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so how long until segwit starts reducing transaction cost? at least a little bit, dont need huge or anything
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1. >>>/biz/
2. It already is, just *very* slightly, see >1MB blocks on bitcoin.info.

It requires people to start making segwit TXs. Most HW wallets already support this, Bitcoin Core only does via the CLI. I suspect the highest volume of txns comes from exchanges and gambling though, so them upgrading will probably see the biggest bump.
oh okay. so people just have to make transactions using segwit addresses? right, so wallets have to support that. i use electrum, he already tweeted the next major version would have them, of course.

is it worth it to send my coins to a new segwit address when its available?

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>grandparents bought an Amazon Echo
How do I save them /g/?
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just let them be. They have better things to care about than your autism
>tfw granny will never compile a completely FOSS gentoo from source
>they bought me an Amazon Echo
Should I sell it now or wait?

>look at pajeet's code
>+200 LOC in one function
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In pajeets defence, it really depends on the context if you can or need to split the function in to more functions for reuse/less code cluttering.
It 's excusable if it's a giant switch over an enum.
>look at old fart texan code
>13k+ LOC in a a single file
Your point being?

>light (1.3kg)
>sexy(basically mcbook air counterfeit)

>shit specs

Usage scenario is 3+ month travel with browsing, blogging, shitposting, light photo editing, kodi streaming in SEA

Thanks in advance bros
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Nah get a thinkpad
if you're not getting an Apple get a ThinkPad

stop buying shitty 3-month electronics jesus
Oh forgot about the key element here.. alleged 12hour battery life

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>can’t touch type
>even kids can do it
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>can't get laid
>even kids can do it
i'm pretty sure patrick wouldn't be able to hang himself

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>strong AI will never exist
deep inside, you know it's true. no matter how many transistors you make, no matter how sophisticated the program, it will always be deterministic. also qualia
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>sopa de humano

But what if it turns out that humans are also deterministic. That every event triggers a certain combination of events in our head while maintaining the illusion that we are in control...
r we deterministic to

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>boss yells at me because server becomes unstable and starts randomly dropping connections
>have to load old version to prod
>spend 4 hours at night debugging, weird shit happens at random places
>turns out that adding a single assert statement in a member method adds an invisible hidden boolean variable to class which broke reflection down the way

I would have never guessed this. What are some obscure errors and bugs you encountered?
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>I would have never guessed this. What are some obscure errors and bugs you encountered?

Java is this way by design. It's a scam so that programmers not worth their salt can get paid more to fix the problems they create.
Most bugs are like this in my experience. It's one stupid little bit that breaks the entire program.
Why would you have assertions in a production environment?
The documentation literally says don't do this.

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what's the MacBook of laptops, /g/?
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Not even clever
Dell Chromebook 14".

It has a stellar keyboard, best glass trackpad only second to macbooks, and great screen.
>what's the laptop of laptops

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Hey /g/ i think i fucked up... I accedently spilled a glass of water on my mobo. like a quarter of the water. I have cleaned it with a fluffy towel inorder to soak up the water. i have tried restarting it arround 5 times but it doesnt seem to work. Im gonna try to use a hot hairdryer to dry it really well and then restart the pc once again. Anything else i can try?

>pic unrelated
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It's fucking dead you moron. It was dead the moment it was both wet and powered on at the same time.
bake it at 325° for 4-6 hours
Why would you drink a glass of water around open electronics?


Isn't she the reason eBay lost the e-commerce game to Amazon?
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It thought she was still busy ending HP.

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How do companies such as Facebook and Google intend to survive in the long term? What's the next step?
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Do you think that there is a post-ad-age in interwebs?
Google still has their driverless cars
lol at FB tho and their shitty oculus toy
They can't compete against tencent, media24 and alibaba

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Sony VAIO POS I'm trying to recover files.

Basically I can boot to linux from USB but in about 10 seconds it clicks and drops off.

It's had fan problems and fan replaced, and problems, but I don't think heat is the problem because it dies at about the same time (<30 seconds all told) regardless of what is booting, if it's BIOS screen, and regardless of how many times I've done it (stone cold seems no different from the dozenth time in a row I've tried to start).

So my assumption is:
>not the ram (Linux boots to desktop)
>not the MoBo (BIOS functions and saves settings)
>not a heat issue (cold vs 10th time same issue)

Windows 10 however does not boot and goes into a recovery loop which is longer than the seconds available.

My thoughts are:
>harddrive: the milisecond it tries to spin up the HDD which fails it just shuts down on the hardware error
I have no idea how to test this or if USB booting linux would touch the HDD before several seconds of desktop. Also windows tries to boot, I get the windows logo before recovery mode shows up, and I can make a choice.

So question 1: does any of this indicated good/bad HDD?

>other hardware problem: so like the fan not being able to test spin, e.g. the blade itself is stuck and when the computer tries to spin it, regardless of heat, and it doesn't everything shuts down. I feel like before it would spin for one second shortly after starting, but I can't be sure.

>3rd: CD drive doesn't spin up. Tried to boot with a linux CD and it didn't even spin. Would this trigger instant power off?

What else might BIOS functioning but powering off if you don't change and save settings in time, as well as linux boot from USB and win10 trying in it's own pathetic fashion?

More importantly what can I do to troubleshoot beyond what I've done? Taking it apart is no problem but I'd like to do as much as possible before removing the main shell.
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laptop is toast, some star-wars turret isn't holding the charge.
not your personal tech forum nigger
why does it boot and run, then die though?

well I did try posting on /k/ but they all just suggested different rounds to shoot it with

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What's the best music player? What isn't? Music player thread.
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Looking for an audiophile player here. Best one for 192khz 44bit?
Windows media player 11 (all others suck) It runs fine under wine.
I'm sure I'll probably catch static for it, but I like gmusicbrowser,

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Why do modern BIOS ROM's have an embedded FTP and DHCP client/server? There are Windows EXE's bundled in the ROM's, too.

If you don't believe, check your own BIOS ROM.
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Brb decompiling my BIOS's ROM.
WOL requires an IP address, FTP allows downloading of patches from the BIOS menu
>not using trannyboot

>update drivers
>Nvida Geeforce Xperience(tm) window is flickering see: https://streamable.com/qc0x3
>it downloads and installs, screens flicker a couple of times
>Nvida window is black and cant be closed
>still flickering
>All screen color settings are reset
>Audio device is reset

Nvidia drivers are good, they said
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>muh gaymen
integrated graphics is enough
>T. Intels ripped to threads asshole
here's a webm of it

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