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MOC master race thread
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thats some major ugly icons and theme
and system info
and media player, this is all truly terrible what the fuck are you doing
ncmpcpp is better
You need deep theme brother

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Is it pointless to keep straight Blu-ray rips? Is there a more efficient codec that can reduce the file size with no noticeable dip in quality? I've just been using MakeMKV and keeping the unmodified .mkv files on my file server. I'm in no danger of running out of storage anytime soon, but I wonder if I'm needlessly wasting space. To the fellow data hoarders on here, what method do you use?
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x265 is pretty good, i use it all the time
Unless you're encoding 4k or sub-1mbps video it's a total waste of time. 10bit x264 does a comparable job way faster.
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>10 bit x264

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Guys help me figure out how to loot best buy during the hurricane. The stuff is just going to be written off anyway, so I might as well get my hands on that LG OLED that I will never be able to afford. Helpful tips and support are welcome.
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wait until the storm is at its worst then run to your local best buy and loot.... use the LG OLED as a parasail and fly home
I am also looking to loot. Bumparoona.

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My best friend bought their 4TB Barracuda and it lasted maybe a week. He had to RMA it but the drive he got in return lasted maybe 2 months. Total fucking garbage.

How can this company make such shit hard disks and still be in business?? I've never heard anyone say anything good about Seagate.
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I only buy Toshiba, Hitachi and WD desu
You got the receipts to prove it or you just gonna throw out unverifiable BS?
He is obviously doing something seriously wrong with the drive.
unless you are a lying false flagging faggot, in that case fuck off.

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Soo... which operating system were they running that got hacked and lead to this mess?
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They were all using ipod Nanos.
Well, they aren't a trading company or dealing with actual transactions, but many of their clientele probably expect the same reliable information format for every report and query.
So more than likely something old that hasn't been changed in decades...

Could be old Unix, could be VMS, could be anything.
Probably a windows xp or 2000 server

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what are some thinkpads/computers that are of decent quality and will work well for a broad spectrum of applications?

also ive read before that any computer after 2005 is basically spyware, please clarify what they meant and also suggestions for non spyware computers
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T420 blaze it faggot
I'll race ya OP.
Your move.

Why do some nerds choose to dress and look so nerdy?

I don't get it. Wouldn't you be smarter to use more brain power to challenge yourself by personalizing your appearance
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Because they don't give a shit what others think about them.
>Wouldn't you be smarter to use more brain power to challenge yourself by personalizing your appearance
Please explain the correlation.
thats how everyone looked in the 80s

>don't use facebook for years
>read articles on how the community of tor facebook users is growing
>create account to use some groups I like that only exist there
>don't use my real last name and use a random photo
>login exclusively through tor
>all seems fine
>fast foward to today, after logging in I'm asked to upload a photo of my face for "security reasons"
>upload a photo of arnold schwarzenegger
>"your account is blocked for security reasons, we'll be in touch soon"

and that's how I learned to not go back to facebook
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Cool story, Arnold.
>Arnold Schwarzenegger

You begged for this outcome.
The message also said that my photo will be reviewed and I'll receive an e-mail once that is done

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post ur browser icons
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So I got a $300 gift card to micro center.

I spend a helluva lot of time listening to music and I'm tired of this cheap department store garbage with its muffled up sound that I'm so use to. Would love to finally own some true high quality sets.

What would you recommend?
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2 inch thick steel rope
>skull candy
Found your issue

Shoud've went with JLabs

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There's no better computer for a data hoarder
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There WAS* no better
>no better
>doesn't have glass platter hard drives

Though I kinda wish I had one fully pimped out.
how about the xserve raid?

how can someone with a low GPA (sub-3.2) get into a highly competitive math, science, or compsci college?
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Cut off your junk and become another gender or claim a distant PoC ancestor who was enslaved.
Have significant community and extracurricular involvement, a portfolio of work, unusual hobbies with demonstrable skills, and letters of recommendation. Or a rich family member willing to make a generous donation on your behalf.
This, or amazing SAT/ACT/AP scores.

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Why do websites' message boards still filter words?

Think about it - the success of Reddit and 4chan prove that nobody gives a fuck about censoring bad words.
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Reddit does it though.
Not only censoring words, but ideas and beliefs.
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[citation needed]
this desu senpai

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>using windows

you literally have no excuse, or development tools on windows for that matter
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worry about yourself
hello pajeet

what's the weather like in uttar pradesh now friend?
wonderful shoop i love it! top kek 100%

Specs / speccy thread
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Fuck off, nobody cares about your shit pc-s
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Mini ITX.png
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Who else is Mini itx
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