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are these a gimmick or are they actually worth the $15? i play twitch games like cs and shit and i'd like to get one of these bungee things if it actually improves performance
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is this bait
Yes, I got +12 fps out of it.
The only time these things are useful if is your mouse cord is scraping your desk when you flick your mouse causing damage to the cord. However even then there are better solutions

What the actual fuck?

Did anyone have this problem and got it fixed?
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The most advanced Windows ever.
works on my machine
It's the hidden advertisement panel right above the start button. They don't actually remove it, they just make it invisible until it's time to flash the advertisement.

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If Macs are so secure then why does he cover his webcam and mic?
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>privacy for me but not for thee
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Because he's a paranoid /g/entoman.
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Nothing is secure from government agencies, also someone like him risks corporate espionage and such so he's likely to be paranoid.

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>remove i7 7700k from socket for deliding
>5 pins get bent
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it might still work maybe

implying you broke all the pins on the CPU?
Getting that quality Intel (R) hassle-free experience I see.

Shalom, goyim
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I didn't even notice that at first. You could write an essay on how stupid these slides are.
>Likely a multi-year investment effort ro develop optimize, and validate an ecosystem
How wrong was this statement?
Ryzen based MBP's are going to be the fucking end of Intel.

This guy comes in and slaps your Pyra out of your hand.

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How can Pyra even compete?
Looks like just what I need for typing on the go with a real keyboard. Too bad it's more costly than my ex-wife.

Does anyone have a recommendation to a WAD editor? Or if you have a doom editor that will allow for cutscenes?
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GZDoom Builder? Slade?
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bump for interest. i used to make shitty Duke 3D levels when I was a teenager, wish more games came with level editors. never made a doom level and would love to create my workplace for reasons
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i recently found an ibm thinkpad r40 in my garage. wat do?
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give it to me
le trash
Give it back Jamal

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Why does this feature exist?
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its how memes were shared back in the day
for busy businessman like me.
I used it sometimes.

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Why hasn't gookmoot enabled vp9 for webms yet?
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Or why hasn't he allowed webp images yet?
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Why are they limited to 4mb and 5 minutes?

Phoneposters won't be able to play them correctly.

That's why.

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iOS 10
>Works perfectly
>Tons of apps
>Great battery life, no jailbreaking required
>Choose any iPhone, and you're in luck
>5 year support cycle WITH warranty
LineageOS 14.1
>Tons of bugs
>No Netflix, Snapchat, and Pokemon Go
>Shit battery life, even on custom kernels
>You have to be careful when choosing a phone - US Samsungs and most LG variants are no longer supported
>5+ year support cycle WITHOUT warranty

Why haven't you gotten a iPhone yet?
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iOS 10
>non-free software
>walled garden
>can't even run your code outside of a sandbox

To think the apple who pioneered hobbyist computer has fallen so low as the have pioneered the death of it.
So you'd rather complain to some random developer on XDA you don't know, or go to an Apple store and get your problem fixed?

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How do you rate him?

Too good to be true?
Pie in the sky?
Real Deal?
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Decent guy, pushing the industry etc

But he takes credit for the work of hundreds of engineers.
Autistic and beta cuck who is so insecure he got a hair transplant and gets back together with the same gold digger twice before picking up Johnny Depp's sloppy fucking seconds because he's weak for pussy.
Did you, sir, by any means, meant...

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So, i was using tor, and accidetally clicked on a link to a PDF file.
The file opened in another window but i immediately closed it before it loaded anything.

How fucked am i?
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you've got a bitcoin miner on your pc now
Super fucked, they hacked your router with a custom firmware and infected your BIOS.
Quick OP, trash every bit of technology you have before they come and find you, not even a reformat will save you.
Install gentoo. That way if they try to hack you they end up with autism.

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Do yourself a favor, dump your ThinkPad, and get a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Do you really even need a laptop? Phone+Desktop does everything you could ever need and more.

>but m-muh work

Any respectable company will give you a computer/workstation anyways and you don't get to complain about what brand it is.

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I own a restaurant and I constantly have problems with my network and security cameras. Its affecting my business. I have trouble understanding why these problems keep happening (new problem almost every day). IT guy suggested one of my workers might be sabotaging me for some reason and it would be a good idea to install a software on my network or all pcs for monitoring, so I can see what they do on my computers. I have absolutely no knowledge about this, and my knowledge about IT is limited. So I would like to know what are the best softwares out there for remote monitoring. And also they must not be detectable by my personnel who will be using pcs at the restaurant. I can both install the software on each pc individually or on my network.
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I forgot to add, I should be able to monitor them either from my pc at home or my laptop.
Quasar RAT
vnc tunneled in ssh

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