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Hey anons, need some advice

I have an Alienware Aurora R4 with 2 old GeForce GTX 680 4GB graphics cards.

I was thinking about upgrading to 2 MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4GB

Question is, is it worth it?
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>being this gay
Why do that? Just grab a 1070. Fuck.
Thermals will be an upgrade. Performance will be a downgrade.

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Why dosn't /g/ like icecat?
I feels like everyone here uses SJWfox or (((chrome)))
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I use it for about half of my web browsing. The other half I use my default browser because I can not be bothered to change my JS settings everytime I want to chan-it
Phone browser I use Firefox Focus, it's lightning fast and nukes all shit web fonts/trackers/ads/popups

Desktop I use emacs
but i use it everyday, no problems so far, some pages like mega for example doesnt work for some reason but almost all things work perfectly

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>inb4 gentoo
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Sure, it's rough and archaic, but it certainly is one of the most solid distros.
Arch Linux, followed by NixOS

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Why is real-time path tracing not a thing yet?
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Begause Benis. :DDD
isn't path tracing horribly inefficient compared to ray tracing? ? what did they do differently?
I have no idea that's why I'm on /g/ this tech looks amazing

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What was your favorite era of the Internet?


>1983-1994: Primitive Internet
>1995-2000: Dot-Com Bubble Era
>2001-2006: Classic Era
>2007-2013: Independent Media Era
>2014-present: Hashtag "Post-Ironic" Era
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bit of a toss-up between 95-00 and 01-06 for me
2004 was peak internet. It went to shit in 2007.
2001-2006 was the internet at its best. I still believed in its possibilities back then.

Everything after 2015 is cancer.

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If you were to make your own 404 - file not found error page, what would it be?
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404 - file not found
404 clever response not found
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>tfw when we literally live in a cyberpunk dystopia

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where's the cyberpunk though?
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>corps raping people with ads, auctioning off their personal info, pushing bullshit through the government, and being paid by the government to fight bullshit wars
>governments oppressing free speech, jailing whistleblowers without trial, monitoring everything everyone does
>the general public doesn't give a single fuck about any of it
>I still can't chop off my arm and get a super strong cyber replacement

All the bad, none of the good. Kill me
I just hope libraries stay open

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"He had a Mac."
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What is this thread trying to convey?
A picture presenting a scenario associated with every 4chan pass owner.
your low iq wouldnt comprehend it

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AWS down?
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works fine for me
Google down for me

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The botnet-free POWER-based motherboard is back, this time with POWER9, and in cooperation with IBM.
Official IRC-channel #[email protected]
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Yeah but how much will it cost and will it let me shit post on /g/ ?
Mind that the processors alone start at $5-10k.

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Why do all apps are trying to become snapchat? First messenger, now skype
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Because it's the most popular app. Which I don't understand why.
but they are bloating their apps with unnecessary shit. In a year people with 16 gb phones will be able to install 1 app
This, I've seen SC collect up to 1gb of cache/data for no fucking reason on my phone. I don't save pics to memory and never watch those ad videos. Most the time when I use it, it'll be sluggish af and end up crashing trying to flip through different friends.

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windows users - taskbar on the bottom or the side (or the top if youre an absolute madman)?
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No taskbar at all.
Open all programs with WIN + R.
madman with no morals whatsoever
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Pleb. I only open SVR-5 Korn shell from WIN+R. Didn't you know Windows is a UNIX when you install Microsoft Interix on it?!!

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cringe thread
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nice, did you make a program just to post that? amazing, simply amazing my fellow programmer! you must be so intelligent, just like me. what is your iq?

What laptop do you recommend for £400 or under? I'll only be using it for general stuff like the internet and office.
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Ideapad 300
Xiaomi Notebook 12"
Chromebook (C720 is a popular choice) + GalliumOS (or use the Gallium roms to remove chrome crap, then install preferred distro). It works well if you're technical enough to remove the read/write screw and follow instructions. You end up with a cheap, capable, linux rig.

Otherwise, browse local sales.

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Wow a sand nigger and black elf with blonde hair, so progressive
>The new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity, additional animals and creatures, new smiley faces and more.

Wow. Such a technology related thread. Just... Wow

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