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Guys does anyone know anything interesting about ASTRA? pic unrelated
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Which one?

the old hacker from Greece

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Who's using Wickr?
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Insecure, dropped.
0.15$ have been deposited to your account
Isn't wickr based in the US? Immediate disqualification.

Why do women love apple products /g/?
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because jews know how to market it
Replace "women" with "normies". They are technological illiterate. They don't care about customizability. The only things that matters to them is that it looks good, is easy to use and just works.
>is easy to use and just works.
I don't even buy this part. A couple of my friends have iPhones. They're regularly frustrated when trying to do something outside of opening an app or viewing a website. Since iOS10 their battery life has been abysmal so by the end of every day out their phones are dead. People get into Apple ownership having no idea whether it's easy to use or even works. Despite the battery thing being a widespread problem, droves of people will walk into stores today and every day to buy up more iPhones. No prior knowledge needed. It's pure marketing.

Whats a good alternative to pic related? I don't want my emails to be scanned for wrongthink.
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they already retired it, you have no reason to worry, it's basically on life support because email doesn't change that much, the progressive women at mozila with colored hairs (who would love to cry rape but no one would believe them) might not even remember it
Nylas Mail?



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What does /g/ think of Wikipedia?
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Haven't used it since highschool
It's a convenient reference but the idea of an open encyclopedia was totally fucked by the powereditor cabals. Don't trust it to have a complete summary of anything.
>the powereditor cabals
This guy gets it.

I was a contributor until it was taken over by autists of the wrong kind. It is too toxic to waste my time on it. And the crazed "editors" filfer GNU documents to clock up "contributions" and "new" articles so that they can award themselved barn stars.

Always remember the analysis by /the/ late Aaron Schwartz:

This is a kinda specific question, but I believe the answer will help many on this board.
I have a problem with joining large open-source projects. I find their directory tree dazzling and their code base overwhelming.
Whenever I find a piece of software I want to contribute to, I can't approach their code base in any way because of how large and complex it is.
Take 'qutebrowser', for example: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser
It's a fairly recent project, yet it is already huge enough for a person with no experience to lose themself into. The language itself is not a problem for me - it is the structure of a project and the complexity that baffles me. I found the main.py script but all it does is just call some other function and import "qutebrowser" module.
>pic related
Then I found the qutebrowser.py script and it's even more cryptic than the first one.
How do I figure out where to start when dealing when somewhat large open-source projects? Any tips are welcome.
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All open source projects have their own set of guidelines and rules, I suggest start by reading those first before jumping in at some random location.
pls contribute to my project

here's what needs to be implemented
Why cant you just straight up say its a calendar program in the GitHub page?

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Its always Ember vs <new js lib> and Ember always wins...

Ember vs Angular
Ember vs React
Ember vs VueJs

Whose next to try and dethrone the king?
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fuck js

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So, what are the pros and cons with the gtx 960 compared to the gtx 1050 for a gamer that does not play VR or super graphics games?
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install vega
GTX 960 is outdated and needs 1 6pin power, DisplayPort 1.2 only, 4K hardware decoders for HEVC Main10 & VP9 8bit

GTX 1050 does not need any external power connector and supports DisplayPort 1.4
Also 8K hardware decoders for HEVC Main10/Main12 & VP9 10bit
buy gentoo

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im not a developer or programmer so i dont know how to do it.
is it possible to build a decentralized youtube. where each supporter shares 20gb of their harddrive as a torrent node of videoclips and servers. a community owned website where free speech is the law and no organization can shut it down.
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Everything is fake news anon
Yes. it is possible.

Not very feasible though.you would need to manage it like a private tracker and force seeding of you were to use some kind of BitTorrent like protocol.

Otherwise you'd end up with slow speeds not for video like freenet
Ipfs might be along the lines youre looking for, maybe check it out and see if you can launch something off that.

check this place out, its for shipping community only anyone not interested need not visit.
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link guys.
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oh its all good.
This belongs in >>>/n/ anon, the transportation board

Hi guys,
looking for some help, so dunno if this is right place.

I rooted my phone a while ago, and it seems to have done it wrong. I can live with that, but now Netflix and Amazon video wont load no matter what I do..

worst thing I can't Un-root my phone because it looks like it isn't rooted at all.. so it's a bit crazy.

I tried downloading the apk files to install the apps directly, but they wont install.

I've run out of ideas, and cant think of anything.

anyone got any ideas how to get both those programs back on my phone?
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>it seems to have done it wrong
>blaming the phone for your own fuckups


Oh shit, the website formatted my post wrong. Not me.

you either wiped the partition with DRM stuff (may be reversible if you have it backed up) or blew an efuse (no way to revert that)

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This has got to be the worst attempt at a "bezel less" phone I've seen yet.
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good thing its a fake
Your mother wishes you were fake

Reminder. If you trust any other site for power consumption tests (From the wall+GPU load etc) then you are a fucking idiot.

Also a reminder that the 1950X has 6 extra cores to power here compared to the 7900X's 10. Now imagine how much power Intel's 18 core behemoth will require.
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>threadripper almost doubles in power draw when oc'd

Holy crap
Yeah that typically happens in an overclock. My i7 is pulling almost 250w just on it's own after a decent overclock.
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OC mode offset.png
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The auto offset is probably a lot higher than in desktop Ryzen, its also being applied across 4 dies.

does anyone here actually like unity? if please explain the appeal to it. also check that mine sweeper time
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Unity is dead anyway, Gnome is gonna replace it soon
im not a huge fan of gnome either, but man unity is bad. i cant see any appeal to it
I completed the beginner minesweeper game in .5 seconds.
(Not blind luck at all I swear)

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>least authority
Is this trustworthy?
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I guess

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