never would have found without using something like Spotify or Google Music.

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T420 THOTpad.jpg
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Is this what peak budget performance looks like?
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T430 is.

Unfortunately that will probably be the last great used Thinkpad.
What is T440p?
People dickride T420 and T430 too much
The screens are fucking terrible and the keyboards too wobbly
T60/T61 were the last great thinkpads

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How does Linux compare to Windoz when it comes to gaming?
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If wine is all we have to run steam then linux can't compare to windows
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I don't play that many games, but for the ones I tried it, Arch acts pretty much the same on my laptop. I play PAYDAY 2, Team Fortress 2, DotA 2, Shadow Warrior, Civ VI, The Darkest Dungeon.
As of Wine I only ever tried WoW 3.3.5a and 1.12.1 and no other games.

How ever, if you want a real gaming operating system, install TempleOS.
Wine doesn't work with Wayland
Steam doesn't work with Wayland
Nvidia doesn't support xwayland so no games

What the fuck is this shit.

I'm not a retard monkey, so why the fuck is this shit so dumb downed?
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Enjoying your desktop-sized Windows phone?
>TFW I don't have Windows 10

Where were you when RYZEN GOT BTFO?!
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Fucking my waifu as the stock prices rolled in and I became a quadrillionaire
>$5200 worth of CPUs is faster than a $999 chip
I'd frankly be fucking appalled if the Xeon system placed any worse than that.
It's pathetic how the 40 core Xeon Gold setup is only 2.5x faster than a 7900X while having 4 times the cores.

Install Vivaldi.
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does it block adnauseam?
nope, although it does use the chrome web store as it's store so you have to install it manually, but unlike pale meme it doesn't outright block it
No bookmark, tab and history sync with my phone and laptop

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This is going to be some good shit.

How can ReFS even compete, especially when they FUCKING REMOVE IT FROM THE PROFESSIONAL EDITIONS OF WINDOWS (https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/08/microsoft-to-remove-full-refs-support-from-windows-10-pro-push-workstation-sku/)?
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>How can ReFS even compete
Well considering that APFS volumes can't span multiple servers, it can't compete with ReFS.
seems bugged... already had to restore my SSD disk 2 times from backups.

last time it was on dp 6, which means it will probably be bugged on release date too
APFS is garbage, even ext2 runs circles around it

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Fuck this piece of garbage. I was mislead to believe that it's actually useful but in reality it's just yet another product for big corporation to make money off of providing support. It's an overengineered ((((enterprise)))) product that's so convoluted only the devs would understand and that's exactly what they wanted so that enterprise corps would flock to their premium support.
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What does it actually do? It used to run on the servers at work, but I never saw the point, so I deleted Docker and ran the applications like normal software on a normal computer, and so far nobody's complained.

I get it that it packages dependencies together with applications, but why do we need that when we have package managers, or at the very least static linking?
Because it means the devs don't have to make it support every distro, they can just focus on deploying to one environment.
so you're too stupid/lazy to learn to use it?

lol fag

Professional overclocker sofos1990 "indirectly" said that i9 7980XE uses 1000W at 4.5GHZ on AVX loads
This was taken from the forum of his team (https://www.hwbox.gr/news/cpu-apu/40876-intel-core-i9-7980xe.html)
>It doesn't raise that much temperature...
>The issue is if the 12 phases that most motherboards will have, can handle the temperature
>IR has shortage of those kind of pwms, so most of the manufacturers will go for Intersil server-state pwms that has been a lot of time since we had them in high-end motherboards, but seem ok.
>The 12 phases however are cutting edge for those CPUs, at least for the ES since they keep improving.
>However at 16 IR phases at 4.5GHZ or 4.6GHZ(I don't remember exactly) AVX load, we are talking about 1000W load.

At first I thought it was bs, but then I checked http://hwbot.org/

He is at the top 10 overclockers and has verified results with the i9 7960X that isn't released yet. This means that he is supplied cpus before launch so he may have the 7980XE too.
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Remember when AMD's FX 9590 was the crazy power sucking chip? lel
1000w peak before throttling.

How is she still the CEO of IBM after 21 consecutive quarters of revenue loss?
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Very powerful friends
You can't fire someone named Ginni
She knows how to make men moist.

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csg back to school.png
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In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon orders a RUIZU X02 for his grandma >>62086459
• LeafAnon has his Gearbest package seized
and destroyed by Canadian customs because Gearbest pretends to be the Government of China's National Tourism Administration >>62087319 >>62087467
• Anon is happy with his Tenmaks >>62088754
• Anon's assortment of chinky items arrived >>62089010 and a 10" usb touchscreen >>62089344
• Anon bought a slingshot >>62095765

>Old news
• Anon's $15 Viltrox vx-10 Peak Design Capture Clip knockoff came in today, gives his thoughts >>62070715
• Anon recommends this SKMEI watch >>62072063
• Anon gets a single strap backpack >>62071606
• Anon receives a 8BitDo Zero >>62077648
• Anon tries out his new wireless charger and posts his review so far >>62077921 >>62077925 the CE markings are fake who would have thought >>62077932 >>62077937
• "Deep discounts" to be had in the AliExpress sale >>62078018
• Anon buys cheap cloths, with time white particles appeared >>62079444
• Anon provides bench of his new Kingspec 256GB m.2 sata SSD >>62079871 >>62080083

Previous bootleg thread >>62086316
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too late

real thread here



This one was posted before
second for vicky

I think people born in 1985-1995 are more tech savvy than people born 1995-2000. After Facebook people didn't do anything more than get a Mac Book and update their status and post on people's home page. Older people actually experimented more with programs and other uses of a computer. Also even younger people use phones more than computers.
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>tfw you deleted system32 before it became a meme
Will productivity programs have to adapt to GenZ because all they know how to use is a cell phone?

I predict outside trainers for Excel to make a killing as companies try to teach new employees to use programs the company needs them to use internally.
No. Just like companies refuse to adapt to millennial disrespect and not knowing whatever stupid custom the Boomers knew, they won't adapt to this until there is literally no workforce for them to pick from anywhere in the world.

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>the state of apple
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seriously? that's a mistake my 6-year old phone doesn't make. that's a make a $50 rebate phone wouldn't make
Yes, we needed another thread
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>the state of apple

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>2018 in few months
>people that born in the year 2000 can legally post here
>still utorrent 2.x.x is the only decent way to private tracker torrenting on windows
>most proper software is turning into W10-like turdbotnets
>MB is a rootkit now
>retarded fanboy wars keep stalling hardware forever
>most teenagers can't use a regular keyboard anymore and don't know that you can have computers that don't come in laptop format
>everything is being pushed to be integrated with no user control/input/privacy and retard-friendly
>/g/ is a fucking mix of consumerism whores and retarded subhumans too retarded even for reddit

Why live
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kill yourself
>>MB is a rootkit now
Go outside. /g/ is not "the world".

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